Cigarette is a legal killer which murders people every single day According Essay

Cigarette is a legal killer which murders people every single day. According to World Health Organization (2018), cigarettes kill more than 7 million people each year. In addition, over 1.1 billion people smoked cigarettes in 2015 (WHO, 2016). A study by American Lung Association (2019) reports that cigarettes are made up of many different chemicals substances such as Nicotine, Tar, Carbon monoxide and so on. Only few people understand how serious problem of cigarettes can be on society and the specific health risks of it worldwide. Most of them work as government officials or researchers.

Even though they are harmful, most countries governments still allow cigarette use. Although some areas have already banned smoking cigarettes in public, it still not enough to wipe out its use. Governments should banned smoking cigarettes because it can cause air pollution, a huge financial burden and damage people’s health. First of all, Advocates of not banning smoking cigarettes consider that smoke produce by cigarettes won’t make a serious air pollution.

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Cigarette is a legal killer which murders people every single day According Essay
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In fact, smoking cigarettes will cause severe issue of air pollution. The truth is, the severity of smoking is far more than people can imagine. Actually smoking cigarettes will produce serious air pollution even more than a diesel car. According to BBC news (2004), research by experts states that people who smoke cigarettes are pumping out 10 times more toxicant air than a diesel car and they also reported that cigarettes smoke brings the far finer particulate matter the factor of air pollution most dangerous for health than diesel exhaust. Smoking cigarettes not only create toxic air to pollute the entire environment but also can create second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke comes from involuntary or passive smoking. The exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke is a mixture of breathing out mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke liberate from a burning cigarette or another smoking device such as cigar, pipe, bidi and so on and diluted with surrounding air (WHO, 2015). It is not only a part of air pollution but also affects the death rate. Research by the World Health Organization (2018) reports that over 6 million deaths are the result of first-hand cigarette use but around 890000 are the outcomes of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. This data shows that more than 1 in 10 people are involuntarily poisoned by second-hand smoke and cause death. Almost 10 billion of the 15 billion cigarettes sold daily and release the toxic chemicals in the environment according to the World Health Organization (2017). There is such a large sales amount in just one day and combined with those evidence of toxic substances in air and secondhand smoke prove that the serious air pollution caused by smoking does exist and affects the rights of non-smokers to breathe smoke-free air. Secondly, supporters of smoking cigarettes consider that it just only cost 12 CAD for a package and they think it won’t make any financial burden for them. Imagine that the average cost for a package of cigarette is 12 CAD, which means a pack-a-day habit sets people back 84 CAD per week 360 CAD per month, 4380 CAD per year and the price of package cigarette could be more expensive in different place. It is a lot of money and can be used at more appropriate way. For example, to pay a phone bill for several years or buying a round-trip ticket for a flight from Toronto to Taiwan. In fact, smoking cigarettes not just only cost on smokers themselves but also can make a financial burden on society such as medical source. Research by the CDC (2019) the financial burden of smoking cigarettes on society in the United States continues to go up with approximately $193 billion spent yearly, $97 billion from lost productivity and $96 billion due to smoking-related health care costs respectively. This shows that smokers not only affect themselves but also affect the medical resources of society. That’s the one of the reason why government should have banned smoking cigarette. Finally, supporters of smoking cigarettes believe that the behavior of smoking cigarettes just like alcohol consumption help people to release their pressure and won’t make them damage their health. As the matter of fact smoking cigarettes not just like drinking alcohol, the chemical substances contained in cigarettes not only can make people damage their health but also can make them addicted to it. There are more than 4000 chemicals in cigarettes smoke, at least 250 are known to be damaging and even more than 50 are known to make people get cancer (WHO, 2018). According to World Health Organization (2016), modern cigarettes have been produced to be delivery devices for nicotine or other ingredients, with the process of some ingredients such as ammonia complex have been used to increase free-base nicotine and potential addiction, the addictive properties may also be indirectly enhanced by eugenol, menthol, and cocoa to cover the taste of products in order to make the smoker cannot feel the smoke’s aggravating effects. Smoking cigarettes also can cause people to get cancers and heart diseases. Research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2018) cigarettes smoking is linked to about 80% to 90% of lung cancer deaths and cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, liver, pancreas, larynx, trachea, bronchus, kidney, renal pelvis, urinary bladder, cervix, acute myeloid leukemia is also caused by cigarette smoking. Heart attacks and stroke promoting to approximately 3 million deaths per year due to cigarettes use and second-hand smoke exposure which also are the main factors of cardiovascular diseases (WHO, 2018). More than that, second-hand smoke which made by cigarettes also can damage public health. According to World Health Organization (2018), serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as coronary heart disease and lung cancer caused by second-hand smoke, and it also will cause sudden death for the baby, it will cause low birth weight to pregnant women. These data illustrate that cigarettes smoking doesn’t have any benefit for people, and smokers not only affect themselves but also affect public health. To sum up, air pollution, financial burden and health damaging are caused by smoking cigarettes which should be prohibited by governments because advantage of smoking cigarettes can’t be proved. There has a lot of disadvantages of smoking cigarettes has been confirmed such as it can cause cancers, heart diseases and so on. Smoking cigarettes do not only put smokers themselves and other people in danger but also damage the environment ultimately. Those are the reasons why governments should prohibit cigarettes smoking eternally whether in legal aspect or policy aspect. It is not easy to implement the policy or the law but governments should do it even some people will against it or take a long time. After all this touch upon the profit of many business communities.

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