Brian woke up contemplating ideas for his video for the day he Essay

Brian woke up contemplating ideas for his video for the day, he couldn’t think of anything right away so he decided to ask his fans. He put up a post on Instagram asking what his viewers were dying to see. Waiting patiently, for people to comment, he continued to brainstorm. After a few hours, he jumped back on his social media and found the response to be massive! Having seen that most of the comments were saying “to play pokemon go,” Brian had found himself excited for the prospect of a new adventure because that was an easy video to make and at the time it was cloudy, his favorite type of weather, but it’d be kinda slow by himself so he thought of inviting his brother Brandon.

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Brian woke up contemplating ideas for his video for the day he Essay
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Brian had to get the video up that day, so he ran across the hall to Brandon’s room. “Brandon wanna do a pokemon go video with me?” Brian asked.

“Not today bro i’ve got basketball practice.

” Brandon said.

“C’mon what’s one day without basketball gonna do? I’ll even shout you out if it goes well.” Brian offered.

Brandon wanted to, but really couldn’t so he said “I’ll do the video tomorrow, I don’t have practice on Saturdays.”

While walking away Brian said “I need this video done today, but thanks for nothin brother.” sarcastically. Brian then thought to himself “oh shoot anthony will be down for anything.” So he then facetimed his younger cousin.

Anthony answered while in class. “Hey brian aka best youtuber aka favorite cousin!’ Anthony said excited to talk to him.

“Anthonyyy thanks bro, so I was wondering if you’d want to do a quick video on pokemon go with me.” Brian was sure that he’d say yes.

With no thought Anthony then said “ Yea yea hold up I gotta tell the teacher i’m leaving.”

Brian laughed and said “Alright just meet outside the school, i’ll be in my car.”

Then Brian drove off to pick him up. Anthony, excited to be in a video with his cousin a 100,000 sub count youtuber was already outside waiting to be picked up. Anthony had to leave his 2nd period class to make this video with Brian, but he didn’t care, he’d do anything for his older cousin. Anthony got in Brian’s car, a brand new 2018 range rover.

“Whats up cousin!” they both said. After greeting each other Brian picked up his camera and started his intro “What’s up guys Faze Rug here with another video, and today were here with my lovely cousin Anthony.

“Aka shermin the vermin” Anthony squeezed in.

“Today we’re going to be playing the game of the month pokemon go, but I’ve never played before so i’m just winging it.

Anthony interrupted Brian by saying “I’ve played before, I can show you.” “Oh and I heard that if you’re in a more naturalistic area you’ll find more pokemon.”

“Well alright then we can go umm-” Brian was saying.

“We can go to that forest that we went to as kids to camp!” Anthony interrupted excited to be there.

“Yea sure that’ll be fun to see again, it has been years.” said Brian. “Alright guys we’ll pick up the video when we get there.” Brian said to the camera.

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