Campaign Critique

1. Pick a company or product that has been advertised very heavily here in Singapore

2. Provide a detailed background brief

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Campaign Critique
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– what is the product or service?

– what is the customer need it fulfills?

– a description of the customers it serves

3. include what you believe the communication objectives to be based on your assessment of the campaign

4. Summarise the media being used as part of the campaign

– include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the media

– critically present the ads (youtube URLS, other URLs, screen shots, photos,

verbatim descriptions of radio ads etc)

– describe what these ads have achieved

5. Write a conclusion with recommendations on how to address the weaknesses or capitalise on the existing strength of the media


6. Follow exactly the format from the sample “BUS302 IMC_Campaign Critique__sample.docx” given

7. Do about a local Singapore company that have been heavily advertised

8. Doing about “NTUC Fairprice” company

9. Country – Singapore

10. About Campaign Launch by the company or Product Launch by the company

11. Follow what is require on the “Campaign Guideline.png” file

12. Point 1- 5 above is exactly what is require in the “Campaign Guideline.png” file

13. Screenshot of the campaign, ads to be placed after the references

14. Word Count no limit but to follow the sample

15. Only Use journal articles from “Journal Article.txt” file

16. References in Chicago format refer to “referencing format.jpg” file

17. Have clear in-text citation format refer to “referencing format.jpg” file

18. In-text citation follow “referencing format.jpg” file be in (author, year, page)

19. Follow “Campaign marking guide.png” for the marking rubrics

20. To Have the header and sub-header

21. Take note of the language use

22. Urkund Score cannot exceed 10%

23. Check through the whole document once done to make sure all the point is cover as per mention

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