Phineas Gage Essay

Phineas Gage is one of the earliest documented cases of severe brain injury. He is the index case of an individual who suffered major personality changes after brain trauma, which makes him a legend in the annals of neurology. Gage worked as a foreman on a crew that did railroad construction and was excavating rocks […]

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Visual Deception Essay

Visual phenomena or what we normally call as ‘Optical Illusion’ involves visual deception. A wide range of optical illusions happen in our day to day lives, like seeing a rainbow after a rainy day or even while staring at clouds; In this phenomenon, the human brain tends to develop different pictures to interpret the shape, […]

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Knowledge & Understanding questions Essay

1.1 Describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome ANSWER Neurodegenerative diseases is a common cause of dementia which mean that the brain cells known at the neurons either are degenerating therefore the neuron die off quicker which will lead to a more decline in the person mental health such as memory, language and sometimes […]

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Feed by M.T. Anderson Summary/Overview Essay

Summary Paragraph In Feed by M.T. Anderson, Titus is a teenager with a feed. A feed is a computer implanted in the brain which is used similarly to a smartphone. The story takes place in the United States as well as the Moon, roughly one hundred years in the future. Titus and his friends receive […]

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