Canada is a first world country that welcomes immigration with a very Essay

Canada is a first world country that welcomes immigration, with a very strong social system and good economic opportunities, including universal healthcare good by most international standards. In this short essay, I, Qais Nazari will talk about how I immigrated to Canada and how it changed me, and my family’s life.

I was about five months old when my family had to leave our country, Afghanistan and immigrated to Pakistan, which is the neighboring country of Afghanistan. Also, where I lived for over fifteen years.

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Canada is a first world country that welcomes immigration with a very Essay
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In the late 1990s, when terrorists and Taliban attacked most places in Afghanistan, my family had no options but to leave the country to save our lives. My mother lost her mother in those attacks and, an older sister of mine, whom I have never seen as far I remember. Moving to Pakistan, my parents had to learn the new language to find a job. Despite they did not go to school while they were young.

My father was a carpet maker also, he was a cook for hire. My mother had a hair salon near my primary school, sometimes when my father wasn’t able to come to pick me after school, the security guard of my school would drop me to my mother’s salon, and I remember she would get me food from a restaurant, which was next to my mother’s salon and sometimes she would practice doing man haircuts on me and my older brother.

After years of working in the salon and most of the time inhaling hair chemicals and bleach, in the year 2008, my mother had gotten a throat infection, she was in bad condition. Later that year, the restaurant next door had a fire accident and with that fire, my mother’s salon burned down, there wasn’t any insurance. My mother wanted to renovate the place, but my father didn’t let her, for her health’s sake.

Life was tough and just my father working was not going well. I was about thirteen years old and my brother, two years older than me, we also had to work at an early age. My aunt was a supervisor in some big restaurant where she got me and my brother a job. During the day we went to school and during the night I was working in the restaurant as a dishwasher and my brother was a storekeeper. I was not good in school, but I was a hard worker. Usually, I was working more hours than my brother, but that didn’t go far. I got malaria and after that; I was in and out of school, only my last year of high school was left when I dropped out. I worked full time as a waiter and my brother was going to college while working part-time.

It was around 2010 when my father mentioned that his older sister, who lives in Canada, was going to sponsorship us. In the next couple of years, we got accepted to immigrate to Canada and I still remember my parents were excited about it. I didn’t know much about Canada, about how living there will be, and how it might change us and our living.

At the end of 2012 we immigrated to Canada, when we got to the airport, I saw many relatives whom I have only seen in the photos and I don’t recognize most. Back then, I couldn’t see the difference in our life from Pakistan to here, Canada but now I see that. Canada changed our lives. It gave us the freedom, free education, and the support one needs. Canada has a strong legal system and a lot of respect for the law. It is the second largest country in the world which has many cultures you can literally pick which suits your needs the best.

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