Applied ethics

Thoughts about the current approaches to disease prevention and control

What are your thoughts about the current approaches to disease prevention and control? In what ways do you think they support the nation’s public health agenda?

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Factors that play a major role in preventing or delaying the onset of chronic diseases in the elderly

The U.S. population is growing older and the number of elders in America has increased significantly. ORDER   NOW There is no question that health behaviors and social factors play important roles in helping elders maintain health later in life. Discuss 2 factors that play a major role in preventing or delaying the onset of chronic diseases […]

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Listing specific tunes and recordings believed playing best.

Spend some time listening to a few of the great tenor saxophone players mentioned in chapter 7 (such as Sunny Rollins, John Coltrane, or Dexter Gordon, to name a few). ORDER   NOW Who is your favorite and why? Try to frame your answer using what you have learned in this class thus far. Speak to […]

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Annotated bibliography

Utilize the Hunt Library research databases (Links to an external site.) or any comparable research database; select two source documents related to any of the topic options listed below, and write an annotated bibliography for each source document. ORDER NOW The two documents do not need to be related to the same topic option. Read each document thoroughly and identify […]

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Data visualizations

Chapter 1 of your textbook explains that data visualizations have very few universal rules. ORDER  NOW However, three key principles are discussed. Please explain each of the three principles in your own words. Then select one of the principles and provide some practical suggestions for complying with your selected principle.

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Applied Ethics Essay

A False promise means “a promise that is made with no intention of carrying it out and esp. that is made with intent to deceive or defraud”. Nowadays, making false promises has become ubiquitous in our daily life. Is it a right action or not? Based on Kantian ethic and Utilitarianism, there are different views […]

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