If you are in school, you will be required to write a term paper before you graduate. Writing a term paper can sometimes be frustrating.

In this article, you will find a detailed explanation on how to write a term paper. These tips will enable you to submit the best academic paper.

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What is a term paper?

Students are assigned different coursework writing during their studies. One of this is a term paper. This is an analytical research paper written by students during the academic term.

A term paper contributes to a large part of the student’s grade. This assignment describes an event or a concept. It is submitted at the end of a semester. It is considered the most useful assessment of the knowledge you gain throughout the term.

If you submit poor work, you will be working against yourself. Ensure you deliver a quality paper for the best results using the guidelines discussed in this article. Our term paper writing experts can help you pass your term papers.

Steps on how to write a term paper

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to write an A grade paper.

Familiarize with the task

It is important to understand what the teacher requires before you start the project. Skipping this step can lead to low marks. This is because you did not take time to understand the instructions.

Go through the task highlighting and taking notes where necessary. It is vital to ask your teacher for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

Pick your term paper topic

Picking a topic involves choosing what to write about. The goal is to be creative to make writing easy. Choosing something you are passionate about or interested in, makes it easier.

However, if the topic is chosen for you, try finding unique angles that can set your content. Ensure that your topic fits the guidelines given.

Conduct research

Research helps you to understand the background of the topic. Learn how to skim through the available content identifying key points and arguments. Use reliable sources to collect information and data.

Use identified key words to search academic databases and analyze the information you find related to your topic. It helps to take notes as you read and highlight the most important points.

Remember to note down the references as you do this because you will need them later. Make use of diagrams and charts to gather ideas about the topic.

Write a thesis statement

A thesis statement presents a single strong idea that you will be addressing. It is this idea that you will go on to defend and discuss throughout the paper. It is, therefore, important to construct a statement that is catchy, clear, and to the point.

Ask yourself what your paper is about and try to answer that question with a one sentence answer. This will help you to formulate a thesis statement. Do not shy away from making a brave statement.

Once you have settled on a thesis statement, consult your mentor or teacher and seek their opinion. They will advise you whether it creates a powerful discussion or if you need to make changes.

Prepare a term paper outline

The outline acts as a compass that gives you direction on where you are going. It helps you organize the writing process and gives structure to your paper.

It is important because it helps you stay on track of the writing process. It will also help you to follow the instructions of the assignment.

Create a calendar

A calendar will help you plan. You can split the process into different steps and outline them in your calendar with timelines. This will help avoid last minute rush.

Plan on the calendar and make a hard copy. Cross out or check every completed task as you go. It also helps to set reminders to prompt you of checklist deadlines.

Write the assignment

The work you have done will help you create a strong, clear, interesting research paper. You don’t have to strive for perfection at this stage, there will be time to do that as you edit. Remember the research you collected earlier? You can refer to it.

However, do not write directly from your research. Use your own thinking so that you avoid plagiarism. If you quote someone else’s work, ensure you cite your source.

You can use quotation marks when citing someone else’s words and mention the source of the quote. You will also be required to reference the source of the information in the reference page.

Edit your content

This is the stage where you perfect your paper. Think about the structure, organization, wording and length of your essay.

Read through your paper. Ensure that it has everything the assignment asked for. If not include the missing pieces. If the paper is too long, think of what you can delete while maintaining a strong structure.

If it is too short, add only valuable information that fits your research. It helps to read through the project a couple of times or give a mentor to take a look and give a review.

Edit your grammar

Make use of grammatical tools to help you in grammar editing. They will help identify mistakes and fix them. Ensure you read the document. Check that everything is written well with no spelling mistakes.

Submit your paper

Once you have finished reading through it, submit it for grading. Check that your paper has met all the requirements and instructions before submitting. In case you need to give in your paper online, make sure you do it before it is due.

It will help solve any submission issues you might encounter before submission time expires. Late handing in can lead to penalties that will poorly affect your grade. If you follow the above steps on how to write a term paper you are guaranteed to get a high grade.

