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Business PlanABU HELALAH RestaurantDate: 20/Dec/2018 Version 1.01.1. Objectives 21.2. Mission 21.3. Keys to Success 32. Company Summary 32.1. Products 32.2. Product Description 42.3. Sourcing 43. Market Analysis Summary 43.1. Target Market Segment Strategy (Customers) 53.2. Main Competitors 53.3. Sales Strategy 63.4. Sales Forecast 74. Marketing plan 84.1. Marketing Strategy 84.2. Sales Programs 84.3. Positioning Statement 84.4. Pricing Strategy 94.5. Design and development plans 95. Operation Plan 105.1. Geographical Location 105.2. Strategy 105.3. Managerial team and staff 115.4. Salaries 116. Calendar 127. Risks and critical problems 128. Financial plan 138.1. Cash flow Forecast 138.2. Break Even Analysis 148.3. Balance Sheet 159. Proposal to investors 169.1. Cash Flow Forecast 169.2. Balance sheet 17Executive summaryABU HELALAH is a restaurant and cafe supposed to locate in Barcelona.

The restaurant contains a full menu of sparingly priced food affected by Middle East cooking traditions. The cafe part of ABU HELALAH contains a coffeehouse with a dessert bar and space for live artistContaining in this plan chapters on the following segments: Products and services Market focus Action plans and forecasts Management team Financial plan.1.1. Objectivesј Sales approaching and exceeding ‚512.382 by the end of the first year. ј By the second year, the targeting and preserving net profit should be 8%.

ј By the end of fourth month of operation, the monthly sales supposed to reach ‚46.273.ј By the end of the first year of operation, the monthly sales supposed to reach ‚62.954.1.2. MissionI have built ABU HELALAH’s concept onto the successful experiences of the casual dining and coffeehouse venues. In time, ABU HELALAH will show itself as a destination of nominee to the many occupants of Catalonia, and considerably out of Catalonia region visitors. The patrons not only will dine on food based onto time esteemed recipes from the Middle East, they will able to have the selection of revealing coffee, desserts, live entertainment, cards game and smoking Hookah in a special room.1.3. Keys to SuccessBelow are keys that must follow to make a success for this business:ј Product quality: Our products are food, coffee-based drinks, and entertainment. They have to be high quality.ј Service: the fun times, that is motivate our sponsors to pay. Their experience will affect negatively if service wasn’t highest caliber. Each employee will be polite, functional, and attentive.ј Management: Strong Knowlagent on food and beverage costs that we really need to have. It should deliver the experience of dining in a style that will not limited to repeating business, but foster word-of-mouth testimonial to others.2. Company SummaryABU HELALAH is about a bistro and coffeehouse and will locate in Barcelona. ABU HELALAH derives its name from the owner surname.2.1. ProductsABU HELALAH is a restaurant and coffeehouse place that sells sparingly priced food to an upscale casual dining market. The venue features all coffee types include Turkish-coffee and espresso-based drinks. Besides juices, and other beverages typically correlating with a coffee shop. A dessert bar will serve a range of freshly prepared Middle Eastern desserts. In the special smoking area room will serve hookah.Dinner offerings include both carry-out and dine in menu selections.2.2. Product DescriptionABU HELALAH’s menu will feature a selection of pan-ethnic dishes influenced by Middle East cooking traditions.Turkish coffee, Arabian coffee, popular hot drinks in the Middle East, espresso-based drinks, desserts and pastries, and light sandwiches will be obtainable in the cafe. Musical offerings will spread Oud and Arab traditional musical. The implementation space will also offer spacious occasion for space so the customers can share their activity.2.3. SourcingABU HELALAH will capture goods from a select group of Barcelona restaurant suppliers. It will also establish direct sales relationships with fresh produce at the market.3. Market Analysis Summaryј In 2018 revenue in the Food & Beverages segment amounts to ‚2,049m.ј By 2023 the revenue expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.0%, resulting in a market volume of ‚3,950m.ј In 2018 user penetration is 14.7% and by 2023 user penetration expected to hit 20.3%.ј The average revenue per user amounts to ‚300.93. 3.1. Target Market Segment Strategy (Customers)Our customers are supposed made up of singles between of 20 and 50 years, graduate and professional students and tourists.3.2. Main CompetitorsThere are a lot of competitors in Barcelona while these restaurants (Sabor Persa, Arabia Cafe-Restaurant, Rincon Persa, and Aladdin Restaurante) serve Middle Eastern food.Position Map 3.3. Sales StrategyOur sales strategy is to attract residents within a 3-mile radius of ABU HELALAH’s location intown Barcelona. We will depend onto keep these people joyful with our products and services.Moreover, targets the over 8.9 million visitors to Barcelona.3.4. Sales ForecastAt the end of the first year, the expecting increase sales to ‚512.382. While at the end of third year, we expecting increase sales to ‚553.372. The growth forecast is in line with the restaurants in the area and is tied to the projected increase in population.The following skitch provides us with expected sales month by month at the first year. 4. Marketing plan4.1. Marketing StrategyDelivery of a quality products is the most important thing in our strategy. Our products and services must sell themselves through word of mouth.We will use for marketing the social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…), TV advertising on dance-oriented music shows.Through incorporation relationships with the concierges of the local hotels by giving them 10% for each person, we will then attempt to create opportunities for visitors to the city to look forward to experiencing ABU HELALAH restaurant.4.2. Sales ProgramsSpecific Sales Programs:ј Special Events: Develop chances to sell to associations for private parties and special events.ј Artist Events: Develop opportunities to host or cater artist openings.4.3. Positioning StatementFor our most important target market, local residents who crave new and advanced dining or entertainment coffeehouse options, ABU HELALAH satisfies the need for a casual, all-in-one dining and entertainment experience. Unlike our key competition, ABU HELALAH is designed to handle this need from its inception, starting with the general structure of the facility. The general food programming, coupled with the entertainment programming, will offer the customer an experience unlike anything he or she has currently available.4.4. Pricing StrategyOur food, drinks, and entertainment options are priced to give us a charming edge while at the same time offering value to the consumer. Therein lies why the food, beverages, and entertainment programming will be comparatively elastic.Our prices will be relatively moderate. As it will be not expensive.4.5. Design and development plansThe table below provides important program milestones, with dates and budgets. The milestone table indicates our assurance on planning for implementation. 5. Operation Plan5.1. Geographical LocationWe are going to place the restaurant in La Rambla street in Barcelona where it’s a strategic location tourist 5.2. StrategyOperation strategy is to operate the restaurant in the new year day with a musician event.5.3. Managerial team and staff Managing Director and Restaurant OwnerEbrahim Abu Helalah Chef and his team1 Chef1 Assistants Other restaurant staff1 Accountant2 waiters5.4. Salaries Chefo 2.000‚/month Chef Assistantso 1.500‚/month Accountanto 2.000‚/month Waiterso 5‚/h6. Calendar 7. Risks and critical problemsThe risk is how to convince people around the restaurant to try out the food and introduce them to the restaurant’s program.The solution is to open the restaurant in the presence of a concert and 50% discounts on food in the first month of the operation.8. Financial plan8.1. Cash flow Forecast 8.2. Break Even Analysis 8.3. Balance Sheet 9. Proposal to investorsAs per shown in the previous cash flow forecast this project will face financial issues in the first fourth months. And we recommend to loan 12000 euros from the bank, the payment must be covered within six months starting in February9.1. Cash Flow Forecast 9.2. Balance sheet

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