CEMEXIn another organization CEMEX Succession Management Essay


In another organization CEMEX, Succession Management and Individual Develop Plan (IDP) processes in addition to the training and development programs do not only focus on increasing the performance of employees but simultaneously motivate them by giving them the chances and challenges that will retain them in the business.

The Employee Development Process at CEMEX starts with all CEMEX workers. Everybody has the privilege to be occupied with their work and with the organization. Everybody has the privilege to seek after their profession to the best of their capacities and everybody should pick up improvement openings in accordance with their goals, abilities and aspiration.

This strategy is carried out by the organization to identify employees who are already employed and see them as potential candidates for future vacancies that may arise within the organization and give them the proper training well ahead of time to perform and fill the vacancies. Many factors force an organization to think and implement succession planning and the most important one is that organizations rely heavily on staff to carry out the operations and provide services to meet the objectives of the organization.

They are forced to realize the fact that what would happen to the services and ability of the organization to fulfil their operations if any of the key and important employee operates form the organization.

CEMEX is focused on the nonstop improvement and preparing of its representatives. This implies by putting resources into improvement and preparing and by empowering self-awareness we can guarantee that representatives are set up for any future test. CEMEX anticipates that line supervisors will assume liability for the best possible and successful management of their groups. To help this we intend to guarantee that every one of our chiefs are prepared and instructed in the management of groups, giving them a scope of aptitudes to empower them to apply an assortment of inspirational procedures at a nearby level. Specifically, we give instructing in input procedures to guarantee that key messages are conveyed to singular workers as acknowledgment for good execution, or to help enhancement where required.

This procedure is strengthened by our CEMEX Training and Development arrangements which have been created to set up the criteria and general rules for in-house and outside preparing of most of our workers. This incorporates recognizable proof of preparing needs; planning; organizing preparing and improvement exercises; conveyance and assessment of preparing and keeping up preparing records.

Career Planning Practices in the local and global contexts

The most impactful methods that can explain why these methods provide the best chances for career growth and development and planning locally and globally are

1. Emiratization

The government of UAE has strategized their nationalized program of Emiratization in the most effective manner as it targets the public sector industry mainly and has been highly successful because of various reasons such as higher job security were granted to nationals, their shorter working hours and longer leave days were more favourable than what they could get in the private sectors and the pay scale for Emiratis in the public sectors were higher than private sectors.

The connecting with of UAE national representatives is a generally straightforward process. It is altogether less unpredictable than enlisting non-UAE nationals seeing that there is no necessity to get a work visa for UAE national representatives (even though there is a prerequisite to acquire a work allow). Rather, a business must advise the Labour Department inside 15 days of naming a UAE national worker and give data in regard of the UAE national representative including a breakdown of their compensation bundle.

For instance, One of the biggest and most successful organization operating in the globe, Emirates Group has set themselves with an Emiratisation goals to hire and retain the nationals by offering a wide range of career chances and scholarship programs to make sure the new comers are well facilitated for their dynamic career be it within the emirates group which is seen as the world’s largest international airline; Group-wide business unit such as IT, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Procurement, and Marketing or within DNATA, the global air services provider which today operates in more than 35 countries on five continents

2. Absher

Absher can be said as a policy that comes under the patronage of Ministry of Presidential Affairs and is practiced and implemented by MoHRE to assure a decent life for every UAE citizen. The main objective of this policy is to provide nearly 20,000 jobs for citizens in the coming future.

This program is proposed to profit new alumni by giving them reasonable preparing openings at a privately-owned business for eight months. Amid these eight months, students will learn new abilities and bring their skills up in a workplace.

Upon the effective finish of the preparation, the students will be contracted as a full-time worker. The program likewise offers help to privately owned businesses by paying a level of the month to month cost amid the preparation with the end goal to constrain the difficulties of procuring new alumni.

3. Technology

Technologically advanced organizations have been progressively utilizing Technology to enhance worker maintenance, upgrade ability management and raise levels of commitment. For instance, self-appraisal apparatuses are the foundation of profession improvement programs, which enable representatives to measure their interests, identities, values, abilities with the end goal to enable them to achieve their objectives and dreams. Online instruments measure holes, track advance, increment mindfulness, create profession objectives and help to design a system, while deliberately adjusting individual objectives to institutional culture.

Technology likewise offers careerists an undeniably sweeping scene of conceivable outcomes. Worldwide rivalry requests singular patrons have expansive access to what’s happening in their calling, exchange and industry – to see patterns and issues that shape their future work and to visit new reasoning and new potential outcomes.

