How to write an essay in a day

How to write an essay in a day

Do you have a job and other commitments aside from school that takes up a lot of time? School can be tedious when you have a lot of assignments and limited time. You struggle to complete your essays on time, but they are not good enough, you may end up failing your course. Do not lose hope, you can learn how to write an essay in a day and save your grades before it is too late.

Why your essay writing earns you low marks

Working under limited time

When you do not have enough time to write, you may end up rushing the essay. You need to learn how to write an amazing essay in a day and use your time accordingly.

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How to write an essay in a day
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Failure to understand the question

The point of an essay is to give detailed insight into a chosen topic. If you do not understand the question and the instructions, you cannot successfully write the essay.

For instance, learning how to write an essay about a day in your life means that the subject of your essay is the day. In such an essay, you should talk about your day. It is a descriptive essay where you discuss the activities and routines of your day. You should know the type of essay so that you can look for the correct information.

Doing shallow research

You need to explore as many sources of information as possible to gather enough information for your essay. Shallow research does not exhaust all the variations of your topic.

Failure to create an outline

An outline is like a roadmap to your essay. You use it to structure and organize your paper. Your outline also contains all the details and subsections that you will include in your essay.

Postponing the work to the last minute

This goes hand in hand with having limited time, although postponing is an individual decision. Sometimes, you have a lot of things to do but not enough time. Whenever possible, do not have to find out how to write an essay in a day. Begin writing early and take your time.

Choosing a topic that is too shallow or too wide

You need to choose a topic that is just right. Do not choose a topic that is too wide because you might fail to capture all its important aspects. Choosing a shallow topic is also troublesome when looking for sources and information.

You will exhaust all your sources and end up with little information. Before you choose a topic, find out the number of pages you are expected to write. You can research how many pages is 3000 words so that your topic is just right to give you enough information.

Having distractions as you work

Being a modern-day student, there are many distractions that can pull your concentration from your work. There are also many ways you can lose track of your topic and your writing process. Stay away from Distractions such as social media, mobile games, playing music, and leaving the TV on while you work.

Forgetting to proofread and edit

This is an essential step of writing that is usually ignored. Your essay is bound to have mistakes and errors that your writing software cannot detect. This is why you should proofread and edit your paper. If you want to earn good grades, you should correct structural and grammatical errors.

How to write an essay in a day

Understand the question and set goals

It is vital to take note of what your essay should accomplish. Different essays have various goals. For instance, if you want to know how to write an argument essay in a day, the goal is to sway the reader to your side. Before you start writing, review the goal of your paper and ensure you understand your objective.

When you are have limited time, it is easy to miss important information or misunderstand the writing instructions. You will realize you made a mistake when it is too late to make any changes. Take your time to read and understand the question to ensure you remain on track. Underline instructional keywords like compare, differentiate and analyze.

Look for a good working environment

Writing is a process that requires maximum concentration. Find a quiet place where you know you will not be interrupted. The library can be a good writing location because of its ambiance. Other people also work better from home, choose a place where you already know. There is no time to experiment on new locations.

Choose a place where you are sure you will be comfortable and maintain focus for as long as possible. Make sure you carry all the equipment you will need. If you are typing, bring a laptop or choose a location with readily available computers. If you are using books as sources, carry them with you and organize yourself before you settle.

If you are struggling to concentrate in your usual place, try moving somewhere else. Your preferences might be different from other peoples. If you are having trouble concentrating at home, try using noise cancellation headphones or playing music.

How to choose a topic

On some occasions, your professor gives you the topic upfront, while on others, you have to find one for yourself. If you have time, you can spend days brainstorming and looking for the best topic to write on. In this case, we are looking for how to write an essay in less than a day. You cannot afford to spend too much time choosing a topic.

You can ask a friend or parent to help you come up with topic ideas. Write down the first four or five ideas that come to mind. Do not spend more than 15 minutes on this part. Choose a topic you know and will have an easy time writing.

You cannot afford to begin learning about a new topic in such a short amount of time. Your topic does not have to be perfect. Just find a topic you can quickly build your essay on to beat the constraints on time.

Create a schedule with time limits, deadlines

Part of answering the question ‘is it possible to write an essay in a day?’ is establishing deadlines. You need to set reasonable yet brief time limits for each part of the writing process. Have some time to rest and make plans to hand in your paper several hours before the deadline. This way, if anything comes up, your grade will not be affected.

Give yourself time limits to attain each milestone, this will motivate you to keep going every time you complete a portion. Set aside around 30 minutes for researching, brainstorming, and creating an outline. Writing the essay is the longest process which can take few hours. Do not forget to leave at least 30 minutes for proofreading and editing.

