Saturday the 30th of March.

“Now its Edge! He’s on top of the ladder! He’s going to retain his World heavyweight championship!” said Jerry Lawler.

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“Punk! Punk! It’s Cj Punk! Punk’s in the ring! Where did he come from?” said Michael Cole.

“He has pushed Edge off the ladder, onto the ringside table!! He’s on top of the ladder now!!!” said JR.

“Oh my God! Punk’s the new champion! Punk’s the new champion!! Said Michael Cole.


Transfixed and worried but at the same time happy about the dream I had just experienced, I got up hurriedly, and ran over to my mother’s bedroom to listen to what good or bad news she was about to tell me.

“Good morning Mum, what did I do wrong this time?” I said jokingly.

“No, no, you didn’t do anything, come sit down” said Mum. I sat down next to her, wondering why she was so excited this early in the morning.

“Guess what! I just bought tickets to go to Wrestlemania 30! We will be travelling to New Orleans tomorrow by flight to watch the entire pay – per – view!”

It took me five minutes to realise what she had just said. My own mother, who doesn’t care about anything to do with wrestling, is the same person who has just bought tickets to go to the biggest pay – per – view in the wwe. My heart was racing with joy and I had never felt so much happiness in my life. I quickly jumped on top of her and I thanked her for everything she has done for me in my life – That is how happy I was!

It took us fifteen hours to reach Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport in New Orleans, Louisiana but it felt like a couple of hours because of my excitement.

Our chauffeur drove us to a local hotel, about three kilometres from the airport. We had just finishing getting dressed up after we both took a shower in our rooms, when suddenly my mother received a strange call…

“Who could this be?” said Mum.

“I don’t even know to be honest” I said.

“Good evening. This is the Greenwood hotel tour service for foreigners. We are offering to take you on a tour over our lovely city New Orleans. If you accept this offer, a taxi is waiting for you downstairs and your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the lobby. Thank you!”

I was so excited, I came to watch Wrestlemania but before that, I have the opportunity to go on a road trip that wasn’t even planned. Awesome!

New Orleans is a city filled with a lot of friendly people. The jazz music that is played is just fantastic. Wait, Fantastic? That’s not even enough. The music here is just on a whole other level. I was shocked to see tens of thousands of people crowd up on streets just playing jazz music. I thought to myself “Do these people really even have jobs to go to?”

Days passed and finally April 6th, the day of Wrestlemania came. We got ourselves ready, and our chauffeur drove us the Mercedes Benz Super drome. When we arrived there, we found a lot of people, coming from all around the world, to see Wrestlemania.

Entering the Arena, there were a quite a number of people going to get autographs from different wrestlers. I was going to go to Randy Orton’s table to get his autograph when all of sudden, I hear a voice from behind me saying…

“Kenya, the two of you look like you’ve come from Kenya.”

Turning back to look at who it was, I was so happy and also stunned. It was my favorite wrestler Daniel Bryan!! I had no words stored in my mouth to say to him. I thought of what to tell him and I said…

“Good luck Daniel Bryan, I hope you beat Triple H and qualify to beat Randy later on tonight for his championship!!”

“Thank you.” He said.

We looked at each other for a bit but then I stood next to him and mum took a picture of the two of us. I wanted him to signed my poster that I brought with me, but he had walked away and he was signing other autographs.

“You’ll probably as famous as him one day.” Said Mum.

The arena was packed with Hundreds of thousands of people. Pitbull kicked of the show with a performance of one of his songs “Greenlight”. The first match was for the diva’s championship between Aj Lee and Naomi, where Aj retained her championship. The next match was Daniel Bryan vs Triple H. Daniel Bryan won the match with a running knee onto Triple H and he qualified for the main event of the Wwe championship against Randy Orton and Batista. My heart was filled with excitement because Daniel might become the new Champion!!

Then came the match that everyone was waiting for – Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar’s theme song hits and he walked out onto the stage together with his “advocate” Paul Heyman. On Television, he looks like a big guy, but live, he looks like a gigantic baboon. With a beanie on his head, he walked down to the ring waiting to conquer his enemy.

The Undertaker’s gothic theme song plays, and the dead man, slowly and steadily, walks down to the ring to send this giant of a man to hell.

The announcer Lillian Garcia steps into the ring and introduces the Undertaker. Paul Heyman waits for her to finish before he can introduce his “client”. The referee asks the two of them if they are both ready and finally starts the match.

I expected the Undertaker to dominate most of this match but i was wrong. I had never seen fear in the Undertaker’s eyes like I had seen on that night. Brock Lesnar was beating him up ruthlessly, and all hope that I had was lost.

Brock picked up the Undertaker, The Undertaker reversed this and wanted to finish Brock Lesnar with his finisher – The Tombstone, but Brock picked him up again and countered with his own finisher called The F5. Brock went down for the pin. One! Two! Three!

Then silence.

The arena, that was filled with thousands of people, fell silent. The only sound produced, was from Paul Heyman screaming “Brock you did it!! Oh my God!! Brock you did it!!” and Brock Lesnar’s theme song playing in the background. Faces of shock, grief and sadness filled Mercedes Benz super drome arena that night.

I tried to hold tears from sliding down my cheeks that night. I looked up to the screens, and they were all showing 21 – 1. The Undertaker’s streak had been defeated.

The Undertaker walked out of the stage after being left alone in the ring. He was applauded by each and every single individual seated in that arena; including the commentators seated ringside. As he walked off the stage, i couldn’t help but put my face in my hands and just cry all of that sadness out. My mother sat right beside me and sat there trying to comfort me as if i was a little baby that needed pampering.

Later on, that night, Daniel Bryan, (as i had predicted), won the Wwe championship from Randy Orton. He gave a running knee to Batista, after Batista had taken out Randy with his finisher the Batista bomb, and won the match with his submission move – The Yes lock. The crowd went wild and the whole arena was filled with people chanting “Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!” which is a word that Daniel always uses when he wins a match or when he walks down to the ring.

But the thought of the Undertaker losing his winning streak at Wrestlemania was still stuck in my head. The sound of the three count was echoing all over my brain. How could it be? How could the Undertaker have lost to Brock Lesnar?

As we flew out of New Orleans, on our way back to Kenya, the thought was still stuck in my head. I wondered the fans on Monday night raw would react to this. I still could not believe that the Undertaker was defeated for the first time in his career at Wrestlemania.

I asked my mum on the next night before school “Mum, do we always have to be the best at what we do? Will a time come when every perfect and good thing that we’ve done in life come to nothing?”

She answered me with “Yes, there is a time when everything that we do will be worthless, but it all depends on God just as the Bible says: there is always a time for everything.”

I rolled over onto my “preferred side” of my bed, and fell asleep, and until this day, I still cannot believe that the streak was actually defeated.

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