How to write a term paper outline

Most term papers require you to follow a descriptive essay outline. The structure should be well organized and researched. The general layout normally involves writing an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

However, the outline can vary depending on the subject or the school set standards. In this article, we are going to discuss a more comprehensive outline. The following is a college term paper format.

Cover page: This page contains the topic of your term paper and your school details. These specifics include your name, course name and number as well as the teacher’s name. The date of the assignment also appears on this sheet.

Acknowledgment: It describes the inspiration behind the writing of the paper.

Abstract: It gives a short overview of the topic and the summary of the whole document. It appears first but is recommended that you write it after the whole document is complete.

Table of contents: It shows an organized list of the chapters, sections and the page numbers of the document.

Introduction: It describes the overall purpose of the paper. Your introduction helps the reader understand the paper. A good introduction starts with a statement that helps grab the attention of the reader and provide a brief description of the issue.

Main section: It involves a few paragraphs with different headings and sub headings. These paragraphs describe the main points. It consists of the topic history, the literature review and the analysis of research conducted.

Results and discussion: You will explain what you found out during your research in this section. Using the results, you will explain your view on the subject and if your perspective has since changed. You can also give recommendations on how to approach the issue based on your research.

Conclusion: Summarize the information in your paper. Describe the final results of your research and write a creative closing statement.

References: It describes a list of all the sources and resource material you have used. Although many reference formats are available, the most ideal is to list the references in alphabetical order. Most institutions recommend using the bibliography format.

Appendix: It contains diagrams, figures, tables and charts that may not have been included in the main section. It also includes data collection tools such as questionnaires and other documents used in the paper.

Term paper outline example

The following is an original sample of a paper outline that can guide you as you write.

Title: Child abuse at home and potential resolutions

Abstract: This paper discusses the rising cases of child abuse in the US. It identifies the reasons behind the increase and the effect on both the child and their abuser. The research will incorporate questionnaires and existing statistics (…)

Table of contents:


Literature review

Results and discussion


Introduction: Recent studies have identified a rise in child abuse cases in the US. This study seeks to identify the causes of child abuse and seek possible solutions to the identified problem. It is important for a child to grow up in a safe environment (…)

Literature review: According to articles and statistics gathered from the Child Abuse Prevention Network, the US loses on average 4 to 7 children every day due to child abuse. The increasing number is affecting families (…)

Results and discussion: The data collected during the study has shown the cause of the abuse is due to high stress levels in the family. This stress is as a result of financial strain, childhood trauma in the abuser’s past and sometimes marital problems. The research also discovered that (…)

Conclusion: A good growing environment is essential in every child’s life. To make this possible, the government should put up structures of rescue for abused children. Also, parents should be educated (…)

Term paper proposals

Your teacher may need you to defend your chosen topic before you can write the concrete term paper. You will need to write a proposal for approval. Sometimes the instructor will give you a template to follow when writing a proposal.

If the format is not given you can get to know how to write a term paper proposal using the format below.

Title: Write a strong and understandable title on the topic of your research. The instructor may amend it to make it more suitable.

Objectives: Outline the goals you intend to achieve in your essay writing assignment.

Relevance: Clearly state the importance of the topic. Ensure you include recent events and articles that identify the significance of the chosen topic.

Include the correct referencing to sources used in the proposal. It helps organize the flow of your thoughts so that the teacher can also understand your intentions.

It is important to discuss potential results. Once the teacher approves your proposal, ensure you correct it according to the commentaries made.

Titles for persuasive assays

Teachers may provide a range of topics to choose from. However, if this is not the case, ensure you choose a topic related to the course. Choosing a topic that interests you makes research easier and fun.

You should consider the length and simplicity of a topic before selecting one. The length of the assignment should guide you in choosing a topic. It will help you determine how extensive or how contracted the subject matter will be thus helping you select between a wide and a narrow topic.

The term paper guidelines may include the number of pages or words you need to write. This should guide you in choosing a topic. Choose a topic that has a wide range of data.

This can be obtained either from the library or from online references. Topics without much information can prove very difficult to write. This is due to scarcity in research material from reliable sources.

