Top 100 best evaluation essay topics

Top 100 best evaluation essay topics

Do you have an opinion about a book you have read, a movie you watched, or a particular product you like? Sometimes people may need information about a product or a service before they make a decision.

Writing about evaluation essay topics can help. Evaluation essays enable your readers to find out more about something that interests them. The following is a guide on good evaluation essay topics

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Top 100 best evaluation essay topics
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Evaluation essay topics

Choose evaluation topics that interest you. Make sure you can write a good essay on the subject you have selected. When the topic of your essay interests you, you will find it easy and enjoyable to research and write about it. Your audience will also find your writing interesting to read. Here are ideas on essay topics

Good evaluation essay topics

You can choose a compelling topic and write an evaluation of a product or a service. Good essay topics will keep your readers engaged. Here are examples of topics you can choose to write about

  1. Evaluate the reasons why you like a coffee house you regularly attend
  2. Evaluate the menu prices of your favorite restaurant
  3. Analyze your favorite sports team. Describe how well they performed in their last season.
  4. Evaluate the pros and cons of a cosmetic product you use.
  5. Evaluate a supermarket you frequently attend. Does it have a variety of products?
  6. Evaluate online relationships vs. traditional relationships

Evaluation essay topics on movies

Writing an evaluation on movies can be very interesting, especially if you enjoy watching them. You can evaluate various aspects of a movie, including the costume designs and the genre.

  1. When writing an academic evaluation on movies, you can focus on influential films. These are some of the evaluation essay topics you can select
  2. Evaluate live and recorded performances. Give your analysis of the quality of the sound
  3. Evaluate a historical movie and determine how events are portrayed
  4. Analyze the ending of a film and decide whether it ended properly
  5. Evaluate the changes in a movie remake. Discuss how the plot of the film changed
  6. Watch movies that have the same director and analyze the similarities or differences. Evaluate the strategies the director used.

Controversial evaluation essay topics

When writing about a controversial subject, there is no right or wrong answer. This type of essay writing  is exciting, and you will learn many things as you write it. Choose an exciting topic that will grab your readers’ attention and keep them hooked in your essay. The following are controversial essay topics you can use:

  1. Is abortion ethical? Should it be a woman’s choice?
  2. Is it right for scientists to perform experiments on animals?
  3. Should school uniforms be banned?
  4. Is cannabis a medical drug?

Funny evaluation topics

A humorous evaluation essay can make your paper memorable. Grading students can sometimes be a dull process, but you can motivate your instructor with a fun essay topic.

This way, your instructor will laugh, remember you, and he or she is likely to give you a higher grade. Below are some funny essay topics

  1. What do you think is the outcome of overtraining
  2. Evaluate the worst song you have ever heard
  3. Evaluate the type of music you hate
  4. Evaluate things your mum always says
  5. Analyze ways you can make yourself popular
  6. Compare and evaluate receiving gifts vs. giving gifts
  7. Evaluate the difference between washing dishes and laundering
  8. Evaluate your preference for cats or dogs
  9. Evaluate your farm life
  10. Evaluate your love for food or sleep

Comparative evaluation essay topics

A compare and contrast evaluation essay help your readers in making the right decision between two subjects. Choose topics that you are interested in so that you feel inspired to compare and contrast them. It is easier to write about an interesting subject and get a higher grade in your coursework writing.

  1. Evaluate using an email vs. using the usual mail post. Compare and contrast both methods
  2. Evaluate online shopping vs. shopping in a mall. Compare and contrast both methods.
  3. Compare and contrast using Skype vs. using a phone
  4. Compare and contrast your favorite coffee vs. your favorite tea
  5. Compare and determine online learning vs. in-person learning

Ethical evaluation essay topics

Choose ethical evaluation essay topics that are relevant and interesting. When your topic is relevant, you will find enough material to write about it.

Make sure your topic has something to do with ethics. Choose an exciting subject that will grab your instructor’s attention. Here are evaluation topics on ethics

  1. Evaluate the effects of racial profiling
  2. Analyze and evaluate recycling of medical equipment. Should it be allowed?
  3. Are people born good or evil?
  4. Evaluate what free will means? Does it exist?
  5. Evaluate how smoking can affect pregnant women.
  6. Evaluate the threats caused by cybercrime
  7. Evaluate how plagiarism affects students success
  8. Analyze the causes of bullying in schools
  9. Analyze the causes of cheating in exams
  10. Should churches be part of politics?

Critical evaluation essay topics on literature, movies, and art

Literature reviews, art, and movies are essential to society. They help people become better and learn more about the world and the changes that are happening.

