New Century Financial Corporation Essay

Summary: the mortgage mess happened in 2008 when there was a decreased homing price. However, their mortgage payment by homeowners were soon greater than the price of house. As a result, they forced the repurchase policy of many mortgage agreements, and let the subprime lenders to take over their houses. Subprime lender like New Century […]

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Sealed Air Corp Essay

The following report outlines the basics of a leveraged recapitalization, the benefits and consequences of a leveraged recapitalization, and ultimately Gator Consulting’s recommendations for when and how to use leveraged recapitalization. Much of this discussion is explained by citing a case study involving Sealed Air Corporation as a way to demonstrate a specific positive instance […]

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American Chemical Corporation Essay

Statement of the problem In October of 1979, the American Chemical Corporation (ACC) began looking for a buyer for the Collinsville, Alabama plant after successfully acquiring 91% of the shares of Universal Paper Corporation. Dixon Corporation, a specialist chemical company with customers primarily in the paper and pulp industry agreed to the possibility of purchasing […]

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Corporate Philanthropy Essay

Introduction In an increasingly competitive global environment, businesses are challenged with demands for profitability and responsibility. To create value for all stakeholders, corporate leaders meet these demands with integrated strategic philanthropic programs. More and more companies encourage and embrace greater collaboration and cooperation between corporations and communities. I. The competitive advantage of corporate philanthropy In […]

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American Barrick Resources Corporation Case Essay

a. Explain the value chain for gold mining firms (how can a mine create a competitive advantage relative to its rivals). What are the factors that may explain exceptional performance of ABX relative to the other gold mines? To create a competitive advantage, a mine has to properly manage its exposure to gold price fluctuations. […]

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Global Financial Corporation Essay

Global Financial Corporation (GF) a subsidiary of Global Equipment Company (GEC) is tasked with handling financing for those customers who wish to purchase GEC heavy equipment. Currently GF only processes 51% of the leases within the “10 days or less” time frame, with some loans taking up above 41 days. Ms. Rodriguez, the Vice President […]

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Perpetual Inventory System Examples Essay

QUESTION 1. Alpha Corporation is a merchandising company that sells computer parts. Alpha Corporation uses a perpetual inventory system. The following transactions were completed by the company during June 2010: June 7 Purchased 25 Ergonomia monitors from Office Shop on account at a unit cost of $200. June 9 Sold 6 Ergonomia monitors to Computer […]

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Larry Ellison Essay

Lawrence Joseph “Larry“ Ellison is a co-finder of Oracle Corporation. It’s one of the world’s leading enterprise software company. As of 2012 he is considered one of the wealthiest men alive, with a net worth of $41 Billion. His Early Years Larry Ellison was born in Manhattan, New York City. His mother, Florence Spellman, was […]

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EEI Corporation (EEI) Essay

EEI Corporation (EEI) was incorporated on April 17, 1931 as a machinery and mills supply house for the mining industry. The Company eventually expanded into provisioning construction services and a broader range of industrial machinery and systems. EEI is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, a conglomerate with interests in banking, financial services […]

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