Top 50 social media research topics for students

Top 50 social media research topics for students

Have you ever had any assignments on social media? If no, be ready to write one before finishing college. Many students get confused when selecting good topics for these types of papers. This article has provided the top 50 social media research topics for students.

Social media research papers are becoming common for colleges and universities assignments. Advancement in technology has made these assignments unavoidable. Issues and trends emerging on social media have also contributed to the availability of social media research papers.

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Top 50 social media research topics for students
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If you have a social media research paper and have no idea where to start, this article is for you. It has provided topics, outline, structure and other social media research paper ideas.

Constituents of social media

Social media is a mixture of web-based applications. The applications are developed, maintained and operated by online organizations. People can communicate, share ideas and express themselves on the platforms.

People use texts, comments, videos, photos among other ways to communicate. Social networks can be created on social media then be connected to different people using social media profiles.

Social media is different from traditional media because it offers space for improved and constructive discussions to users. This was not present in older media forms of communication.

With the influence of social media in the current generation, related topics have become popular in research paper writing.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is a document that students must submit before completing their degree, master or PhD programs. It involves a detailed study showing a student’s knowledge of the chosen topic. It also involves findings, conclusions and recommendations for further studies on the topic.

Research papers can be of different forms. This includes;

Research papers vary in size depending on their complexity, research level, university and program of study. Research topics are chosen every year. To choose a unique social media research topic, you need to conduct a detailed study.

Here is a list of the most trending and interesting topics for social media research papers. You can choose one that interests you from the list.

Top 50 social media research topics

Social media research topics on Facebook

  1. Should there be an age limit for joining Facebook?
  2. As a company, does Facebook invade the privacy of its users?
  3. Means of crowdsourcing people for a common goal on Facebook
  4. Explain why Facebook remains a giant 21st-century social media platform
  5. What are the techniques and strategies to curb conning and theft on Facebook?

Social media research topics for high school

  1. How can social media be used as a tool for practical learning in schools?
  2. Should the government be in control of social media posts?
  3. How did former president Triumph utilize social media to garner votes?
  4. Has social media made the world a global village or not?
  5. Explain how social media has contributed to families falling apart

Social media research topics for college

  1. Explain social media technological advances
  2. Why do you think social media limiting the number of words per post?
  3. Explain how social media has led to people living fake lives
  4. Should parents be worried about their children joining social media before the age of 16?
  5. Ways social media can be made accessible for everyone

Extemporary media research topics

  1. Bandwidth and network connectivity related to social media
  2. Are there legislations that can be passed by countries to improve social media effectiveness?
  3. How do online games pay?
  4. What is the impact of online dating on relationships and marriages today?
  5. Why should everybody be concerned about their mobile data?

Research topics on social networks

  1. How can private businesses be developed out of social media?
  2. How have social networks contributed to the rising suicide cases in the world today?
  3. How did the coronavirus pandemic affect social networks?
  4. Ways to minimize your social network
  5. What are some of the things that lead to social media addiction?

Social media research topics on mental health

  1. Does social media have an impact on young minds?
  2. What are the effects of trending syndrome on self-esteem?
  3. Why do the young generation consider social media validation so important?
  4. Has social media contributed to a false sense of name?
  5. Why is suicide linked to social media in the current world?
  6. Has social media contributed to reducing the stigma that is attached to depression?
  7. Explain how social media provided mental health to people who have been stuck alone during the lockdown period
  8. How does cyberbullying affect the self-confidence of the young generation?
  9. Can social media bring an inferiority complex among young people?

Social media research topics on marketing

  1. How has social media changed the techniques of branding?
  2. How to develop strategies for social media marketing
  3. New age marketing and traditional marketing, compare and contrast
  4. How the social media ads served using the personal information on social media platforms?
  5. Has social media contributed to making companies more responsible for their customers?
  6. Can a company survive without using social media marketing in the world today?

Social media research topics on education

  1. Can social media learning replace traditional education?
  2. Can virtual learning provide complete education to students?
  3. How has social media affected the reading habits of students?
  4. Has social media contributed to the dissemination of information?
  5. Are historical facts rewritten or altered using social media platforms?

