Neanderthal Evolution and Adaptation

Week Six Discussion Forum Choose three specific elements of Neanderthal culture, biology or technology and discuss why you believe they […]

Nov 25th, 2020


Sexual Selection

The discussion question : How do you see Sexual Selection playing out in Modern Humans? Where/how do you see the […]

Oct 29th, 2020


Evolutions in Transportation and Communication

Instructions: Read the following Discussion question carefully, then submit an original answer. Your answer should be at least a few […]

Oct 26th, 2020



In this activity, you will use what you’ve learned about evolution to either find an example of it happening in […]

Aug 27th, 2020



In California, Pacific Northern rattlesnakes prey on California ground squirrels. Their relationship is a great example of co-evolution. Read the […]

Aug 24th, 2020


Biological Evolution

The concept of biological evolution is considered both a scientific theory (which is different than a theory in the colloquial […]

Aug 20th, 2020


Evolution of the Hero

Write on one of the following topics: Topic 1: How do the roles of reason and belief change from ancient […]

Aug 11th, 2020


Anatomy of the Sacred

Create a brief outline of chapter 5 from our textbook, Anatomy of the Sacred, by James Livingston.  Cover the main ideas […]

Jul 6th, 2020


Forces of Evolution

There are four forces of evolution: gene flow, genetic drift, natural selection, and mutation.Please discuss the possible ways in which […]

Jul 4th, 2020


Anthropological Relevance Essay

Geneticist is currently working on the human genomes to identify difference genes that are available for selection between the Africans, […]

Jan 27th, 2020

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