Blue ocean strategy

Statement: The ‘quest for best’ is often facilitated by pursuing a blue ocean strategy, thus at some point in their past most successful organisations have utilised a version of Blue Ocean Strategy.
Task: In light of this your task is to write a 3000 word magazine style article that explains how an organisation you have selected has utilised some of the many marketing concepts* outlined in this unit to become successful. [*Blue Ocean Strategy must be one of the concepts included].
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your learning of marketing using an organisation as an example. Although students must refer to the available information, students are advised to remain focussed on demonstrating their marketing knowledge through the unit language and concepts [and not be overwhelmed by the information]. How the business example relates to the unit concept and vice versa is what should be made clear and emphasised.
The target audience for your article is small to medium businesses. The writing style should appeal to the target audience and be succinct and to the point. The style and the design of the article should be similar to those found in business magazines [e.g., BRW, Harvard Business Review….

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