These topics will enable you to write about your thoughts and analyze art. Here are some critical evaluation essay examples

  1. Evaluate and give an analysis of live performances vs. recorded music. Discuss the differences in sound quality.
  2. Evaluate and analyze how classical books are different from modern books.
  3. Analyze a historical movie. Did it correctly portray events?
  4. Review how the main message of a theoretical play or music was conveyed
  5. Evaluate the actors of a play or musical.
  6. Analyze how an art movement influence society
  7. Evaluate the ending of a movie, book, or play
  8. Evaluate plays that have been directed by the same person. Look at their similarities. Find out if the director has used the same tactics.
  9. Analyze how a literature movement influenced literature at a particular time. Analyze its impact in modern literature.

Evaluation argument essay topics

evaluation essay topics

Argument evaluation essays enable you to analyze things and think critically.  The following are evaluation argument essay topics you can choose

  1. Evaluate and compare different health care systems
  2. Assess how self-driving cars function
  3. Evaluate how accurate weather forecasts affect people’s lives
  4. Evaluate the impact of advertisements on business
  5. Assess the most important service that your gym offers
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of facilities in a swimming pool near you
  7. Evaluate the effects of video games on teenagers
  8. Analyze the effectiveness of ad slogans
  9. Analyze methods of stopping street gangs
  10. Evaluate health benefits of video games

Education evaluation essay topics

Writing about education helps to shed light on the problems in schools and colleges. Education systems need to be improved in most countries around the world. Highlighting issues or recommending solutions through an evaluation essay can help improve modern education.

Ask your friends or relatives to share their opinion on your topic and do your research to add depth to your paper. Provide evidence like statistics, relevant data, and academic articles  support your viewpoint. Here are some essay topics on education

  1. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of public schools and private schools
  2. Assess the best test tool to evaluate students’ knowledge in your college
  3. Evaluate how science programs in schools are giving students the skills they need for the future
  4. Compare hard copy textbooks vs. online materials and evaluate which one is more effective in educating students
  5. Compare mentorship and tutoring programs and evaluate their effectiveness
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of software programs in schools
  7. Evaluate and find out if community service is effective on students
  8. Compare and evaluate regular schools and year-round schools. Find out which one is better than the other
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of physical education in schools and the opinion of students about it.
  10. Evaluate the most effective assessment method in your school

Technology evaluation essay topics

Technology is a big part of today’s life. People use gadgets almost everywhere, like in schools, colleges, and in the workplace. Writing about technology will help realize its impact on society and what needs to be changed.

The evaluation helps in analyzing the influence of technology in people’s lives. You can share your personal experience with your audience. The following are evaluation essay topics on technology

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of the smartphone you are using
  2. Choose a popular app and evaluate it. Give reasons why it is popular and describe what the app is good at doing
  3. Evaluate your web browser and state its benefits
  4. Select your favorite digital textbook and evaluate its effectiveness compared with a hard copy textbook. Say why you think it is more effective
  5. Evaluate the use of smartphones and existing regulations on using phones while driving
  6. Evaluate the influence of innovative technology in music. What changes has technology caused in the music industry?
  7. Evaluate how a laptop and a desktop computer work. How do they satisfy your needs?
  8. Evaluate how video games have impacted the younger generations. Look at the benefits or dangers of video games for students.
  9. Evaluate how you have ever applied a video game on a different platform.
  10. Evaluate how you think technology will evolve in the future. Write how it will progress.

Evaluation essay topics on culture

The subject of culture can give you unique evaluation essay topics. It includes elements like food, clothes, language, customs, and beliefs.

It determines what is acceptable or unacceptable in society. This makes an essay on culture informative. The following are topic ideas on a culture that you can write about

  1. Evaluate strategies of cultivating a culture in children
  2. Evaluate wars and their consequences
  3. Analyze multiculturalism and its consequences
  4. Evaluate evidence of Westernization and its consequences
  5. Evaluate culture shock and its impact
  6. Assess cultural diversity in the U.S.
  7. Evaluate the influences of internet communication on culture
  8. Evaluate the difference between modern art and ancient art
  9. Analyze the origin of rap as a culture
  10. Evaluate Taoism and its impact on Indian culture

Evaluation essay topics on restaurants

People love eating out and experiencing new venues. Evaluating a restaurant will provide answers that people are looking for when they want to eat out and have a unique experience. Here are some essay topics on evaluating a restaurant

  1. Evaluate a restaurant setting that you like
  2. Evaluate the location and parking of your favorite restaurant
  3. Evaluate the ambiance of your favorite restaurant
  4. Evaluate the friendliness of waiters in a restaurant near you.
  5. Evaluate how fast food is served in your favorite restaurant
  6. Evaluate food presentation in the best restaurant in town
  7. Evaluate how wine is served in your favorite restaurant
  8. Analyze the cleanliness of a top restaurant in your town
  9. Assess the decorations and design of your favorite restaurant
  10. Evaluate the prices on the menu of a restaurant near you
  11. Analyze a specific great experience you had in a new restaurant

How to write an evaluation essay

 An evaluation essay is among the essays that your college instructor can ask you to write. When you are required to write an evaluation essay assignment, the first question you will ask yourself is, “what is an evaluation essay?”

