Calculating the March Quarter GST amounts for each item

Using the first three months Profit and Loss spreadsheet provided, classify each item according to your best judgement of what the GST treatment is likely to be. The GST treatment options to choose from are a) to i) below.


  1. GST
  2. GST free purchases
  3. Capital purchase (GST Free)
  4. Capital purchase (Input Taxed)
  5. Capital purchase (Taxable)
  6. Input taxed supplies
  7. Non GST
  8. Exports
  9. Purchases for private use

Part B

Based on your GST classification of the items completed in b) above complete the following.

  1. Calculate the March Quarter GST amounts for each item


  2. Identify any private use items and adjustments
  3. Identify any adjustment amounts
  4. Complete the GST calculation worksheet supplied
  5. Complete the quarterly BAS supplied
  6. Submit the work a) to e) above to your supervisor for checking (for the purposes of this activity the teacher is the supervisor)
  7. Review any comments and corrections suggested by your supervisor and make the appropriate corrects to your work.
  8. Resubmit the corrected work to your supervisor.
  9. Once your work is approved by your supervisor arrange for the completed and signed BAS to be lodge with the ATO.
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