1. What are three strategies (alternatives) for Randolph Mining? List and describe the alternatives.
  2. What is the Value proposition of this project?
  3. Who are your key partners in this project?
  4. Should you lease or build the dock and why/Why not?
  5. What is the NPV of this project? Please provide worksheet support and an outline of the assumptions for you analysis?
  6. What is your implementation plan for this project?
  7. What is your timeline for this project?
  8. What is your estimated total cost of the project?
  9. Perform one qualitative analysis on the project?
  10. What are the greatest risks associated with this project?
  11. What should your pricing strategy be?
  12. How does concerns over global warming affect your decision?
  13. Do you think currency risk is a major concern?
  14. What would be a contingency plan if you decide not to do this project?


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