Clyde-Feature Essay

Perils of senior citizens in home for the aged

Sitting in a sturdy, narra rocking chair, staring blankly at a wall of peeling paint, and hopefully waiting for a loved one to pay a visit has never been so lonely for a senior citizen in a home for the aged.

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Clyde-Feature Essay
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As the clock endlessly ticks every second away, lola and lolo struggles in a life away from the care of a lively and comfortable home.

Having constant back and muscle pains, 68 year-old ‘Tatay George’ was left in the home for the aged about seven years ago.

According to Tatay, his family has trouble of taking care of him due to work in the banana farms in Sto. Tomas.

Caregivers are now in charge of him inside the retirement hom and yet, he constantly misses the warmth of happiness of his family around him. With every spoon of rice porridge fed to him by shifting caregivers, he

indulges the memory of hot kakanin from his hometown.

And when donaters had a chance to give a hand of bananas to the shelter, he talks about how abundant the harvest of bananas were when he was still the one harvesting them.

Tatay has never forgotten the faces of his children and grandchildren despite seeing them the last time in almost 8 months past. “I hope that they never forgotten me as I have never forgotten them. “Di naman nakakasawa ang lugaw rito kasi masarap magluto ang caretakers rito, pero di parin nito mapapalitan ang pagsalu-salong magdasal at kumain ng simpleng hapunan,” Tatay conveyed, featuring a wrinkly but genuine smile.

Topic:Vlogging Aspirants

With the booming trends of social media, vlogging made the next big thing in peeking a glimpse of not only the life of local and international celebrities, but also of a common student. Although building a vlog channel or community from scratch while acquiring the people’s interest may be a challenge, a dedicated vlogger could do anything that they are committed to, according to Agnes Udang, a student-vlogger. She have 3 principles to follow as a student-vlogger.

1. Be confident

Agnes:”Hindi kasi mahiyain ang vlogger, well minsan, pero mostly hindi. You should be confident about yourself, but not as much as being a braggy person, yung tipong approachable parin. Ang confidence kasi ang nag-aafect sa tingin ng tao sa’yo at kung confident ka, magbigay ng feeling na parang masayahin ka na tao.”

2. Be either aesthetic, creative, or funny (or a combination of the three)

Agnes:”I try to be the three. But when you try to be aesthetic or creative or funny, dapat natural lang ang vibes. Genuine ang pagkadeliver mo sa iyong good vibes para ma feel rin ng viewers mo ang emotion mo while vlogging.”

3. Have fun

Agnes:”Kung masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, plus points sayong sarili at sa madla dahil good vibes ang pinaparating ng vlog eh so you should love what you are doing basta hindi ka lang makasagasa o makatapak ng ibang tao. “

“Yun ang principles ko on how to be a student-vlogger as myself. Dapat be confident, be creative in what you are doing, and have fun. Hindi mo na kasi papansinin kung marami kang viewers, or subscribers, or fans, basta masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, and other people will learn to love you and what you are doing,” the vlogger remarked while preparing to do another one of her regular vlogs.

Student sa pastilan

Just about a hundred meters from school, you could buy a fresh hot riceball with chicken adobo on top wrapped in a banana leaf, the ‘pastil’. One student made the pastil her stepping stones in reaching her dreams.

People come and go in the eateries upfront of the airport, yet the tastebuds of students make them come back regularly to the ‘pastilan’. Helping the family business of selling the banana leaf-covered riceballs and barbecue has been responsibilty for Jane.

“Wala naman akong naririnig na tukso about sa akin dahil hindi ako masyadong kilala sa school pero kung ganun man, hindi ko sila papansinin kasi ito na ang bumubuhay sa akin at sa aking pamilya. Isa narin itong paraan upang maabutan ko ang pangarap kong makaagtapos ng kolehiyo,” Jane said while steaming a little heat from making the hot pastil’s.

The student had been working in their family eatery since early high school days but was never ever ashamed of it. For Jane, the rice balls were a source of strength and oppurtunities in helping her family.

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