Domestic Tourism Essay

Whether it is to rest, discover new things, meet others or to have a unique experience, everyone has a right to tourism; in short, there are not, there should not be, and there cannot be two categories of human beings, those who can be tourists and those who can only receive them. These two activities […]

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A Pestle Analysis of Tourism Industry Essay

Using the PESTEL framework, identify and discuss the key factors in the macro environment that influence the tourism industry. Political: A large influence on the tourism industry can be the stability of government. If the government in unstable it can be viewed as dangerous and unpleasant to visit. This can have a huge impact on […]

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Tourism Has Increased Quickly Since 1950 Essay

There are a variety of reasons for the increase in tourism levels. First and foremost, things have changed over time, socially and economically. In the 1950’s, very few families had a car, now almost every family have at least one car, if not multiple vehicles. This means that people can drive to airports, to ferry […]

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Theme Parks Essay

Domestic an International Tourism Economy, 303 Mihai Bravu Street, bl 18 A, sc B, ap 54, sector3, Bucharest, Email: [email protected] com, Phone 0744. 671. 291 Strutzen Gina 14 Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, Voluntari, Ilfov, Email: [email protected] com, Phone: 0723. 212. 300, Romanian American Univerity, Faculty of Domestic an International Tourism Economy Theme parks are star […]

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Tourism as My Career Choice Essay

The tourism industry is a wide sphere of service. Every year millions of people address the travel agencies asking for help choose place to spend their vacations. Working in this industry enables you to discover the world, to meet new people and to see new places. It’s a wonderful opportunity to open up the world […]

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Forecasting techniques in tourism demand Essay

This summary is focused on showing the forecasting techniques used to determine the likely demand in tourism and argues that given the importance of the tourism sector to the economy of any tourist country, accurate forecasts of tourist arrivals are of importance for planning by both the private and public sectors. First we should answer […]

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Tourism in Qatar Essay

Life in Qatar             As for those yuppies that wants to spend much of their night on the bars and restaurants of Qatar, there is a requirement in order for an individual can buy alcohol on various stores in Qatar. Qatar’s government only allows an individual to buy alcohol up to 10 percent of his […]

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Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest in Poland Essay

Poland is officially the Republic of Poland in Central Europe. We will be briefly going through all the sights that attract tourists. The annual number of visitors to Poland has increased rapidly since 1990. In 2002 there were 14 million visitors in Poland. The major tourist attractions in Poland are the resorts along the Baltic […]

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Travel and Tourism component industries and their organisations Essay

Types of Tourism There are three types of tourism: domestic, outbound and inbound. Domestic tourism is when you travel within the country normally for a day trip; for example, someone traveling from London to Brighton for the day would be a domestic tourist. An outbound tourist is when someone travels outside the country. So someone […]

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