An evaluation essay is also known as a critical evaluation paper or evaluative writing. It is an academic paper that requires you to provide judgment on a topic.

When performing an evaluation, you will give your opinion about the topic and provide evidence to support it. Make sure your evaluation is within reason and unbiased.  Here are the elements of an evaluation essay

1.     Audience

Before you start writing your evaluation essay, think about your target audience and what might interest them. Some people may not be interested in your topic while others may find it interesting and useful.

When writing your essay, tailor it to people who will find it interesting and valuable. Make sure you resonate with your audience.

Think about all the aspects of your essay, including the tone of voice, personality, and language. This will make your essay effective. Do not write for the general public.

2.     Develop your thesis statement

A thesis statement will help you define the goal of your evaluation paper. Your thesis will act as a guide to how you will write about evaluation essay topics.

It tells your readers what your paper is about and your position on the subject. How long is a thesis statement? A thesis statement should be 1 or 2 sentences long. Make sure it is clear and do not use quotes.

3.     Criteria

Determine the ideal product or service. This is the expected outcome of what you will be evaluating. A criterion ensures that the process is an evaluation and not a personal opinion. 

It determines whether the standard was met or not. For example, the expected outcome of a hotel is impressive accommodation, professional staff, and cleanliness, nutritious and delicious food.


When judging a product or service, you are establishing whether the criteria were met or not. You look at various aspects of the essay topics and make your judgment.


After providing specific judgment on the product or service, you need to support it with evidence. Provide credible and supportive evidence from journals, books, or publications. This way, your judgment is no longer an opinion but a fact that is backed up with relevant evidence.

6. Introduction paragraph

Start writing your evaluation essay with an exciting topic. Research your topic and use it to attract the interest of your audience. Your introduction should hook your readers so that they can read the entire evaluation essay.

Start with a joke, a short story, or any other hook that will appeal to your audience. Write an overview of your topic and why your audience should be interested in your essay.

Establish criteria you will use in the evaluation process. Make sure you write your thesis statement at the end of your introduction.

7.Body paragraph

The body section is where you use your criteria to evaluate a product or service. Give your judgment and support it with relevant sources.

You can use evidence like quotes, examples, or statistics in justifying evaluation essay topics. When necessary, provide the opposite view or other additional information. Use the same formula for the other paragraphs in the body of your paper.

8.Conclusion paragraph

This is the final paragraph of your evaluation essay and a final opportunity to impact your audience. Make sure you highlight your main points and restate your thesis statement.

Paraphrase your thesis instead of copying it. Link your conclusion to your introduction and end with a call to action.

Evaluation essay writing tips

It can be challenging to write an evaluation essay without understanding some key points you need to pay attention to. The following tips will help make your evaluation solid:

1.Make an interesting presentation of your subject

Provide your readers with adequate information and a clear explanation of your subject. When your readers are well informed, they can agree with what you are saying and your judgment. For example, when a movie leaves the audience in suspense, you need to decide on the information to discuss and how to discuss it.

2. Help readers decide

Help readers to make a decision by enabling them to understand and agree with your evaluation. Provide your readers with enough details so that they can make a decision.

3.      Focus more on review and less summary

The summary of your subject should be short, and your main focus should be on the review. Your summary should not be more than one-third of your paper. The remaining part of your paper should focus on evaluating your subject.

4.     Make your evaluation clear

Make your essay effective by introducing your subject in the introduction paragraph. For example, job evaluation essay topics should describe jobs as the main subject. This should be clear from the beginning and get readers involved early in the introduction paragraph.

5.     Make an authoritative judgment

State your judgment clearly and give reasons that are specific and convincing. Make sure you back up your judgment with credible evidence.

This way, your decision is not an opinion but a fact. Depending on your subject and the argument, you can give a counter-argument. This is effective when you disagree with the views of most people.

6. Focus on your target audience

Write your evaluation essay to a specific target audience. This way, you can address their specific needs and offer them value.

When you focus on a specific audience, you will use language and tone of voice that resonates with them. This is how your essay can become more effective.

7.Consider using an evaluation example

An evaluation essay example will give you ideas on how to write your paper. Check online for sample evaluation essay topics and learn how to write various evaluation essays.

Choose essays in your area of interest and look at the writing style and criteria that the author has used. This way, you can develop your writing skills.

8.     Proofread your work

Read through your essay and correct any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. Ensure you have used your criteria in the evaluation process. Confirm that you have provided reasonable and unbiased judgment, and the evidence in your essay is relevant.

Key takeaway

In most cases, your instructor will provide evaluation essay topics for your essay. Other times you may need to find a topic for your evaluation essay. To find a good evaluation essay topic, you need to choose a subject that interests you.

Make sure you will enjoy researching and writing about the topic. Your audience will also enjoy reading your work. Give passionate views and keep your audience engaged. Make an authoritative judgment concerning your subject and help your readers make a decision. To learn more on the best evaluation essay topics, contact us.












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