If you struggle to concentrate for long periods of time, you can include short breaks of about 10 minutes in between. This will keep you refreshed and rejuvenate your concentration for the rest of the paper. You can stretch or do some brief exercises during your breaks to keep your body from going to sleep or feeling tired. Planning your time will help you maintain your pace and know if you need to write faster.

Create an outline for your essay

There are many places you can get tips on how to write an outline. This is mainly for when you want to know how to write an essay quickly. A good outline can help you save a lot of time which is already limited. Try brainstorming to develop themes you can use in your essay.

You need to decide how you will tackle the question and relate your argument to your topic. Come up with the answers in your head and use this to develop an exciting topic and thesis statement. You will not have to keep referring back to the question, you can concentrate on writing.

Your outline should take you about 20 minutes to develop and does not have to be detailed.  Use the resources available like the library and textbooks to collect information for your essay. Make sure they are reliable sources of information like google scholar and EBSCO. Evaluate the information you get and add the relevant parts to your outline.

Edit your outline into your document

Instead of starting a new document, write your points directly into the outline document. Provide examples, facts, and ideas that support your main statement on the outline. Build the points you had created into individual paragraphs. If necessary, reorganize your sentences as you write to avoid structural issues later.

To pace yourself, ensure you know the total pages you are required to write. For instance, find out how many pages are 2000 words. This will help you understand how much time you need and whether you lag behind on your writing. As you write, use correct sentence structures and vocabulary to save time.

Get rid of distractions

Things like social media, loud noises, and your phone cause distractions and derail your speed as you write. If you want to know how to write an essay in a day, you need to get rid of distractions. Turn off your phone and disable your social media accounts during the writing period. You can go the extra mile and leave your devices at home or elsewhere until you are done writing your paper.

Look into tips to avoid distractions while writing ad follow them. To maintain your focus, deal with one task at a time. Finish researching before you start writing. Do not overwork your mind or try to multitask in the short time you have. Work on one thing first and complete it, then move to the next.

Keep yourself hydrated and fed

It is crucial to make sure that you take care of your bodily needs to attain optimum conditions and boost your concentration. Eat a full and healthy meal that will sustain you for an extended period of time. Carry water and a snack when you go to write.

You will need a lot of energy to be able to write an essay in a day. This is why it is important to eat before you begin and carry a snack to sustain you during the process. If possible, avoid caffeine as it is not a slow-release source of energy. You will be active for a while then crash later.

Write the introduction and conclusion last

Since your introduction and conclusion do not need many quotes and sources, you should save them for last. Surprisingly, these may be the most challenging part to write. Once you have written all the contents of your paper, coming up with an introduction and conclusion is easier. This is because you have already familiarized yourself with your argument while writing.

You should write your introduction from the perspective of someone who knows the subject well. If it still proves challenging to write, you can search how to start an essay to quicken your writing process. Your conclusion comes last as a summary of your whole paper. Your introduction should present your argument and give a hint on how you will support it.

Proofread and reference as you write

You have no time to keep going back and forth after you have written to include in-text citations. When you are learning how to write an essay, you are taught that proofreading is essential. This means that this is a stage you cannot skip.

When you are tired of writing, before you take your breaks, go through what you have already written and correct the errors. When you finish writing, you will also have finished editing. It is easier to key in your in-text citations as you write. This way, you will not need to go back to find all your outsourced ideas.

 Dos and don’ts of how to write an essay in a day

Here are some of the things you can do to help you write quicker and better:

  • Keep your sentences short and precise to stay on track
  • Reward yourself with a snack or break when you complete a part of the process and at the end
  • If you are struggling to concentrate or you are getting tired, give yourself breaks to avoid burnouts
  • Keep in mind how long your essay should be like knowing how many pages are 1500 words
  • If you want a friend to go through your work, inform them in advance so that they are available
  • Keep all your resources and writing tools in order and stay organized to avoid confusion
  • Create a reference list at the end of your document
  • Plan your time within the day and plan your paper before you start working
  • Adopt the right mindset to keep yourself motivated
  • Type your essay instead of writing it by hand, this will keep your work neat, and you will work faster
  • Use google scholar for your research, it contains a lot of helpful journals and books

Things you should avoid doing include;

  • Do not try to make your essay longer than it is by using filler words and irrelevant content
  • Do not focus on making your essay perfect because, with the time you have, it is pointless pressure
  • Do not plagiarize or copy and paste, this will make you lose marks or have your essay canceled
  • Do not over-quote or use many sources, meet the requirement
  • Do not bother following the usual writing tricks, remember you have less time

Closing remarks

This article has answered the question, “can I write an essay in one day?” it is advisable to start writing early whenever possible to avoid pressure and rushing.  Even though you have learned how to write an essay in a day, you need to be thorough in your process to earn decent grades. If you are still having a hard time, you can contact us for help.

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