Business issue with Verizon and Management Diversity

Student teams will apply relevant insights, concepts and techniques from this course to address a real world, current business issue. The quality and relevance of the paper should be appropriate for submission to the chosen organization’s CEO.

Start by reading current business news to identify a business that is getting substantive press coverage (i.e. a Fortune 500 about which in-depth articles have been published in the past 12 months). Make sure you are able to find enough detail about the business and its current challenges. You will be analyzing the business issues focusing specifically on how teams could be engaged (or more effectively engaged) to address the business issues.

Once the Research Paper Proposal is approved (to be submitted in Week 2), write a comprehensive summary of the key findings from the literature review.  Include at least 3 current articles on the business issue and at least 3 articles to supplement our course materials on how to optimize the use of teams in organizations. Discuss the application of those findings to the current business issues.

The submission should use APA format, be typed, double-spaced and contain 15-20 pages with the following sections:

  • Standard NSU Cover Page (1 page)
  • Title Page (1 page)
  • Executive Summary (1 page)
  • Table of Contents (1 page) – identify the team member who took the lead with each section of the paper.
  • Body of Paper (10-12 pages) containing appropriately labeled section headers:
    • Introduction
    • Business Scenario (citing at least 3 current articles addressing the specific business issues)
    • How teams are currently being used by the organization
    • What is working well with the current use of teams
    • What is not working well with the current use of teams
    • Recommendations for enhanced use of teams (provide realistic, actionable recommendations applying the chosen insights, concepts and techniques to the business scenario, and citing at least 3 relevant journal articles)
    • Conclusion
    • References (1 page) listing at least 3 current articles on the current business issues and at least 3 articles to supplement our course material on the use of teams.
    • Appendix containing appropriate charts, graphs or tables that support research findings (1-3 pages)

The recommendations must be written with enough detail so that they would be useful to the organization being analyzed.

All Team Members must participate in the research and in writing and editing the paper. One student from each team should submit the final paper on behalf of the team.

Each student will submit a one-page confidential “Contributions Summary” describing the quality of the contributions of each student on the team.



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