Cell Phone Radiation Essay

In today’s society there have been numerous advancements to help us in our everyday lives. One of this advancement is cell-phones, which is one of the greatest development in technology. We have become dependent on mobiles phones and it seem like a high percentage of the population including elderly people, young adult and even kids under 18 have one of this devices. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages related to cell phones. In one hand there is the importance of being communicated for emergencies, business, social and personal purposes.

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Cell Phone Radiation Essay
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On the other hand, the usage of cell phone had become addictive to people of all around the world and the abuse of prolongated hours on the cell phones can cause health hazard. Cell phones work under a non-ionizing radiation bases. But there is still a concern of how much cell phone usage a person can endure without any harmful reaction to them. I myself believe that cell phones may cause a reduction of blood cell count, but I do not believe that cell phones causes a serious health risk like cancer and brain damage.

There appears to be no link between cell phones and brain cancer, suggests a new study conducted by International Agency for Research of Cancer, the largest yet to examine the connection. Danish researchers spent 18 years tracking more than 350,000 people ages 30 and older. Researchers stated that based on their study “they found there was no difference in cancer rates between longtime cell phone subscribers and those who didn’t have a phone” (Haupt 2011). There still aren’t any good explanations for how mobile phones could cause cancer.

The microwave radiation they transmit and receive is very weak, it does not have enough energy to damage our organism, and cannot directly cause cancer. Mobile phones produce small amounts of heat in the brain, but again, not enough to pose a health risk. Because of the inconclusive results on this study at the end people should not change their cellphone habits based on the current evidence, except perhaps for limiting their kids’ use of the devices, because their brain still developing and during this time are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation.

Cell phone exposure to kids can lead to a significant relationship to childhood emotional problems and hyperactivity. However there had done others study that express the connection between cell phones and different types of biological damage to human body. For example The European Journal of Scientific Research conducted a lab experiment with normal human astrocytes, an LG Verizon cell phone and MRET-Nylon chip. The experiment revealed that normal human astrocytes cell that were exposed to cell phone radiation at a room temperature without the MRET-Nylon chip decreased by 20% less .

Igor Smirnov is one of the author of this experiment and he stated on his article that “It is well documented that cell phones, which emit electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range, can cause DNA damage, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness,fatigue, short term memory loss, neuralgias, tumors, sleep disturbances, aberrant brain wave activity and changes to cerebral blood flow, including altering the permeability of the blood brain barrier” (Smirnov, 2009). Smirnov statement and finding about the emission of electromagnetic wave from cell phones gives a lot to think.

Even-tough it’s a small amount of radiation that is being emitted from cell-phones, because they are held very close to the head at the end of a long term usage the risk of brain cancer and others health problems will most likely increase because radiation is in direct contact with the tissue of the head. Mobile phones are often prohibited in hospitals and on airplanes, as the radio-frequency signals may interfere with certain electro-medical devices and navigation systems.

Being that the case it’s clears that the low electromagnetic frequency emitted from cell phones devices can cause environmental and biological damage. One thing that can be done to minimized or slow the effect of electromagnetic radiation to our head is by using headsets devises, and text more intend of talking. Based on a study “Mobile Alert” done by the International Agency for research of cancer there is not a shred of evidence that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones causes harm.

Walsh stated that “Cell-phone radiation is non-ionizing and thus considered too weak to cause cancer compare to (Walsh,2011). At the end of this study they had to dismissed links between cancer and cell phones radiation because they concluded that cell-phones send signals that are very weak and similar to microwaves energy. The radiation produced by cellphones cannot directly damage DNA and is different from stronger types of radiation like X-rays or ultraviolet light. At very high levels, radio frequency waves from cellphones can heat up body tissue, but that is not believed to damage human cells.

According a study done (Cell Phone Use-Is it Safe) by Dr. Devra Lee “cell phones radiation can damage DNA, produce reactive oxygen species, weaken the blood-brain barrier and increase the risk of cancer” (Lee 2). These studies are based on experimental evidence in cell cultures of animals and humans. The studies show that the risk of brain cancer increases with cell phone usage. Different organization are being set up by Dr. Lee all around the world to promote the sensible policy of precaution when it comes to cell phones use. Dr.

Lee describes cell phones as a two way microwave radio, and the industry has used the term to describe what comes out of the cell phones as radio-frequency which is just another word for microwave radiation. In the same article Dr. Devra stated that “they have found that sperm exposure to cell phone radiation may lead to a significant decrease in sperm morphology, motility and viability” this is a big deal because a healthy men need about half a billion sperm at one time to make sure that the healthiest sperm fertilize the egg.

If a men’s sperm count is reduced or quality of sperm is compromised, them the chances thatch will have less healthy sperm increased. This is a good example to clarify why is so important to used shielding during x-ray exams for each individual patient in child bearing age. Throughout my research I have concluded that cell phones do transmit a certain amount of radiation, but it is at a level so low that it can not harm the human body, such as household microwaves. Although most results in some of the study were inconclusive. This is scary because I myself use my phone frequently run the risk of getting cancer.

People should be very concerned because using a phone has become a way of life that may lead to cancer. I know that once cancer is detected it’s a painful process and the chances of surviving are small in many of the cases and treatment takes a lot out of the patient. I believe that we have to try to limit the usage of cell phones to decrease the chances of getting cancer. Close attention must be pay to children because they have a greater sensitivity to cell-phone radiation. I believe that young children are more vulnerable because their brains are still developing.

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