Chinese and American economics

Much of the research for the paper will be based on NY Times stories students will be reading during the quarter, but also by looking back at the Times’ archives to which you have access on line through the UW library. Students will also be required to use and cite at least 5 relevant articles from scholarly journals and 3 relevant books. The list of possible scholarly journals is long and might include history, political science, international affairs, sociology, anthropology, or economics and business journals. Articles from some magazines such as The Economist or FP (available on line) can be used as well but are not as substitutes for one of the five scholarly articles. If the question students pick is partly covered by one of the books, look at that book’s bibliography and notes for suggested sources. Further suggestions will be made in sections.

Is there a way to accommodate China’s enormous and growing economic power with America’s need to maintain its own economic growth and security? Will China’s increasing influence reduce trade opportunities for the United States? Is it wise to try to keep China within the present world economic system, or should the United States work to create its own zone of economic influence that excludes China?

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