Types of Biological Threats

Analyze Figure 1 in the discussion menu (Assignment 3) and/or below and consider the following points outside of the classroom […]

Oct 27th, 2020


Retroviral Integration

1. Give a basic description of the process. Please include at least one figure/diagram/flowchart of your own design. 2. What […]

Oct 24th, 2020


Texas Air Quality

YI – Texas has still not met the EPA’s 1997 standards for criteria air pollutants. Here is an article talking […]

Oct 22nd, 2020


Advanced Industrial Hygiene

Part I: There may be times when an industrial hygienist is asked by an employer to alter results so that […]

Oct 22nd, 2020


Pollution Prevention

Develop an essay that evaluates the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 that focuses on the barriers to effective implementation of […]

Oct 22nd, 2020


The Planets

List the four terrestrial planets and a unique characteristic about each. List the four Jovian planets and a unique characteristic […]

Oct 19th, 2020


Climograph for Thousand Oaks

For this assignment you are to create a climograph for Thousand Oaks, CA. I want you to draw one out […]

Oct 16th, 2020


Environmental Policies

Instructions Part 1: Define NEPA. Now describe whether or not it constitutes a special case or is it just another […]

Oct 14th, 2020


Temporal Expanse

We covered a wide geographic and temporal expanse this week. If you could choose any of these times/places to live […]

Oct 5th, 2020


Bio Informatics

1. Locate the RefSeq record for SARS-Cov-2 A. Locate the sequence of the spike protein ā€œSā€ in the record. What […]

Sep 8th, 2020

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