Submit a 1-2 page reflection on how directors and cinematographers shape acting in film using cinematography or production design.  You have a choice: use Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin or Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth , which you have to watch on Kanopy (instructions below) or a free streaming service of which you’re a member. These questions should help frame your response:


  1. How do cinematographers create meaning?
  2. How do they light or choose angles to shape memorable moments?

Be sure to use specific details you’ve learned in Movies and Meaning. You must cite at least TWO scenes for full credit. If you don’t cite Prince to support your arguments, you will not get full credit.

Treat reflections as if they were short essays. You’re not writing a review of these films, therefore do not share how these films impressed you; don’t refer to the “gorgeous cinematography” or “incredible acting.” Avoid a casual, chatty, gossipy tone. Do not use terms like “personally,” “I think,” “I feel.”

You will watch the film on Kanopy, a free service offered by the FIU library. Visit FIU Kanopy (Links to an external site.) to registe

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