Chronology of the Mughal Kings Essay

The Mughul empire was founded by in 1526, when he defeated Ibrahim lodhi,the last of the delhi sultans at he first battle of panipat. The mughuls were a powerful dynasty and left a profound impact on the thoughts and arts of the sub continent. This is a brief chronology documenting the time when the mughuls ruled

1483 babur is born in farghana.
1526 babur defeats ibrahim lodhi, the sultan of delhi at panipat.
1530death of babur and humayun assumes power.
1540 afghan leader sher shah suri defeats humayun andseizes the empire.

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Chronology of the Mughal Kings Essay
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1555 humayun re-conquers delhi.
1556 humayun dies, young akber is enthroned.
1605 death of akber and succession of son jahangir.
1617 revolt in the southern states of the empire breaks out and jhangir sends son khurram to pacify them. Khurram recived the title of shah jahan.

1627 jahangir dies and shah jahan assumes the throne.

1631 shah jahans queen mamtaz mahal dies during childbirth. Shah jahan commissions the building of her tomb, “the Taj Mahal’. 1658 shah jahan’s son aurangzeb executs his brothers, imprisons his father and ascends to the throne of delhi, 1666 death of shah jahan.

1707 aurangjeb dies.
1857 the mutiny results in the massacre of the people of delhi weak mughul empire collapses and india beomes a british colony. 1862 bahadur shah (zafar) II the last of the mughul rulers dies.

Question:- Here is an incomplete write up on the mughal kings,Read the above Chronology of the Mughul Kings. Read the above ‘Chronology of the Mughul Kings’ and the write a ‘sequence’ or chronological order paragraph by adding appropriate sequence markers such as: first, after that, next, then, lastly, finally….

The Mughul Empire started its long regin in 1526 which lasted until 1857. The First Mughul King was Babur who was born In ferghana in 1483. Babur was a descendant of genghis khan and taimur. In 1526 Babur defeated the Sultan of delhi, Ibrahim lodhic

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