chpt 1 description Essay


Physical fitness is a general state of health and the ability to perform aspects of sports and daily activities. This is achieved generally by proper diet and nutrition, regular exercise, physical activity and sufficient rest. In India, there are many people who joins gym for regular fitness, but about more than half percent of gym persons are too irregular to keep their body fit and fine and there are many reasons for their irregularity. So this type of irregularness is one type of waste of money.

So after analyzing this problem and many other issues related to this, we will provide solutions to this as services in our product “FUSION FITNESS HUB”. In this product we have not mainly focused on the solutions of this problems but we are also giving extra benefits to all the users which will be very helpful for them. Existing system, details, benefits, possible solutions with its limitations are point out further in this small presentation.

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chpt 1 description Essay
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The main purpose of this report is to describe the brief about Fusion Fitness Hub. All the process related to gym and fitness like workout, exercise chat, diet chat, etc., will be describe in brief in this report. The main aspects of the system regarding its input and output process and all the facilities which will be included in the operation will be explained briefly in this document.

Basically, Admin is responsible for the management of all the data. Consumers and Vendors will do their registration itself. Only registered persons can login the application. Only authorized members (Admin & Vendors) can generate report and got notification. Non-Registered consumers can only see website and details of facilities included in packages but cannot access to buy any package without registration.

There are main three types of users for this system:-


Admin can manage consumers and its data.

Admin can manage vendors and its data.

Admin can generate reports of consumer and vendor anytime.


Vendors can manage their gym profiles.

Vendors can manage data of consumers going to their gym.

Vendors can also generate report of the workout schedule of consumers.


Consumer can check the website.

Consumer can login to product.

Consumer can check and buy packages.

Consumer can upgrade their package.

Consumer can manage their profiles.

What is fusion fitness hub?

Fusion fitness hub gives consumer a flexible way to manage their workout time and flexibility in choosing the nearest gym where they can do their work out. When any person wants to shift to another area temporary/permanently, they became irregular in their workout routines or they don’t go to gym though they have paid full money of their gym package. Hence, this is leads wastage of money and time. So viewing this point, this product will help consumer to take their flexible time and gym after the package online in our product. This will be more benifitical to them as they will be freely to manage their workout schedule at any gym.


The main purpose of this system is to give flexibility to the consumers as they can freely go to any gym of their package at any time. So wastage of money and time will be reduced to the nadir point.


Mainly helpful to the person who are too irregular in their workout schedule.

Benifitical to Gym owners to get additional income.

Provides users an option to choose packages.

To provide users maximum benefit of gym facilities.


Main objective is to give flexibility to users and additional business growth to vendors.

If Fusion Fitness Hub is implemented successfully then each Gym owner must join to this.

All types of person using this application can generate notifications.

User interface would be user-friendly so anyone can easily operate system.

Like gym owners, this can also be used by gym equipment manufacturers, supplement manufacturers for their business growth.

In future any new technology and new facilities can be upgraded.


This application provide a real time application in sense it will respond as per user want the facilities. So consumer can freely select the package as per their requirements in which all the facilities of consumer is included. Hence main aspect is that, that consumer can manage their workout schedule regularly. On other side Gym owners will get extra money as the consumers will go to their gym through our application which is one type of business growth for them.

At beginning this is only include gym of main areas of Ahmedabad, but if in future if this application goes successful then we can develop it on the large scale (i.e. Gujarat ).



PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (or simply PHP) is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994; the PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group.  PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but it now stands for the recursive initialism PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor


PHP is considered a “backend” application language because the language is interpreted on the “backend” server. This is opposed to a “frontend” language like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript which is not interpreted by the server, but interpreted by the “frontend” client side browser. The term “backend” and “frontend” is used to describe what system interprets and executes the code. Backend servers execute and interpret PHP. Frontend clients execute and interpret JavaScript, html, and CSS. Both systems though manipulate what the user sees – so it isn’t accurate to think that backend languages are not seen by users. Backend languages definitely show up to users via the client.


PHP is favored by web developers worldwide because it offers them the breadth to create highly interactive and intuitive websites and web applications with simple execution.

When you say dynamic and interactive, the first word that strikes a seasoned web developer is PHP. This versatile server-side scripting language has all the proprietary scripting language offerings available absolutely free of cost! Here are five reasons to convince you that PHP is the best language for your web development project.

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There are insurmountable tools handy for developers seeking specific functionalities and features. 

101981036766500PHP ARCHITECTURE:

Fig 1.1 PHP Architecture

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