Choosing to study Physiotherapy is not a decision taken lightly Essay

Choosing to study Physiotherapy is not a decision taken lightly nor was it a career I desired to do since a particularly young age. Though a life changing event did prompt my resolution it wasn’t the beginning spark to ignite my aspiration. What initially ignited my fascination with the whole idea of Physiotherapy was the professionalism and interrelationship of both the physio and the patient. To be able to encourage development and facilitate recovery from postnatal all the way up to elderly care greatly inspires me.

Being part of their recovery journey whilst you too are constantly on a learning journey enables physios to inspire confidence and trust as well as promote health whilst helping the client to remain autonomous and assured. This rare impact on someone’s life confirmed my decision in wanting to become a physiotherapist

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Choosing to study Physiotherapy is not a decision taken lightly Essay
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The internal structures of the anatomy is arguably the most complex yet most vital foundation to any health care profession, and although for the most part my aptitude is scientific, I also want to continue to comprehend the many processes that maintain our health.

I have a profound interest in psychology and despite physiotherapy centering around the manual therapy and rehabilitation of an individual, someone’s pain and response to treatment is subjective and is a crucial aspect of physiotherapy consideration. It is evident that becoming a physiotherapist involves inherent sacrifices, however it is also a deeply gratifying and extraordinary career and something I want to be a part of. Having personal experience as a patient in the musculoskeletal unit due to a sports injury invariably led me to to be keen in promoting health though nevertheless also stood as only rudimentary knowledge to what I soon discovered to be an overwhelming array of specialities within in this profession.

She used various methods to relieve my pain and the process in which she did it was remarkable. EBALED ME TO HAVE EMPATHY

My father also experienced support from a physio however under the burnt unit… Moreover, what furthered my interest in undertaking this career was a first aid course I underwent …

My A level subjects has allowed me to receive, self-critique and act upon feedback , which consequently ensures that I reflect critically upon my own work. Developing my written skills together with the ability to approach problems clearly whilst sustaining research for long periods of time and work individually on a technical/long project has enabled me to improve my time management, resilience and perseverance. I am able to see where I can improve within my work, and then apply to it by problem solving and documenting my processes. As a result, it has given me confidence in presenting, but also to perceive things differently. Art enables you to think laterally and be innovative and classical civilisation particularly helps me to examine issues from multiple viewpoints especially as classics is a multidisciplinary subject and ensures persuasiveness.

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