The objective of this term paper is to understand Cloud Computing technology within the duration of 45 days. This paper contains studies as to what led Cloud Computing to be such an emerging and important technology, as it has become today. What’s it about cloud computing that makes the researchers estimate it to replace most of the user electronics model? Why is it becoming India’s new-fangled business and how is it supposed to enter various Healthcare and Industrial field? Cloud Computing Technologies and Architecture has to be studied and analysed along with the challenges faced by this technology.

Furthermore, possible solutions to the problems have to also be figured out. INTRODUCTIONCloud Computing is the scope of additional processing potential that resides on a service provider’s servers instead of our hard drive.Businesses of all categories are embracing Cloud Computing to accomplish their progress or business promptitude operations. Companies these days are often skipping the expense and inconvenience of handling data centers.

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Surging computerization and expedition, requisite for providing aggrandized customer experience, heightened cost savings and dividend on investments are the key aspects for the growth of the Cloud Computing market. North America is proliferating region due to the elevated ratification of Cloud Computing, the latency of leading players, technological development, increased consumer awareness, target on business productivity and increasing SaaS adoption. Upgraded internet quality, the introduction of 5G, increasing applications of hybrid cloud and recent technological developments will result in the growth of the Cloud Computing market in the coming two years. METHODOLOGY The video lectures on youtube helped me to understand concepts of various aspects of “Cloud Computing”. The articles, blogs, information on google were of great help to me to gather the contents for my report. I wanted my report to be informative, up-to-date with the recent trends, interesting and application-based, and hence, I collected data from sites like,,, etc. To check if I’m proceeding in a correct format, i also referred to some research papers. I then, analyzed, arranged, sorted and selected the data according to my report needs. PROBLEM STATEMENTWith sharing of data comes the risk of security and virus attacks and it becomes a responsible task to manage and safeguard the data.Cloud Computing faces the following problems:Security, ReliabilitySelection of perfect cloud solution is essential for efficient use of cloud servicesReal-time supervising requirements is required in Governmental Departments such as BanksFinance Management with changing demands and seasonsLack of knowledge in the field of Cloud ComputingLock-in issuesComplianceDealing with downtimeManaging complex functions of hybrid and multi-cloud environment Lack of Transparency FUNDAMENTALS OF CLOUD COMPUTINGMany people are unaware of what cloud computing is, but use cloud services such as Gmail, social media, online banking.Cloud computing is an -built computing where servers are connected to enable storage, or provide computer services.Through this concept, businesses can utilize vendors computing and storage aids rather than creating, administering and upgrading infrastructure on their own.FEATURES:huge amount of data storagecost-effectiveresources can be pooledagilityscalabilityflexibilityno extra maintenance requiredease of accessibilitynumber of servicessecurityWe haven’t yet unleashed technology’s possibilities. Video Games are entering the cloud and it is believed that Cloud is for gaming as Netflix is for movies.’ No idea, Microsoft, and Google are working towards it. A business can be established by constructing cloud infrastructure. Commercially, Cloud Computing is in great demand.CLOUD COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIESThere are 4 types of Cloud:PUBLIC CLOUD: It is a type of cloud where IT services like compute, data storehouse, advancement platforms, software etc. given by cloud service providers over the internet are publicly accessible.It has distributable storage, is economizing, easy to purchase, publically available, flexible, has interconnected servers and data centre’s at multiple locations, gives upgraded hardware, performs frequent pen testing and has no maintenance responsibility. However, security concerns, compliance and unavailability of administration for clients are its primary shortcomings.Public clouds have amazing potential. IaaS will be up surging public cloud service in coming four years. Top 3 vendors are: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Clouds. E.g.: Google Drive PRIVATE CLOUD: Only a specific organization uses a private cloud for IT services such as applications and storage i.e. it has dedicated storage. Private Cloud is high-priced & more thoroughly secure than Public Clouds. They are also called Enterprise Clouds. Other advantages of using Private Clouds are enhanced performance and complete control over resources. However, using a private cloud means increase in cost, limited scalability and more requirements for support. Depending on the management and location, private clouds can be classified into 4 types namely:Virtual Private CloudManaged Private Cloud Hosted Private CloudOn-Premise Private CloudTop 5 private cloud service providers are HPE, VMware, Dell, Oracle and IBM.HYBRID CLOUD: It is an amalgamated cloud service of private and public clouds where businesses use it to acquit variant functions. An upper hand of hybrid cloud is that private cloud consists of confidential data and data is internally managed. On the other hand, public server consists of rest of the data and the third-party manages this. It is scalable, cost-effective and flexible. Businesses are espousing the hybrid model of big corporate IT shift. Hybrid Cloud solves data sovereignty issues. Hybrid Cloud is an answer to those looking for a balance of accessibility and security.COMMUNITY CLOUD: The idea of Community Cloud is homogeneous to that of hybrid cloud. It is a symbiotic attempt to share the infrastructure among various organizations of the same industry.It is scalable, cost-effective and flexible. Community cloud is a perfect solution for joint business organizations, ventures, research organizations and tenders. CLOUD COMPUTING ARCHITECTURECloud Services incorporate an ample scope of resources such as Business Application infrastructure, security, digital online sales, etc. that a service provider provides to the users through the internet. There are 3 layers of Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, and laaS.

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