Brand Management

Brand management is considered as the planning and analysis on how a certain brand will be perceived in the market. A good brand management requires that a good relationship with the target market is developed and maintained consistently to ensure that consumers do not forget the brand identity. There are tangible elements that are associated with brand management. These include the product, price, look and packaging.Brand management involves assembling different marketing mix medium to one common goal so as to develop an identity. It captures mind of the consumers together with their expectations, integrating that to a brand name. After the whole process, branding should give a clear image creating confidence in the product to the current and future clients.

Branding is the inclusion of qualities that consumers find attractive in a particular product, and which strongly influence their purchasing decisions. Branding can be attained through using the name of the company or as the case of Milo it can be achieved on individual basis. The name of a brand promises consumers certain benefits for instance, value for their money and quality, with the expectations being build over a span of years. The brand of a product is considered by the company as the most valuable intangible asset. In a situation where repeat purchase of a particular product becomes the key to profitability, the name of the brand hence becomes paramount to the success of that product………..

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