Carl Sandburg

this is my English grade 11 University ISU. I need to do well on this, please read through the instructions carefully. please email me if you have any questions. My essay is on Carl sandburg, he is an American poet.

analyze three poems, develop one common theme and analyze the use of three common poems, according to the following steps:
1: the focus of your essay is critical analysis of the poems. you must do active readings for all of your poems to become better acquainted with them.
2:note any poetic devices used. any similarities/differences.?
3:Look at each poems structure. Any similarities/differences?
4:determine the poet’s message (preliminary, it may change) by looking at your evidence and making connections between/among the poems.
5: are there any connections, similarities, same poetic techniques or devices used among the poems. perhaps the poet uses different techniques to achieve the same effects?
6: what might be significant about the poetic techniques to achieve the same effects.
7:do any of these techniques/ structures relate to meaning in the poems.
8:Now, with all your active readings and notes, you are ready to write a preliminary thesis and your essay outline.
9: then you will research in the stacks and online to find out background information on your poet. do not spend too much time on this. there should be lots of this kind of info and it should be easy to get. you should really focus on finding a literary critic. this is a person who has some kind of credentials( like a university professor) who spends his/her life researching and writing essays about your poet. you want to find one pithy statement that corroborates your own opinions and insert this into your essay.

Length: 1000-1500 words excluding quotations- no more, no less. approximately four pages, double spaced, 12 font, formal language, works cited page. Minimum 6 quotes

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