Environmental Science

A sizable amount of the nitrogen and phosphorus that enters the Chesapeake Bay originates from farms and other faraway sources, yet it is people living near the bay, such as oystermen and crabbers, who bear many of the negative impacts. Who do you believe should be responsible for addressing the problems posed by nutrient pollution? […]

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Anthropological Relevance Essay

Geneticist is currently working on the human genomes to identify difference genes that are available for selection between the Africans, the Asians and the European. Buoyed by the recent evolution evidence in China and Tibet, the article explains that populations living in Africa where life is believed to have been seeded have fewer genes up […]

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Anthropology and Its Branches Essay

Anthropology is the study of human beings, in particular the study of their physical character, evolutionary history, racial classification, historical and present-day geographic distribution, group relationships, and cultural history. Anthropology can be characterized as the naturalistic description and interpretation of the diverse peoples of the world. Modern-day anthropology consists of two major divisions: cultural anthropology, […]

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