How to Title a Persuasive Essay

How to Title a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay titles tell a lot about your paper. A title is the beginning of success or failure when writing your persuasive essay. It is the first thing the reader sees and it should be perfectly crafted.

If you want to be an excellent essay writer, consider titling your essay an important step and do it with professionalism. In this guide, you will learn how to title a persuasive essay.

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How to Title a Persuasive Essay
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The process of titling persuasive essays is important in essay writing. It requires great effort, time, and patience to produce a perfect title. Essay titles highlight to readers what will be contained in your essay.

This post has explained different ways on how to come up with a title for a persuasive essay. By the end, you will know how to title an essay that produces a hooking effect on your readers.

Choosing essay titles needs immense creativity. It is more than placing different words together. A title explains your subject matter, hooks your audience, and sets the tone of your persuasive essay.

A perfect persuasive essay title requires time investment as a masterpiece content does. Selecting the best title that leads to success is mandatory for authors, freelancers, and students.

A title is a phrase you provide at the beginning of your persuasive essay. A persuasive essay title may have a subtitle that emphasizes a point expressed in the title. It must be included when composing every document for general audiences. To submit a perfect essay, you must know how to title a persuasive essay.

What is a persuasive essay?

how to title a persuasive essay

In a persuasive essay, you use various arguments and logic to convince your audience of your point of view. You should outline concrete evidence for your arguments. This is accomplished by conducting good research, illustrating using examples, outlining facts, using quotes from experts, and stating logical reasons.

Persuasive essays are sometimes called argumentative essays. However, there is a line separating these types of essays. Each has its own way of explaining a concept.

  1. Argumentative essays

In this type of essay, you present all points of view to your audience. You explain both protagonist and antagonist arguments. It is your readers’ option to decide which arguments seem beneficial to them. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with arguments or you do not.

  1. Persuasive essay

You pick a side of the argument that feels true to you. You explain the arguments with the aim of convincing your audience why you feel they are truthful.

Qualities of a persuasive essay title

Different types of essays use similar methods, formulas, or patterns in their titles. All good persuasive essay titles contain the following qualities:

It should be eye-catching

Your essay titles should not be boring. Make sure they are interesting and attractive to the reader. A professor should appreciate your essay just by seeing your title.


Most writers and students try to make their persuasive essay titles catchy such that they move away from the main theme of the essay. This makes their titles inaccurate and a total lie to the audience. Unbelievable essay titles confuse and anger your supervisor leading to a poor score.

Easy to read

Everybody likes easy and straightforward titles including your supervisor. Keep away from complicated phrases, strange structures, and unknown fonts when formatting your title.


If possible, make your persuasive essay title clear. Long titles may confuse your reader and don’t showcase your title writing skills. Follow this guide to learn how to title your persuasive essay.

Active voice

When your persuasive essay title consists of verbs, always use active voice instead of passive voice. For instance, rather than saying “Is cancer healed by marijuana”, you should say “Ways in which marijuana heals cancer”.


You should never write an inaccurate title regardless of your niche or topic. You are supposed to present an idea to your audience of whatever they will find in your essay. Don’t mislead them. This will degrade the quality of your essay, earning you poor results.

Components of a persuasive essay title

Just like how to title an argumentative essay has a formula, there is an outline formula used to produce the best titles. Incorporating the following components improves the quality of your essay title.

  1. Catchy hook

Your title should grab your supervisor’s attention and make them read the whole paper. It should engage the professor so they can award you with good grades.

  1. Topic keywords

This explains the ‘what’ of your persuasive essay. They indicate concepts you will be explaining in your essay.

  1. Focus Keywords

They show the ‘when/where’ of your persuasive essay. When used together with topic keywords, they give more information which improves the quality of your essay titles.

Steps on how to title a persuasive essay

You have learned the important qualities and components of persuasive essay titles. You should now learn how to headline your essays. If you have difficulties titling your persuasive essays, don’t panic.

Professional writers also encounter similar problems as it is not an easy task. They learn how to title a persuasive essay before they start the writing process. All that matters is overcoming the stumbling block and writing the best essay titles. The following points will help you title a persuasive essay.

Structure of essay titles

An essay title can be a phrase or a word. The title can be independent or comprise a subtitle. This means that good persuasive essay titles should have their own structure. The structure shows the impact your title will have on your readers.

It includes focus keywords, topic keywords, and a catchy hook. The hook glues readers to your content, focus keywords explain the ‘where or when’ of your essay. Topic keywords will then answer the ‘what’ query professors get when reading your paper.

Begin by writing your essay, conclude with the title

It seems reasonable to start creating your title before writing your essay. On the contrary, beginning with writing your paper is more important. Expert writers don’t start creating essay titles. They use a working title in their minds to give them focus and enable them to develop arguments.

