Digital Signatures

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of digital signatures. APA formatting is a must with a minimum of 350 words. You […]

Nov 25th, 2020


Digital Project

Submit your final project topic here. Include a short paragraph describing your project and how you intend to research it. […]

Nov 5th, 2020


Police Technology

Write a 500 word APA- styled paper that discusses how current technology is used by law enforcement in carrying out […]

Oct 16th, 2020


Digital Forensics

Go online and research some tools that would be valuable in collecting both live memory images and images of various […]

Oct 13th, 2020


Software Engineering Tools

Topic: Software engineering tools for soft computing: MATLAB, R Tool and DTREG. Comparison should focus on how they are able […]

Oct 12th, 2020


Master Data Collections

To explore what may be the future of how data are gathered to examine political and social phenomenon: Big Data. […]

Oct 9th, 2020


The Proliferation Of Mobile Devices

How has the proliferation of mobile devices affected IT professionals? Length: 300 to 500 words; APA style; include at least […]

Sep 30th, 2020


Advantages of Computer Science

Discuss in 500 words or more the differences between and advantages of MAC, DAC, and RBAC.  For more Information on […]

Sep 22nd, 2020


Types of Digital Technology

Consider the types of digital technology advances that exist and how they might have gone awry. In 300 – 450 […]

Sep 21st, 2020


Technology Vulnerabilities in the Cloud.

  Propose and defend a topic for your final project. Write 500 words or more explaining why this topic is […]

Sep 19th, 2020

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