Charged defect states of polaron and bipolaron in conjugated Essay

Charged defect states of polaron and bipolaron in conjugated polymer has opened up a new and outstanding area in the field of polymer-based electronics [1,2], and consequently polymer based electronic materials are emerging out with a greater scientific interest in fundamental as well as applied research in the recent years [3]. The ?-conjugated polymer like polyacetylene [4,5], polypyrrole [6], polyaniline [7,8], poly (p phenylene-vinylene) (PPV) [9], poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) (PEDOT) [10], and their composites in nanoscale dimensions attracts for new scientific perceptions [11,12], and these recent literatures are also indicative that there are ample scope of further developments.

Polyaniline is an outstanding conductive polymer and attractive hole transport layer [13,14] and it can achieve electrical conductivity through chemical doping by changing its oxidation state through protonation with acids.

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Charged defect states of polaron and bipolaron in conjugated Essay
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Owing to recent advances in organic electronic materials, in this present work we have approached for a fascinating paper-based semiconductor material of polyaniline, functionalized with graphite, which has sp2-hybridized carbon atoms. With best of our knowledge paper-based metal free semiconductors are not explored so far.

This work thus attracts more significance as it has been prepared on the amorphous matrix of paper owing to its flexibility, metal free composition, low cost and environmental significance of being decomposable electronic garbage. The synthesis of polyaniline is reported through different processes such as electrochemical synthesis [15], interfacial polymerization [16], seeding polymerization [17], vapor phase self-assembling polymerization [18], photoinduced polymerization [19], plasma polymerization [20], solution polymerization [21], and sonochemical synthesis [22] process. In this work, we present a facile method to prepare a new type of sandwich-patterned paper/graphite/ polyaniline hybrid structure with anticipated properties of high electrical conductivity, good chemical stability and excellent flexibility. The synthesis process was conducted through vapor phase polymerization of aniline in a reaction chamber at a temperature of 60 ?C. The prepared hybrid structure has been characterized for its structural, compositional, optical and electrical properties. The polyaniline acts as a hole transport media in its partially oxidized state of emeraldine salt form, and its electrical conductivity has been increased with two degree, when functionalized with graphite in paper/graphite/ polyaniline hybrid structure. The coupling of polaron and electron plays the vital role in stimulating the electronic behavior and long-range charge transport properties of this hybrid structure.

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