Pick a topic you will be able to describe with ease. A very complicated topic may be difficult to explain and may end up being misunderstood.

How to format your term paper

You can use different formats to style your paper. Your instructor may give you guidelines on which style to use or the format they prefer. The different formats give guidelines on the right techniques to make your paper presentable and easy to read.

The formatting styles available are described below. APA formatting is ideal for social science-based papers. It describes a set of rules to be followed such as using font 12 on Times New Roman. APA encourages double spacing throughout the paper.

It entails a margin of one inch on either side of the paper as well as the bottom and top. Use capitalized headings and sentence case subheadings, among others.

APA format is different for professionals and students. Ensure you use the design that fits the student requirements.

MLA formatting is another style that is ideal for humanities-based papers. One of the tools used in this format include a 12-point font in Times New Roman and double spacing. It also requires aligning all your text to the left and a one-inch margin on all the sides of the paper, among others.

It is important to understand the format given in the guidelines. This will help you avoid mixing formats. Seek help from your teacher in case you face any challenges with the identification of which format to use during the coursework writing.

Teachers may subtract points from your grade if you don’t follow the format they gave. Some may not take the paper at all. It is therefore important to ensure you follow the right design.

Picking term paper sources

The quality of your paper will be determined by the sources of information you use. Ensure you get reliable sources to extract information from. Pay close attention to the design and layout of your reference data.

With critical thinking, you will choose the right articles based on the design. If it looks professionally done, then chances are that it is a reliable source.

Check whether the information is relevant by checking the publication date. It is most relevant if it was published within one year of your research time.

Check the author of the source. This will help you determine whether they have the right credentials to write on the topic. It helps you get a professional’s research information.

The source should be objective meaning that it was generated for an educational or professional purpose. A source that tries to sell or advertise something is normally not a dependable source. Avoid sources that exhibit grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

Confirm the source you use is not influenced so that you avoid biased sources. If it does not contain links that reference the document, chances are that it has poor quality of information.

Use information from science, educational publications and journals. Data from government statistics and research are also considered reliable sources. Information from personal blogs can sometimes give unreliable information.

Make use of teachers, writing centers and research libraries as your sources of information. Some institutions also have academic databases available to the students. These sources contain scholarly articles you can use to write your term paper.

Citing a term paper

The sources are ordinarily listed at the end of the term paper. It is important to use the right format to list the sources used throughout the research.

When referencing your sources, ensure you follow the bibliography format. This involves capturing crucial information when making a citation.

For books and journals, ensure you include the name of the author, the title of the publication, the date. Include the place of the article and also the publisher.

For online sources capture the author of the information, the title of the website, the website address and the date of access. It is also important to include the company or organization that owns the website or has posting rights.

Tips on how to write an A grade term paper

It is important to follow the right instructions for academic term papers so that you can get a high grade. Avoid some common mistakes with the following tips:

  • Ensure you reference all sources and use the right citation. Write from your own thoughts instead of copying other sources. This helps you to avoid plagiarism and therefore avoid a low grade.
  • Use reliable sources. This are sources that are professional and related to your work. Some of them include statistical data, publications, news prints and magazines.
  • Choose a constricted topic so that you can have the right amount of information. A wide topic can make it difficult to meet the requirements of the paper because of the wide range of information.
  • Write a draft first before writing the final paper. It helps to organize your ideas and allows you to add or remove information where necessary
  • Make clear and objective statements. Avoid repetitions and fluff words.
  • Ensure all the information you give is correct. Writing false or using unverified data can make you fail in your term paper
  • Ensure you proof read your work. It will help you get rid of mistakes and help your paper have a natural flow
  • Collect reviews about your paper from friends or mentors who you will give to proof read your paper
  • You can also hire expert paper writers to help you write your term papers

Key takeaways

Writing a term paper requires determination and focus. It is a critical part of your academic life and carries a huge weight on your final grade.

With the right guidelines you will submit a high-quality document. It will impress your teacher and keep them hooked from the beginning to the end. Use the guidelines in this article to learn how to write a term paper from this article.

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