History Research Paper Topics: A Complete List

History Research Paper Topics: A Complete List

Do you find history assignments uninteresting and challenging? Worry not. You do not have to read lengthy books and diverse subjects to come up with unique and interesting topics. This article has compiled a comprehensive list of history research paper topics to write about.

It is important to study history in schools as it helps to gain knowledge about past events and build a better future. Students get to understand how the world came into existence. How wars, tragedies, and other misfortunes led to changes in the world.

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History Research Paper Topics: A Complete List
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History helps students appreciate different cultures and traditions. You come to understand why some laws and social movements were formed. You also learn to develop good analytical and critical skills.

What is a history research paper?

A history research paper is a piece of writing that analyzes the primary and secondary bases related to the time of the history being reviewed. The main aim is to create a thesis statement and to write supportive ideas and points for your essay paper.

To write a compelling history research paper, you need to choose an interesting and attention-grabbing topic. With this, it will be easy to write your paper.

Which topics are referred to as good?

It may be challenging to define a good history topic without working with prior topic analysis and outline. This is possible while working with deep history projects involving arguments and discussions.

With the many diverse history research topics available, a topic is referred to as a good topic if;

  • It is relevant
  • It has a clear statement
  • It focuses on specific issues or events
  • It has facts supported by credible sources
  • There are historic events mentioned
  • Follows the correct structure and thesis statement
  • It follows the rule of one idea, one paragraph

When writing a history research paper, you should stick to one writing style. This could be; argumentative, reflective, analytical, or comparative style. This is essential as your professor wants to see your effort and input in writing your history research paper.

Selecting good history research topics

If you are not provided with a history research paper topic, you are expected to narrow down ideas to come up with a good topic. Put effort to come up with an inspiring and unique topic. Here are the simple steps to follow while selecting your topic;

  1. Brainstorm available research topics

Go through as many topics as you can and select the ones that inspire you most.  Try to expand several topics to see the ones you can write about. In your research, you may come across; history essay topics for high school students, college students, university or Master’s students.

  1. Choose a topic

Ensure you choose a topic you like and have an interest in. It can be challenging to write about a topic you have no interest in. Review interesting historical events to write about before you settle on a certain topic.

  1. Research about the subject you chose

After settling on a good topic idea, continue researching to ensure you find enough sources and information to support your ideas and facts. Ensure you cite your research paper properly to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Analyze several thesis statements before

A thesis statement forms the basis of any research paper. Come up with many of them to make it easy to adjust when writing the body paragraphs. After analyzing available thesis statements, choose one that favors you.

  1. Find reliable sources

There are many sources of information online. Some are legit while some are not. When gathering information for your history research paper, check for reliable sources. If you are not sure, you can confirm with your professor whether your sources are reliable.

  1. Start with designing an outline

An outline is the basic structure of any paper. Beginning with an outline helps in keeping information logical and neat. Many research papers follow the structure of introduction, thesis statement, 3 to 5 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

All history research paper topics should meet the requirements of the assignment. In case you have doubts over the topics you have chosen, you can confirm with your instructor. You can also look for research paper writers online.

What to consider before choosing history research paper topics

history research paper topics

Before selecting a topic to write about, ask yourself the following history research questions;

  1. How do the topics relate to you and the readers?
  2. What is the content of your paper?
  3. Why does the main point matter at the time you write your paper?
  4. How do the topics relate to the time of discussion and its importance in the current world?
  5. Where is your topic relevant? At a local, or international level
  6. Who are the providers of information and who are affected?

Tips for selecting good history research topics

  • Choose a topic that is easily debatable to facilitate proper research
  • Narrow down your topic to something you can manage
  • Review the guidelines outlined in your assignment about topic selection
  • Refer to the notes you have learned in class to refresh your knowledge of the assignment and the course
  • Talk about ideas you have with a friend or a family member to help to raise more points on the topics
  • Consult with your professor and your fellow students when stuck

Current history research paper topics

If you have a challenge selecting good history topics for research, do not worry. History covers many categories similar to social work research topics. You can get your research paper topic from any cate. Here are some of the categories you can look into while selecting your topics.

General topics

  1. Interaction of people with the surrounding environment; this includes, climate changes, Agriculture, fighting diseases among others
  2. Development of the interaction of cultures; how religion like humanism spread
  3. Capitalism, communism, globalization, and other economic systems
  4. Social structures based on gender, class, and race
  5. Social hierarchy growth and specialization of labor
  6. Rise and fall of empires, building states, armed conflicts among others

If you do not know where to get your history research paper topics, consider the following current topics. They are divided according to the subjects they belong to. Check them out and see which one fits your interests and research paper project.

Research paper topics on ancient history

  1. Ancient Egypt and symbolism
  2. The role of women in prehistoric Britain
  3. Sumerian traditions and culture
  4. Analysis of near Eastern civilization
  5. The value of water sources for central Anatolia
  6. The history of Palestine
  7. Immorality and death in Ancient Egypt
  8. Prophets and religion
  9. Distributions of responsibilities in the iron age
  10. What was the role of police in ancient Rome?