Increasing career development openings is the most ideal approach to keep up the focal point of the most yearning and important representatives and amplify execution over the workforce. Technology can help encourage profession improvement discussions among administrators and workers in various ways, including support for customary discourses among staff and bosses over the career management process. A profession improvement arranging segment on the normal execution survey frame can guarantee that administrators and workers talk about and archive representative career objectives and that chiefs relegate the proper career advancement openings. Representatives can likewise record their more extensive aptitudes and capacities and in addition their profession designs in their computerized ability profiles.


In order to understand my ability to succeed in the accounting field in terms of my skills and aptitude, a test was taken through the site

The test consisted of sixteen variables, that was developed by Raymond Cattell. The variables and my scores were:

1. Warmth 2.6

This variable to understand my ability on being good to people. As my personality goes, I have a moderate score in this as I am outgoing, easy going and like people.

2. Reasoning 2.5

This variable was to learn about my ability to abstract think on concepts or situations. My score in this is more than the median, this shows my ability to consider facts rather than depend on common sense.

3. Emotional Stability 2.8

This variable was to learn about my ability to control my emotions to the situation I am in. I have a moderately high score as I have learnt to respond to situation and take control over my emotions and adapt to the situation.

4. Dominance 2.6

This variable was to know about my ability to deal with people in different situations. The score again is moderately high, which shows that I am forceful in throwing my decision on others. I believe I should learn how to improve this variable in me to be able to deal with people better.

5. Liveliness 2.2

This variable was to learn about my ability to exert energy and influence the people around me. My score is moderately low in this, which shows that I have a more serious type of person while also being a cheerful and enthusiastic individual. However, I believe the filed I am preferring for my career, having a more serious nature would be successful for me.

6. Rule-Consciousness 2.3

This variable is to learn how strongly I abide to the rules and regulations put on me. The score I got for this is moderately low, which shows that I am less rule bound. This is a drawback for me, as in my career field it is important to consider and abide by the rules and regulations in order to avoid fraud or sensitivity issues.

7. Social Boldness 2.4

This factor was to learn about how socially confident I am. My score in this is around the median which show that I am hesitant as well as bold at the same time depending on the situation. I believe I need to improve this factor in me.

8. Sensitivity 2.6

This variable was to see how much I can be affected by my surrounding. My score in this was moderately high showing that I am sensitive and aesthetic to situations.

9. Vigilance 1.7

This variable is to determine the ability to doubt situations and suspect activities. My score is low in this that shows I trust people and accept situations easily. This is a drawback too as I should improve my ability to consider situations rather than blindly trust.

10. Abstractedness 1.9

This variable to understand the ability to be imaginative to situations. My score in this was below average which show that I am more impractical and absorbed in ideas rather than being practical and prosaic.

11. Privateness 1.7

This variable is about my openness and honesty on who I am and what I am doing. My score in this is low which shows that I am honest and genuine about who I am. It also shows that I am na?ve, and unpretentious.

12. Apprehension 1.4

This variable is to understand how troubled or influenced by situations I am. My score in this is low, which show that I am self-satisfied and guilt free of my actions and behaviour.

13. Openness to Change 2.5

This variable was to know how open I am to changes and how well I adapt or accept the changes. My score in this moderate which show that I am traditional yet open to new ideas and changes. I think critically while respecting the traditional views as well.

14. Self-Reliance 2.3

This variable was to understand my reliance on my needs. My score is moderate which show that I am group oriented while being resourceful as well.

15. Perfectionism 2.6

This variable was to know how high my standards are for myself. Having a moderate score again show that I believe in having my tasks completed perfectly, and with disciplines. However, I also allow flexibility to new changes or differences.

16. Tension 1.5

This variable is about how driven I am towards my goals considering impatience and stress. My score is very low which show my relaxation and composed low drive.

Identification of personal goals and career paths

Start with gaining experience and knowledge from medium job roles.

One critical medium-term Accounting career objective is to wind up a topic master. For junior Accountants, getting the correct sort of proceeding with instruction is the beginning stage. Procuring the CPA accreditation can open entryways in corporate UAE, and there’s expanded interest for CPAs who convey extra certifications. Situating yourself as a specialist in expense reviews, legal Accounting, master observer work or monetary Technology, for instance, gives you an approach to separate yourself from others. For some, ceaseless learning and advancement is a lifelong objective.

To achieve a senior role over a span of 5 years.

Demonstrating your value as a skilled staff bookkeeper with an extensive company or Accounting firm can prompt open doors in senior business jobs, for example, Vice President of Finance and Accounting, and Chief Financial Officer. The capacity to examine the numbers is vital to the benefit of any organization, so involvement around there can truly supplement an organization’s management group. Managers support hopefuls who have a reputation that incorporates authority, impacting others and business improvement.

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