Social media research topics on the society

  1. Has social media helped NGOs in funds collection?
  2. How has social media contributed to raising social awareness about the environment?
  3. Can social media be called the voice of the oppressed?
  4. Can social media numbers determine how happy a person should be?
  5. How has social media forced people to live two different lives? Online and offline

How to write social media research papers

Now that you have read some of the most interesting social media research paper topics, it is important to know how to write the papers. Some students underrate writing social media research papers because they do not deal with technical aspects. Without the correct essay  writing ideas and tips, it is impossible to write a compelling social media research paper.

Tips for writing social media research papers

  • Understand the research topic you handling
  • Research to gather points necessary for your paper
  • Narrow down your research and choose the main points
  • Note down all the main points, try to remember everything
  • Create a draft of how you would like to structure your paper
  • Write your social media research paper
  • Proofread to get rid of any grammatical errors, poorly constructed sentences and plagiarism

To write an influential social media research paper, ensure you choose a relevant and current topic. Make your paper practical so that the reader relates well. Read other social media research paper examples online to get an idea.

How to structure social media research papers

  • Introduction

An introduction is the first section of your social media research paper. It should begin with a hook sentence to connect the reader through the entire essay.

In the introduction, state your social media research topic and the thesis statement. Any research paper should have a thesis statement. As you write your thesis statement, ensure it is precise and clear. This will help you to decide on the arguments you will raise in the body paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs of a social media research paper should have arguments that support the thesis statement. Include; examples, facts, data any other evidence that may support the topic sentence. A typical body should include;

  1. Literature review
  2. Research methods
  • Findings
  1. Analysis and evaluation
  2. Discussion
  3. Limitations

Each part of the research paper should support the overall goal stated in the thesis statement. Paragraphs should begin with topic sentences. The other sentences should back up the main ideas on the topic sentence.

Paragraphs should not be too short or too long. A one-sentence paragraph cannot state an idea and support it. Long paragraphs tend to be boring for the reader. A typical paragraph should have three to four sentences.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion of a social media research paper should contain a summary of the main points. You can restate your thesis statement, assure the readers that the main goals of the paper have been attained and give your recommendations on further research.

Some social media research questions you can include in the conclusion include;

  • Lessons you learnt from the research that you did not know before
  • The conclusions made from the research
  • Areas of study you can suggest for further research

Do not include any new information that has not been included in the other sections of your research paper in the conclusion.

How to choose a good topic for your social media research paper

  • Interest

Choose a topic that you are interested in. Research papers might be long and so require a lot of studies. If you choose a topic that you are not interested in, you are likely to get bored before completing your research.

  • Information

Gather enough information for your social media research paper before writing it. Start with the broad base areas, then narrow down your research to specific points. Prepare avenues that you want to cover and research as much material as possible. This will help to improve the quality of your research.

  • Conciseness

When gathering information look for things that interest you the most. Focus on different choices and make up your mind on one aspect. This will enable you have various choices where you will settle with what interests you most After doing this, you will not have regrets about the chosen area of research.

  • Resources

Evaluate the resources you have before writing your research paper. Do not choose topics that have not been explored well by the resources available. Your level of knowledge, peer support, availability of funds and support by peers should play a major role in the research process.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing social media research topics

  1. Writing in a hurry

Some students select topics while in a hurry without conducting enough research. They fail to get deep into the selected subject and as a result, they do not get unique ideas and points. While choosing social media research paper topics, take your time to explore ideas.

  1. No value addition

Some students select topics without evaluating what they will contribute to the field of research. They choose topics that have been explored and do not add any value to the field. This results in average grades as there is nothing new to learn from the research paper.

  1. Choosing a topic without discussion

Before settling for research topics on social media, discuss the ideas with your friends, family or instructors. Listen to their thoughts about the topic. They can tell you what you need to add or remove from your topic to make it interesting.

To select the best research paper topics on social media, avoid the above mentioned mistakes.

To sum up

Choosing social media research topics to write about may seem like a simple task but it is not. Social media research topics are written every year. To choose a unique topic, you need to have the right tips at hand and conduct thorough research.

You should choose an easily debatable and interesting topic for your social media research paper. Research papers may be long and if you select a topic that is not interesting, you might be bored to research it.

This article has provided 50 social media research topics. If given these types of assignments, choose one that interests you and write about it.

If you are still stuck in choosing social media research paper topics or need help in writing any type of research paper, feel free to contact us now.














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