Chapter 4 Performance Analysis41 Introduction The advancement in Information Technology and internet penetration Essay

Chapter 4: Performance Analysis4.1 Introduction The advancement in Information Technology and internet penetration has greatly enhanced various business process and communication between companies and their customers of which Catering Services is not left out. In this world were computers and androids are now beginning to rule we do need to be updated of what technologies are we need to use. Our technology is focusing on the computer and it deals more on how to make our work easier and faster. Most of the companies use computerized system in handling all their transactions that regards with data processing, in order to make their organization, process efficient, but still the manual system can still be used as guide.

They are changing the manual system into a computerized one to cope-up with the growth of technology. Some of the major problems in the communities where solved using modern technology. Developing an Online Reservation and Billing System for St. Nicholas Catering Services is the main objectives of this project that will help the company improve their transactions.

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Chapter 4 Performance Analysis41 Introduction The advancement in Information Technology and internet penetration Essay
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This chapter ensures that all the features of the developed system delivers all the features promised to the clients and make sure all of them meet market standards to exceed future customer expectations.4.2 Experimental The developers have used the Black Box Testing Technique as the medium to test out the features of the developed system. Black-box testing (also called functional testing) is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or working it solely focus on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions. . Functional testing involves ensuring that the functionality specified in the requirement specification works. Since the developers used the black box testing technique, each module was test by a random set of users each using different type of operating system to see if each module is producing the results that it is supposed to generate.It is used by the developers to ensure that all the objectives of the study are applied correctly on the developed system. Each module was test by different type of user’s in-order to see if each module is producing the correct result that the developed system is supposed to produce.Here is the random testing that the developers have executed.4.2.1 Can the Login module provide the security level that would protect access from unauthorized users?The Login module has provided the user level that is needed in order to protect access from unauthorized users. Users were given a random username and password which has a different type of user level that they could use to access different task in the developed system.4.2.2 Can the Payment module compute the accurate bill of each client?The Payment module computes for the client’s bill accurately. Users have finish filling up the reservation form that can be found on the reservation module. With these the payment module has computed the accurate bill which will be given by the client.4.2.3 Can the Information module provide all the necessary information about the company itself?The Information module has provided all the details and information about the company. Users used the developed system and went to the information module where it provides the all the information that the client needs from the company.4.2.4 Can the Search Module search necessary details that both the admin and clients needed?Search module can definitely search for the details, information, packages, menu, event reservation, users, prices that the client and administrator needed.4.2.5 Can the Reservation Module accept online reservation?The Reservation module successfully accepts online reservation. The reservation module was test by a random user and was ask to use the developed system and make a reservation online.4.2.6 Can the File Maintenance module that would maintain all of their event schedule, packages, food list, event type, user, prices and other customer information.The File Maintenance module can add, edit, and delete event reservation, packages, event types, prices, menu, users and client information. The developers tested the file maintenance module and add new details for each category, update a certain category and even delete a data.4.2.7 Can the Report Module provide all necessary reports needed by the administrator?The Report module can generate all reports that are needed. The developers tested the report module and see if it will generate all the reports needed by the administrator.4.3 Results and Analysis In order to come up with the company owners requirements and expectations the developers underwent a series of test. The developers also asked random people to test the developed systems features to avoid unbiased and rational feedbacks from the users of the developed system. The developers have gathered all the results based on the experiments that the developers have conducted. The result of each test was successful and therefore it ensure the business that it will achieve its intended goal in the future. 4.4 Summary The developed system has passed all the series of test to make sure that it meets all the requirements and expectations of the owner. By developing an Online Reservation and Billing System for St. Nicholas Catering Services it will definitely be a factor for the business growth and thus only few of their competitors are using this kind of systems plus as this system will improve their current system when regards on reservation and payments. The implementation of the system opened the door of opportunity for small business like St. Nicholas Catering Services to open its business to the world.

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