CE337 I have conducted technical training sessions to my team in Essay

CE3.3.7 I have conducted technical training sessions to my team in India by video conference through presentations and explained in detail the method applicable to perform the pipe support analysis and design. In the technical training session, I explained about automated template which I have prepared, this has ensured the confidence in team in India to submit deliverables in time. In the initial stage of project, especially for first quarter, the team in India was unable to meet the deadlines in the project.

It is found the defects are higher though the escapes are negligible. The documents submitted to client after completing the second level checking i.e by me. A mistake reached to client considered to be an escalation and it wasinformed to my Project Manager. Hence, I started double checking the documents, and I make sure that there won’t be any escalations in further calculation reports. The client team was very happy with my communication with Indian team and the output towards calculation report, but the mistakes made by Indian team put a lot of pressure on me.

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CE337 I have conducted technical training sessions to my team in Essay
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Then I realized I should think about defects and escapes. The same I have discussed with quality team in India, and decided to conduct Root Cause Analysis. A brain storm session was conducted for the team in India based on the earlier record of defects and escapes. Through root cause analysis, it is found and circulated a checklist in which each engineer has to self-check their document before giving it for verifier. Similarly, the verifier should ensure the comments given by him are incorporated. This checklist was prepared by me based on earlier mistakes and forwarded to team for use. After implementation of Root Cause Analysis, the quality of documents has increased. By the end of second quarter, the desired quality of defects less than 5 and 0 escapes was achieved. I had requested a quarterly feedback from client about projectfor which we received 7 on a scale of 8. If the client response is 7, it says GOOD and the Project Manager have awarded a Team Lunch to celebrate the achievement.

CE3.3.8 At the beginning of third quarter, wereceived a request from client, to complete a total of 2000 pipe supports in Auxiliary Building by the end of third quarter. At the end of first and second quarter we could able to complete 800 supports, to finish other 1200 supports in third quarter is moretedious job. I have conducted a meeting with India team and informed about the client requirement. The Project Manager asked to me to propose a plan to achieve the target and plan accordingly. As we have time constraint in completing the supports, I have come up with a suitable solution with the following plan.As the analysis and design calculations are automated through spread sheets, now the time consuming activity is only on preparation of calculation report document. I have prepared a standard calculation report in word format based on type of support like cantilever, double cantilever, strut, snubber, Box support etc. By giving minimum input like type of support, material grade, support attachment details, we can generate the calculation report with minimum man hours. This update is not enough for the team to reach their goal i.e completing 1200 supports by end of 3rd quarter. As the number of supports are more, I proposed an idea to client, to envelope the supports based on type of support, load criteria and support configuration. This idea got approved by client manager by which further more the man hours reduced. After receiving the approval from client, I requested my Project Manager to add 6 more associates in the project. With the automation of calculation report and increase in team, a lot of effort kept on deliverables to meet client desired output in stipulated time. By the end of third quarter, the client satisfied with the work given by Cyient team and increased the scope of work by adding 1000 more supports along with deadlines.

CE3.3.9 There are few supports which are connected to embedment plate or overlay plate. These plates were directly fixed to concrete structures. In the fourth quarter, the qualification of these plates was included in the scope. The anchorage devise embedded in the concrete at the time of concrete placing or installed in concrete after the concrete has hardened, where the anchorage devices are essential to ensure the structural integrity of the building or parts of the building. In the qualification of embedment plate, the concrete strength is calculated as per ACI-318 Building Code Requirement. By the end of fourth quarter, the given HVAC, Cable tray and Conduit supports qualified and the project is successfully completed. My Project Manager appreciate me and my team for our hard work. After submitting the deliverables to client, I was transferred back to Cyient India office.

D) Summary:

As a project coordinator at client location, where I had been involved from start to end of the project to meet requirements of the client. Proper planning and automation tools played a major role in accomplishing the project as per schedule. I was grateful for my project manager to provide such an opportunity where I had improved my communication levels in working along with clients. The quality of deliverables is achieved by following quality procedures and applying suitable measures for defects and escapes which are found through root cause analysis.

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