Cherry Angioma

Assessment- Cherry Angioma
Skin Assessment:Chief Client: The Chief Client is Argin Agin, a male 65 years with a skin disease condition known as Cherry Angioma. History of Present Illness: Arkun Agin reported the condition about 2 weeks ago. However, the client claims that the skin began developing changes in the last two months. He only reported after noting the seriousness and the direction the condition was taking. The client has been applying some lotion-like medications with hopes that it would get better. However, there are no changes or signs of improvement have been recorded. There are big rashes that are reddish, and the client claims that he feels discomfort around them. Argin claims that he feels little pain when removing the spots. The client is worried about the condition thinking that it
may be cancerous.
The client has been cutting them using tweezers. This is referred to as shave excision
and it is a slow process applicable if there is no outbreak. Nevertheless, it is one of the
recommended treatments.
The client has also been using cold ice cubes to freeze the points and prevent them from
pain and it is also recommended. Also see form for more details

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Using electrocauterization to burn the cherry points using electricity; electric probes of
light current are used while part of the body is grounded (Naze et al., 2020).
Another treatment is cryosurgery. In this type, the surgery is frozen with nitrogen that is
liquefied. The method is effective in destroying the small like growths.
Laser surgical tools, specifically pulsed dye laser is focused on the spots to destroy the
cells. The laser uses heat as a means of destroying the growths.
The client is not allergic to any drugs.
Past Medical History
Skin burns and rashes while exposed to too much heat. During a trip to one of the
tropical regions.
Coughing and fever in the last month but this has nothing related to the current
The client claims that his brother developed a similar condition. Thus, it could be
Past Surgical History:
Circumcision 1995
Gastric Bypass 1999
Dental Restoration 2005
Sexual/ Reproductive History:
The client is heterosexual.
Normal and childbearing.
No critical signs of sexual dysfunctional problems except slow drives.
Personal/ Social History
Loss of appetite as the client to be choosy in food; does not abuse alcohol and tobacco.
However, he occasionally uses alcohol for an average of 500ml per month.
The client does not exercise often.
Immunization History
The client has undergone childbirth and growth immunization. Including the polio
vaccine, TB, and Hepatitis B.
Argin was also immunized with the Pneumonia vaccine in 2017,
Generally, the immunization is updated.
Significant Family History
Argin has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. The brother is aged 56 while the sister is
aged 59. He also has two sons who are aged 41 and 39. They all have good health. His brother
also has the same condition of red spots.
Argin is a University graduate and is still married to his wife aged 63 years. The
couples have a joint savings account that has accumulated worth $1.2 million. Besides, they
have a pension plan worth $700,000.
The client is insured by a medical hospital and visits the hospital if special conditions
arise. In terms of lifestyle, Argin is healthy and goes on a family vacation with his wife.
Generally, the client is social and embraces recreational visits for stress management. Argin
also maintains healthy eating habits with exception of exercising. However, he has not
developed serious medical conditions.
Review of Systems:
General: constant worrying about the conditions affecting his performance at work.
Experiences pain when removing the spots.
Neck: Normal
Respiratory: Normal respiratory system
Cardiovascular: Within normal limits
Musculoskeletal: Strong.
The client has a normal neck, respiratory, cardiovascular vascular, gastrointestinal,
musculoskeletal, and hematologic conditions. Generally, there are serious cases reported or
noted except the skin. The skin has rashes that appear as small growths red in color.
Objective Data:
Physical Exam.
Vital Signs: Blood pressure 111/73. Left-arm, regular cuff. They also have a BMI of 24
General: Appear worried.
Neck Normal carotids are in good condition.
Chest/Lungs: AP&L CTA
Heart/Peripheral Vascular: Normal pulses of 72 beats per minute.
ABD: no serious conditions noted.
Genital/Rectal: no adnexal masses, no cervical motion tenderness.
Musculoskeletal: symmetric muscular conditions.
Neuro: DTR’s and XII are intact.
Skin/Lymph: No serious conditions.
Lad Tests and Results:
CBC-WBC 15,000.
Normal after taking Xray radiology session. Generally, no serious conditions reported
in ECG and CXR.
Diagnoses/Client Problems:
Extreme anxiety related to skin blood blisters on skin
However, he is depressed over skin conditions. That is, he is overthinking about the
medical conditions associated with skin disease.
The client needs to avoid being counseled and treated to reduce their level of fear. Other
conditions include exercises. Argin rarely exercises the body and he may risk diseases such as
cardiovascular problems that may interfere with his lifestyle.
Differential diagnosis
Skin blood blisters (Cherry Angioma), Angiokeratoma, venous lake and nodular
amelanotic melanoma
Skin blood blisters is the closet differential diagnosis to Cherry angioma since it
associated with red moles or blisters. Cherry angioma molds are common skin growth that can
easily develop on areas of the human body and can also be described as skin blood blisters.
There are three major ways cherry angioma’s can be diagnosed and managed. These are:
 Electrocauterization
 Cryosurgery
 Shave excision
Electrocauterization offers a surgical intervention that involves detailed burning of the
angioma with the use of contained electric current delivered by a tiny probe (Klebanov, 2019).
When handling this medical procedure, one would need to have a grounding pad that is well
placed in the body of the patient on ground in line with the body to induce a surge of electricity.
The second form of diagnosis that would be induced is cryosurgery. The process
involves active freezing of the angioma with the use of liquid nitrogen. In this case, the extreme
cold that is provided by the liquid nitrogen will end up destroying the condition (Nazer, 2020).
It is considered as the quickest and easy procedure that would be employed to address the issue
at hand. When undergoing cryosurgery, one would need one treatment session with the use of
the nitrogen liquid sprayed for about 10 seconds.
The procedure involves active removal of the angioma from the existing top
portion of the human skin. It is considered as an alternative method to invasive surgery that
would involve the cutting of the growth or lesion with the use of sutures or stitches which
would eventually close the wound on the skin (Gulseren, 2020). When using this method,
scarring is always uncommon but at times would be possible at the end of every session. (THIS IS  ONLY  A SAMPLE OF THE SOAP NOTES TO HELP YOU MAKE THE PROJECT EASIER AND UNDERSTANDABLE)

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