5.1 Discussion of Results

During this research, we realized that designing a battery optimizer is an exhaustive assignment and can be troublesome since so many updates has been added to the android OS with several applications but a major concern is the battery life of this devices. Increase in the battery size can be a solution but it is not feasible as it increases cost and weight of the phone. With the help of this application no need to increase the size of the battery or the cost of phones as the application will optimize battery life.

This application has been designed with an attractive and user friendly interface to make the user experience with the application enjoyable. The application was designed using Android Studio and Corel draw was used for graphics. The objectives that are accomplished by the application are enhanced profitability, ease of use and other further upgrades. The project has been completely adequately with the most extraordinary user satisfactions and has met user necessities.

The goals were met; the application help users use their smartphones for a longer period.

5.2 Summary

The battery optimizer is different from regular battery optimizer it optimizes battery life with one touch and keeps your battery healthy. The application stops unnecessary background processes and analyze battery usage. It also minimizes charging time. The application is easy to use. The user can view battery health, battery status, power source and battery technology.

5.3 Future Recommendation

Future researchers can implement certain features that the project was not able to implement some of which are:

Adaptive battery that learns your usage pattern, with the help of machine learning this feature attempts to learn which apps you use when, based on this information, it will restrict the apps it doesn’t expect you to open anytime soon.

5.5 Conclusion

The battery optimizer is not a new application, but rather a small version of what most smartphones should have. The application allows busy people user their phones before charging. The application will save battery health and increase standby time.


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