Posting Discussion Topic

Please go to the site

Once there go to the “Browse Decades” tab.

You will watch three videos from various decades.

The first video must be from either 1930, 1940 or 1950.

The second video must be from either 1960, 1970 or 1980

The third video must be from either 1990, 2000 or 2010

Do not choose obvious choices (like Les Miserable, Wicked or Phantom of the Opera)

Write a 300 word minimum post, in which you share your reaction to each individual recording, and then compare and contrast them against each other.

Possible INDIVIDUAL reactions might be:

I thought the acting in the piece was…

This recording is obviously a product of its decade because…

The main actor in the number was more interested in entertaining the audience rather than telling the story because…

The choregprahy was amazing because….

Possible COMPARISONS might include:

The number from 1970 was superior because…

Each number seemed a bit forced because…

I found myself drawn to the number from 1990 because…

You may of course respond with many opinions other than these. The possibilities are offered as mere suggestions.

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