Case#286399200 – Management Essay


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Personal statement – management

1. What is your mission in life? If you do not have a mission, how might you be able to develop one?

My goal in life is to finish my Associate’s Degree and to continue to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and eventually a Master’s degree. The main mission in my life is to teach my children that everything is possible and how to become a better man. I was able to develop this mission through hard work and dedication.

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Case#286399200 – Management Essay
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It is my duty in life to show my children that they can also follow their dreams and that they will be able to achieve anything they set their minds to. I am pursuing my university education and that is very important for me in order to become an educated individual.

2. With so much of most tasks being computerized, why bother studying about improving personal productivity?

Most tasks are being computerized, but it is still essential for people to work on improving their personal productivity.

Each worker needs to know their job well. In order to achieve this they have to know even the computerized tasks. These tasks were not always computerized and sometimes it is even faster for a human being to do a job instead of relying on a machine. Additionally, humans are more productive when they know all parts of their job because it makes them feel confident. Computerization has been beneficial, but human factor will always be dominant and irreplaceable. 3. How can a person determine if answering e-mail is an important part of the job, or a productivity drain?

Answering e-mail is usually an important part of the job because it consists of direct communication with coworkers and clients. It is a matter of respect and it makes the other side feel respected and listened to. Everybody wants to be taken seriously, and in business, people do not send random e-mails for the sake of communication only. On the other hand, there are cases where answering e-mails can be a productivity drain, if these e-mails are not closely connected to the job that one is working on. However, as work is becoming remote and conducted internationally, many companies rely on e-mail as a way of communication. Managers can receive hundreds of e-mails daily at times and it is best if they address them accordingly. They can also delegate part of their work to their assistants.4. Why are good work habits and time management so effective in reducing job stress?

Job stress can be unpredictable, but mostly, it happens when one does not have good work habits and poor management. Managers have to stick to their routines and to manage their time well in order to be productive. Good work habits consist of dedicating time to different aspects of work. Time management is the key to success because there are always due dates for projects. Work habits matter and it is also related to self-discipline. Each manager has to determine how they work best and stick to that routine and be disciplined. Job stress can lead to a burnout and it is bad for everybody. One has to find a work-life balance and take vacations regularly. Too much work can be stressful and can lead to psychological issues. Therefore, it is best for each manager to make a routine and stick to it because good habits lead to a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

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