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This is the link to use for submitting your essay. Do not email your essay.


First, read the instructions below without accessing links or opening files. Make certain you understand the instructions for Part One.

1. Access the PowerPoint file through the link above. Within this file you will find instructions for preparing a formal critique of a visual artwork. Included in this file, at the end of the presentation, is a sample MLA page. Your work must be prepared in MLA format.
2. Once you have completed reading the information in The Critique Essay file, access the Modern Museum of Ft. Worth through this link which will open in a new window:


[If for some reason the above link does not activate, go to the menu tab labeled ‘External Links’. Once there, locate the Modern Museum of Ft. Worth.]

3. Once you are in the museum site, select ‘Collection’. This will transport you to the page entitled ‘Artist Index’.

4. Within the ‘Artist Index’, select the artist named Ron Mueck.

5. That link will take you to a visual of Mueck’s painting entitled “Untitled (Seated Woman).”

6. Using the tools provided in the Critique Essay file, prepare a formal critique of “Untitled (Seated Woman).” You will have the option of enlarging the image for your work.

7. Minimum page length: 3

REMINDER: Plagiarized essays will receive the grade of ZERO.

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