Research topics on modern history

  1. Negative role of globalization
  2. Effects of the involvement of the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO
  3. Reasons for social inequality
  4. What caused the Syrian conflict?
  5. What are the cultural changes in the modern world?
  6. Explain the journey of rebuilding the United States
  7. Explosion of Chernobyl
  8. Analysis of the Patriot Act
  9. How was the United States involved in Afghanistan?
  10. Explain the world’s great recession

History research paper topics on ancient history

  1. Facts and myths related to voting in ancient Greece
  2. Ancients strikes, demonstrations, and protests
  3. Similarities and differences between ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece
  4. Research the most potent military in ancient history
  5. Discuss the philosophy of the ancient Greek
  6. What were the grounds of the civilian’s life in Ancient Rome?
  7. Explain some of the games (entertainment or moral) played in ancient Rome?
  8. What was the role of police officers in ancient Rome?
  9. Is Alexander the great the most understanding leader in history? Why?
  10. Explain the social and religious functioning of the Greek mythology

World history research paper topics

  1. Effects of the American Mexican war
  2. History of Crusades and religion
  3. What caused the thirty years war?
  4. How were weapons used in ancient civilization?
  5. How were the bridal ceremonies conducted in ancient Rome?
  6. The impact of apartheid
  7. Colonization in South America
  8. How were the social relationships in medieval Europe?
  9. Discuss the aftershocks of the cold war
  10. Spain and Britain in the battle of the seas

United States history research paper topics

The United States is one of the countries with advanced economies in the world. It has achieved this after witnessing a lot of dramatic events. For this reason, you can get interesting history research paper topics in this area. They include;

  1. Independence declaration in 1776
  2. Roots and spread of Slavery in the United States
  3. Proclamation and emancipation in 1863
  4. What were the causes of the civil war?
  5. Analysis of the interwar period
  6. The impact of American native culture
  7. Vietnam war and ethics, causes and effects
  8. Effects of industrialization on the social movements in America
  9. Practices of the American south religion
  10. What were the characteristics of the revolutionary war?

History research topics on 20th century

  1. What were the reasons behind dictatorship and how did it affect the civilians in the 20th century?
  2. Causes of economic depression and ways through which it was resolved
  3. Labor class and the Russian revolution
  4. Explain how a crime was organized in the 1920s by the American society
  5. Impact of Chicago movement
  6. Describe the history day of the veterans
  7. What was the role of American imperialism?
  8. Describe the uprising of the democratic movements in the 20th century
  9. Explain the events of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  10. What were the causes and effects of the nuclear age?

Topics on European history

There are many countries in Europe with unique cultures, economic, and political backgrounds. As a result, there are many topics related to this area. Here are some of the interesting history topics you can write from European history;

  1. What were the military innovations between World War I and II?
  2. Explain the nationalistic trends in Egypt
  3. Causes of the rise of empiricism in Europe
  4. Distribution of force in the French revolution
  5. What were the civil rights of women in the 18th century in France?
  6. Analyze the mid-Tudor crisis and the effects?
  7. Europe literacy in the 19th century, how did people gain knowledge during the time?
  8. Discuss the western theories and propaganda
  9. With hunts related to the catholic church
  10. How was the gender bias in England in the 17th century?

History research paper topics on World War II

  1. Describe how the United States entered into World War II and the reasons why they delayed
  2. How did the events of World War II affect the life of black Americans and their rights?
  3. Explain the usage of different animals in World War II, what roles did the animals play?
  4. How were arts used during World War 11? Who are some of the artists involved in World War II?
  5. How did police officers communicate during World War II? Describe the significance of radio and provide examples of its effects on the war
  6. Explain how the lives of ordinary people changed during the events of World War II
  7. Explain how Hitler managed to gain a lot of power within a short period, what was the secret behind the power?
  8. Why is World War II referred to as the golden age of aviation? Choose a particular battle to explain the situation
  9. What are some of the products created during the war and what role did they play in society and culture?
  10. What are some of the problems that were caused by lack of food during World War II?

African American history research topics

  1. Explain how African American migration of the urban south occurred
  2. What were some of the traditions and beliefs in African American culture?
  3. Rebirth of racial liberalism and black power
  4. The dream of Africa and America and the utopia of black power
  5. Explain the origin of the slave trade in the African American history
  6. Discuss civil and human rights about the economist justice struggle and martin Luther King
  7. Explain the interpretation of the jazz community; identity expressed through music, race, and culture
  8. How did the African American women enter the world of poets and dramatists?
  9. Explain some of the folktales, legends, and myths related to the African American society
  10. Explain the struggle of civilians in seeking justice within a hostile community in African American society

Topics related to the American Revolution battles and key events

  1. Explain how the colonies and Great Britain developed ways to study each other to win the wars
  2. How is the battle of Saratoga one of the most successful battles in the war of independence?
  3. Explain how military camps facilitated the spread of smallpox, dysentery, and other diseases to the soldiers in the battle
  4. Discuss the events that led to good military action
  5. Explain the events that led to the banker hill battle
  6. What was the role of Alexander Hamilton in the battles?
  7. Explain the route of Princeton and Trenton battles
  8. Analyze the Townshend acts during the long island battle
  9. How did the Boston Tea party help in solving battles in the United States at that period?
  10. How long did the long island battle last?

World War I history research paper topics

  1. Explain the human cost in world war I
  2. Discuss the treaty of Versailles in world war I
  3. Explain how the Americans entered the war
  4. The revolution of Russia during world war I
  5. What are some of the chemical weapons used during the war?
  6. Explain the campaign of Gallipoli
  7. Eastern and western font in the eastern and western front world
  8. Explain the battle in the air and at the sea during world war I
  9. Discuss the assassination of Sarajevo
  10. Explain the process of entangling alliances during the events of world war I

These are good history essay topics for high school students, college students, and master’s students. Everything cannot be included in a single article. However, the topics have been simplified for easy understanding and research.

The topics listed in his article are not limited to words. You may change a topic a little bit or expound it further before writing. Ensure you make a good choice of words to grab the attention of the readers. 

To sum up

The success of any history research paper depends on the topic you choose and the quality of research. Sometimes it can be challenging to get good history research paper topics to write about. This article has provided a comprehensive list of current history topics to research.

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