How to write a research paper fast

How to write a research paper fast

Every student desires to finish their research paper on time . A research paper requires a lot of research and commitment. When you have a lot of work to do,finishing an assignment on time can  be a difficult task. You are required to complete the assignment before the date of submission. Luckily, with the guidelines provided in this article you will know how to write a research paper fast.

How do i write a research paper: writing tips

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How to write a research paper fast
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A research paper is a piece of writing that provides interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of the research project. When writing a research paper, understand the guidelines given. Read the assignment on the research as many times as possible. This will assist you to get a clear idea of what the research entails.  Create time for your paper and decide what amount of time is required to write the research paper.

How to write a good research paper fast

1.Avoid panicking

You are already caught up with time and it’s an unpleasant situation. You will have to use the little resources  to finish the research paper fast.Stay calm and composed, you will finish the research paper on time.

2.Do away with all the distractions during the writing process

Your phone is the major distraction, turn it off. Ask your neighbors to talk in  low tones even when you are addressing them. When you do this you won’t be tempted to take a break and  chat with them. Turn off any notifications that may appear on your desktop. You might find yourself checking social media networks. This will not help you finish your research paper fast.

  1. Take frequent breaks

When you do prolonged research, you might end up with poor results and even get tired. Take a break now and then. You can take a walk, do some physical exercises, take a cup of water and then get back to writing your research paper.

  1. Ensure you take food and water

Food maintains your energy levels when writing. Water ensures you are properly hydrated for clear thinking. Equip yourself with enough food and water to keep you going while you are writing your research paper

5.Create the perfect writing environment

Make sure that you are comfortable. You will not write comfortably if your chair feels like it has nails. You will also not write in your bed because you will be tempted to sleep. Take care of your physical comfortability before anything else.

The easiest way to write a research paper

Step 1. Choose a researchable topic

At times, you find that the lecturer has already assigned a topic. When you are allowed to choose your own  topic, come up with a topic that is aligned with the guidelines given. Choose a topic that you won’t spend a lot of time doing research. Note that time is a limiting factor and you have to do the research paper fast. It is always advisable that you choose a topic that has already been researched before.

Step 2. Start your work on a thesis

After completing your research, prepare a thesis statement.This thesis statement should not be too broad. It should be short and clear. It highlights the main problems related to your research.Using a thesis statement saves you time.When writing a thesis statement be specific as possible.Do not limit the things you are talking about.Follow your main objectives and give the necessary information.

Step 3. Carry out detailed research taking quick notes

Start by doing your research then give your interpretation later if you want to know how to write a research paper fast. Gather information from all sources to get a better concept of the topic. Among the best sources, you can use our online databases, government reports, google scholar, and other publications. Take notes of the key ideas in the research , and assess the collected information. Cite the source of the information gathered to avoid plagiarism in your research paper

Step 4. Organize your ideas in advance

This is a critical part when writing a research paper.  It acts as a guide to writing your research paper. In a research paper ,write down all your ideas before you start. Organize your ideas in a way that makes sense. Arrange your notes together matching all the information and include subheadings. Without planning you can lack focus and spend too much of your time writing. This will disadvantage you since you have to know how to write a research paper fast.

Draft on how to write a research paper fast  

This is where you practically write what you have researched. Write it in your voice while citing the sources of your research paper. Support your research ideas in a way  your audience understands you.

Step 5. Write down the abstract and Introduction

An abstract is simply a summary of your ideas and the reason for doing the research. Writing an abstract assist in highlighting the main ideas. Proceed with your introduction, it puts the topic of your research paper in some presentable way. Ensure your introduction is captivating and it captures the reader’s attention. Include a piece of background information to your topic of research and explain the relevance of the topic.

Step 6. Write a compelling body

The outline written above should assist you on how to write your research paper fast. The body paragraphs in the research paper should begin with a topic sentence. Support your topic sentence with facts  and examples that are relevant. If you want to include quotes to support your ideas ensure they are from credible sources. Take note that they do not replace your ideas in the research paper.

Step 7. Create a logical conclusion

After you are done with the analysis on the research paper write down your statement. When you are writing the conclusion write it in your own words and give a summary of your paper. Avoid repeating your phrases and ideas. This will not help you finish your research paper fast. You can give suggestions on some interesting ideas and explain why they are relevant.

Step 8.Sleep on it

Avoid proof reading your work on that same day. You can sleep and go over it the next morning.That way your mind has been refreshed .You will spot the mistakes and get a fresh perspective of your research paper.It is also advisable to print your assignment early.

Step 9. Revise and edit your research paper

Go through your research paper as many times as possible.  Proofreading your work ensures that your research paper is on point. When reading your research paper, you can spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. While revising your paper check the logic and how your ideas flow. Make corrections and organize your work in a way that the reader understands. Check on the spelling and punctuation marks. When you are done read your paper aloud as if you are presenting to an audience. This will help you to see the mistakes you might have missed.

How to write a research paper in one day

If you have a last-minute research paper, and you have to write it in one day here is a quick way in which you can do the research paper:

1.Brainstorm quickly

  • Highlight possible options
  • Search on google and find the article that has the most information
  • Choose a relevant topic and create an outline

2.Do in-depth research on the topic of research and outline each point

  1. Ensure you write quickly and write your ideas as you think. Do not copy another person’s research

4.Put all your research work together, edit and rewrite it

how to write a research paper fast 2



The Bottom line

A research paper  shows that you are knowledgeable about the topic being discussed. It gives an interpretation and analysis of the research. Acquiring the knowledge on how to write a research paper fast is necessary.It helps you complete a research paper when you are close to the deadline. It enables you to summarize your work quickly, and in the the right format. With the guidelines listed above, you will complete your research paper fast. If you are still unsure on how to write a research paper fast , you can reach us from our research paper services.







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