Coffee and tea Essay

a. Drinking coffee and tea is a part of the daily life of adults and some of the young. Coffee which is made from Coffee beans and Tea which is made from tea leaves are often considered as helpful to our daily lives although tea is regarded as more healthy due to coffee having more Caffeine. However, they are technically both considered harmful to our health too. The pleasure of drinking coffee and tea excessively can have harmful effects to our health because of the Tannic Acid that is involved.

Coffee beans that are grown in very high altitudes and mineral-rich soil often produce more acidity.

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Coffee and tea Essay
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The acid content also depends on the type and length of bean roasting and brewing method. Coffee’s pH averages about 5. 0 while tea (depending on what type) has a pH ranging from 4. 0 to 6. 0. The tea also becomes more bitter as the tea is steeped in the hot water. b. c. We love to drink coffee and tea because they satisfy and make us feel more awake.

This is done because one part of their component is caffeine which helps us energize so that we could do the things that we do for longer periods of time. Not only that, Coffee and Tea are actually very helpful in preventing different kinds of diseases and cancers.

Coffee can be beneficial because it can help prevent Alzeimer’s, Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and etc. Not only do they help in preventing sickness but they also help us in exceeding our limitations like how coffee helps us improve our memory recall and how the different types of tea have different effect like Green tea which improves the cholesterol level and how Oolong tea promotes weight loss. However, by excessively or regularly drinking Coffee and Tea without giving care of what we ingest whether it be solid or liquid, we are just endangering ourselves to getting ulcer, stained teeth or maybe even worse; Esophageal cancer.

To be able to help reduce the chances of falling into the harm of these beverages that we so love, we should always drink a cup of water after so that the acid that covers our teeth after drinking these beverages would mostly be washed off and so that the acids in our stomach would also get diluted and thus lessening the chances of our insides getting harmed. After drinking Coffee or Tea, we should always remember to never drink or eat anything sour shortly after because it will increase the chances of getting GERD which will cause heartburn and will lead to serious problems like Esophageal cancer later on if it is frequently experienced.

To avoid the chances of experiencing these harmful side effects, we should not drink Coffee, Tea or other beverages with Tannic acid or others similar acidic ingredient on a regular basis.

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