Writing your essay first enables you to derive the best persuasive essay title. It gives you a good idea of what to place in your essay titles. As you are writing and reading your essay, you will have a good understanding of how to title a persuasive essay.

Another positive is that you will not spend too much time deciding the best title for your essay. You could use that time on doing research, writing your essay, creating an essay outline, or learning how to title an argumentative essay.

Tailor your title for distinct purposes

You must learn how to attach your titles to the written content and requirements of supervisors. For instance, a jargon-free title that is direct to the point. You should tailor the title to achieve your goals.

Different disciplines use various approaches when titling their persuasive essays but goals are similar. To grab professors’ attention and make them read your entire paper.

Use popular clichés which you can rework

Known catchy phrases that relate to your essay’s topic produce attractive essay titles. Use the phrases if they are amusing or can create an interest in your paper. You may still pick clichés and tweak them to familiarize them with your essay topic.

The title should illustrate the theme of your essay

This involves choosing a title that sums up your paper. A heading that is not related to your content frustrates your supervisor leading to a poor score. For your essay to be successful, never mislead your audience.

Follow the tone of your persuasive essay

The tone of your persuasive essay is a crucial consideration when developing the best essay titles. When dealing with serious persuasive essay topics, don’t joke or bring silly arguments. Always stick to your topic to avoid confusing the reader.

Ensure both your title and essay’s tone match. Also, keep away from using jargon and including abbreviations in your titles.

Headline all sections in your paper

When writing your persuasive essay, develop attractive headers for your paragraphs to give them some identity. You can then combine the headers to create a perfect essay title.

Make use of a quote

Have you been asking how to start an essay with a quote? Well, it is not mandatory but helpful when applicable. Your essay titles may include a quote or part of the quote.

The quote must have a direct relationship with your specific essay topic. A portion of a song or lyric can also be used as a title if relevant and appropriate.

Use the preferred way of styling

Capitalize each word of your main essay title with exceptions of articles, pronouns, conjunctions, and prepositions. You should also avoid underlining your titles. It leads to too much emphasis on the title.

When you have two appealing headlines, use a colon to separate them. Use quotation marks when quoting other writers’ words.

Use your paper to title your essay

Perfect titles give your reader motivation to read your essay. You will only find that reason in your persuasive essay. This is why you should write your paper first and deal with the title later.

Use examples of professional writers

You can borrow writing ideas from expert writers. Read persuasive essays written by great writers. Adapt their styles, draw and use their techniques to make your essay stand out professionally.

Wide up your persuasive essay in three words

This is a good style when learning how to title a persuasive essay. Find three words that may explain or conclude your entire persuasive paper. Use the three words to create your headline. Terminate the words with a colon to a statement explaining the contents of your essay.

Revise the final version of your essay title

Always perform a brief overview of your final title version. Look for spelling, grammar, and structure errors. Try to re-read it to see whether it sums up your essay or attracts readers’ attention. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, look for other phrases that will deliver the message to your audience.

Ask for help

If you are still stuck on how to title a persuasive essay, it is not a crime to ask for help. Homework and assignments can be frustrating at times. Seek help from professional writers who will walk you through the process of titling an essay.

How to write a persuasive essay

A common question among students is how to start a persuasive essay or how to end a persuasive essay. You forget that there are a number of steps to be followed before the actual writing. The steps are as follows:

  1. Know your position

The reason behind a persuasive essay is to argue both for the issue and against it. The issue described is polemical. It is important to know which position you will support in your essay before writing. This means you should know the reason for writing your persuasive essay.

Upon deciding which side you will support, find good evidence to back you up. Base your persuasive essay on credible research and solid arguments.

Undertake a solid research

To present your ideas to your audience, you must understand the topic from different angles. To understand your topic, you need to perform thorough research. This will help present convincing evidence for your support of your ideas.

Doing credible research not only requires knowledge and personal experience, but also relevant academic studies, media news, expert opinions, and historical experience. You will interview opinion experts, visit libraries and follow up on news.

You may also send emails to get expert opinions to use in your persuasive essay. It is a time-consuming process but will award you with wonderful ideas for your essay.

Identify the best evidence

Once you have gathered enough knowledge on your topic, you will not talk about everything. You need to choose the point that supports your position in the strongest way. Use it for outlining the essay thesis.

Don’t choose commonly discussed arguments. Give focus to a rarely argued problem surrounding your topic. This makes your paper unique and interesting to your professors.

Write a persuasive essay outline

Before diving into the actual writing, write a plan for your essay. It is like a map of your persuasive essay. It helps comprehend how your persuasive essay will look like. The essay outline helps understand that everything is in place and you are not missing any detail.

Persuasive essay template to use

You now know how to title a persuasive essay and how to write a persuasive essay. You can use the following template when writing your essay.

  1. Persuasive essay title
  • Write in title case
  • Make it bold and center it in the document
  • Should have a catchy hook
  1. Introduction
  • A leading hook (question, quote, or anecdote)
  • A brief explanation of your topic
  • Thesis statement
  1. First paragraph
  • The main point in your essay (topic sentence)
  • Supporting quote
  • Explain the quote
  • Explain how the quote is related to your essay
  1. Second paragraph
  • The second strong point in your persuasive essay
  • A quote supporting your second point
  • Explain the quote
  • Explain how the quote is related to your essay
  1. Third paragraph
  • The third point in your thesis or a counter-argument in your essay
  • A quote supporting your third claim and its explanation
  • Explain why the quote is related to your essay
  1. Conclusion
  • Summarize all your main points
  • Restate your thesis
  • Include your call to action or what your audience should do after reading your persuasive essay

Write your persuasive essay

After writing your essay outline, follow a persuasive essay format to write your essay. When writing, don’t take time for grammar or spelling mistakes. Keep away from all distractions and allow your thoughts to flow. Complete composing your draft and get the rest of more than two hours.

It is necessary to space out the writing process and editing/proofreading your essay. It helps you to give your essay a fresh look and find any mistakes to revise.

Proofread/edit your essay

Many students think essay editing is about spelling and grammar errors check. When proofreading your persuasive essay, re-read your arguments, check language syntax to eliminate jargon, and ensure your essay structure is easy to understand. Go through your persuasive essay several times correcting all grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

Answer the following questions when editing your essay:

  • Did I respond to the question in my essay?
  • Is my essay structured correctly?
  • Are all my paragraphs clear and concise?
  • Did I employ appropriate language when writing my essay?
  • Are all resources referenced and cited correctly?
  • Is my word count matching the supervisor’s requirements?
  • Did I proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes?
  • Is the assignment well presented?

You can also employ free editing tools to check your essay for errors. Grammarly finds punctuation, spelling, and style errors, the Hemingway app makes your writing concise, and word counter counts words in your essay.

Persuasive essay topics

For your essay titles to be perfect, they need to be unique and special. They should not represent common knowledge. For example, your title should not be like “why people need water” but a title like “Why marijuana is necessary for better health might work”.

Sometimes your supervisor will assign a specific persuasive essay title to write about. They might also ask you to select a title or a topic of interest to you and write a persuasive essay about it.

The best persuasive essay topics come from areas such as politics, culture, health, religion, changes in climate, animal rights, and gender issues. You can pick anything that feels relevant if you can generate enough arguments to convince readers of your point of view.

The following are good persuasive essay topics to write about:

Persuasive essay topics for beginners

  • Do students need homework to succeed?
  • Do kids need money for high grades?
  • Should kids spend many hours online?
  • Children should participate in elections
  • Summer is a good time for vacation
  • Should robots replace teachers?
  • Why do people eat animals?
  • Black holes should be investigated
  • Why people should travel as a group?
  • Are cats better than dogs?
  • Night schools are the best to attend
  • Employees need many days off
  • Vampires are human beings
  • Are aliens dangerous to planet earth?
  • Kids should not wear uniforms to school

Persuasive essay topics for intermediate level

  • How poetry affects personal morals?
  • People need lies not the truth
  • Love is man’s greatest happiness
  • Dreams are life-threatening
  • Selfishness is the root of success
  • Rich people are immoral
  • Failure is a bump on the road to success
  • Goodness is not a strength but a weakness
  • Forgiveness is a sign of fear and cowardice
  • Why peace is the most valuable component of human life
  • Higher learning does not guarantee success
  • Why nuclear weapons should be banned in the world?
  • Goodness should always defeat evil
  • Revenge is the best justice
  • Music is natural, it should not be taught in school
  • Nuclear weapons are necessary to stop foreign attacks
  • Is wealth the most important thing in man’s life
  • Politicians are con-men in society
  • Every person should understand one foreign language

Persuasive essay topics for advanced learning

  • Online currency should be accepted as the world currency
  • Marijuana should be legal throughout the world
  • Animal experiments should be illegal
  • Everyone should be a vegetarian
  • Freedom of speech must be regulated
  • The strength in kindness is its inferiority
  • Revenge is the best way to eliminate evil
  • Mandatory exams should be banned in schools
  • Access to the internet should be regulated for kids
  • Sex education must be improved in schools
  • It is difficult to be kind
  • Feminism is not a concern for women rights
  • Kids should become adults aged 16, not 21

Key take away

When you follow the guidelines provided in this article, you will know how to title a persuasive essay. You will learn how to write a persuasive essay that will earn you good grades. A wide range of persuasive essay topics has also been provided for you to choose from.

If you still have trouble crafting a good title, you can seek help from friends or people with an understanding of your topic. At, however, our professional paper writers will help you craft a good persuasive essay.


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