Top 50 elements of persuasive essay writing

Top 50 elements of persuasive essay writing

Do you want to know how to write a captivating  persuasive essay that will make your audience attentive and eager to read more? Writing a persuasive paper is different from other types of documents.

Including elements of persuasive essay writing in your essay will capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Here is what you need to know about  elements of persuasive essay  writing to achieve the desired outcome.

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Top 50 elements of persuasive essay writing
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What are persuasive techniques?

These are ways that enable you to trigger a reaction from your readers. The purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince an audience to do something specific.

Persuasive writing techniques will make a compelling essay different from other types of papers or reports. When you want to start writing your persuasive paper, you need to know “what are the elements of persuasive writing?”

Elements of persuasive writing

Writing a persuasive essay aims to convince your audience that your point of view is the right one. Whether you are selling a product or taking a stand on a particular subject, you need your audience to agree with you.

Conduct thorough research and select an interesting subject for your persuasive essay. Find out elements you need to use to make your writing compelling. Here is a persuasive elements list that will enable you to achieve your goal.

1.     A catchy and engaging title

Your title or heading is the most critical part of your persuasive essay. It is what will attract readers even before they get to the introduction of your paper.

Make sure it is catchy and engaging to entice your readers. You can use persuasive writing techniques examples such as numbers, making a promise, or including emotional adjectives when crafting a title.

2.     Hook your audience

The first paragraph of your essay should capture your readers’ attention and hook them to your writing. Your introduction should be brief and captivating.

Your first sentence can be a rhetorical question that will make an audience curious. Such an opening will raise questions in readers’ minds, and they will want to continue reading to find answers.

Other hooks you can use are anecdotes, interesting facts, or statistics. Select a hook that is suitable for your work.

The type of hook you select depends on your audience and the kind of content you want to produce. When you begin writing your persuasive essay in an interesting style, your audience will likely read your entire paper and take action.

3.     Provoke emotions

When convincing your audience to take a particular action, you need to motivate them first. Provoking your audience’s emotions will not only help you to connect with them, but also motivate readers to take action.

Your audience can decide to buy a product or change their thinking when you appeal to their emotions and empathize with them. Show your audience through your coursework writing that you care about their needs.

4.     Provide proof

When writing a persuasive paper, you need to include a proof. Audiences rely on evidence to make a decision whether they believe you or not.

Include strong evidence that will make your audience believe your claim and act favorably towards it. Evidence like statistics, facts, and statements from credible and authoritative sources can help readers quickly decide.

5.     Show authority

Audiences can quickly believe a credible and experienced writer in any field. It is easier for people to pay attention to experts in a particular area than someone who is not an expert.

When writing your persuasive essay in school, you may not have the field experience or expertise, but you can refer to expert sources. Elements of persuasive essay in middle schools or colleges can include phrases like “experts say” or “research shows.”

Other terms you can use are “chairman,” “president,” or “CEO.” People like to listen to authority, making your writing authoritative even if you are not an expert.

6.     Tell a story

Awaken your reader’s imagination with an interesting story that they can relate to. Paint a scenario in the minds of readers.

Let them imagine themselves in the story you are narrating. A personal story about your life, victories, and challenges can help build trust and motivate readers. Stories help to draw your audience in and keep them engaged in your writing.

7.     Write for your audience

Tailor your writing towards your audience. Write from their perspective to make them agree with your claim.

For example, when writing about a new gadget or about a particular subject, determine whether your audience is interested in details or not. Sometimes an audience may be more interested in benefits and not technical details.

8.     Include credibility

When your writing is credible, it makes your audience trust what you are saying. Write about what you have achieved and the awards you have received that make your essay credible.

Provide content from credible and reliable sources that add trust to your work. Industry influencers, examples, and relevant quotes, which are elements of persuasive writing, can make your essay convincing.

9.     Show honesty and authenticity

Put yourself in the place of your readers. Are you sure you would buy the product you are trying to sell?

Do you think you would be convinced by the information you have provided? Honesty and authenticity will make readers take action you want them to take. It will make your writing more effective.

10.Provide statistics

Statistics make your writing more believable and credible. Shocking statistics can make your audience intrigued and eager to find out more information.

When you use industry data, it proves you have thoroughly researched your work, and you are offering valuable information to your readers. Make sure you cite credible sources to show where you retrieved your data from.

11.Answer your reader’s questions

Think about questions that readers may ask about your subject and try to answer them. This will help you provide comprehensive information to your audience.

12.Incorporate rhetoric questions

Rhetoric questions are a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Challenge the minds of your readers so that they think deeply about your subject. This will make them curious enough to keep their minds engaged and to keep them reading.

13.Include vocabulary in your writing

When your language is exciting, your readers will keep reading. Descriptive words will create an image in the minds of your audience, and they will enjoy reading your text.

It will also draw them into your writing and engage them as they read your message. The correct verbs, adverbs, and adjectives can be powerful in persuading your audience compared to simple words that are overused. Describe a scenario or product vividly and give details where necessary.

14.Demonstrate knowledge

Your writing should show that you have the knowledge and the needed expertise to handle a subject. This gives your audience confidence that you know what you are talking about. Readers are confident they are receiving high-quality and valuable information.

When your readers perceive you as an expert in your subject, the impact of your writing becomes stronger. A college or university student can prove knowledge in a subject of discussion through research skills. Perform an in-depth research and provide a solid essay with credible evidence and relevant examples.

15.Give benefits

When your goal is to convince your readers about buying a particular product or service, write about its benefits. Inform readers how they will benefit from your subject clearly and concisely. Avoid fluff and give readers useful content.

16.Present your viewpoint

Take a stand and tell readers about your point of view clearly and concisely. You should be sure about your standpoint and articulate it clearly. This will enable you to convince your audience to support your point of view.

17.Present significant information first

When writing a persuasive essay, present the most important information at the beginning of your work. Do not keep your audience waiting for too long before you give them relevant information.

Other details can come later. This follows the inverted pyramid model.

18.Address counter arguments

Similar to argumentative writing techniques, your persuasive writing should recognize counter-arguments. Address opposing views fairly and objectively.

Make sure your point of view is seen as the better option, even when addressing counter-arguments. Considering these opposing arguments helps you provide your audience with a well-balanced essay. This will help your readers make an informed choice.

19.Add testimonies

Testimonies from people who have used a product or a service can be strong evidence that will quickly convince your audience. Testimonials make your writing credible and encourage readers to take action.

20.Tone of voice

Your tone of voice should resonate with your audience. Depending on the type of content and audience you have, you can select the most appropriate voice.

For example, your tone can be formal, polite, assertive, or humorous. Make sure you choose the right tone for your audience.

21.Engage your audience

Keep your audience engaged. This will make them read your entire content and do what you want them to do. A voice that is persuasive, engaging, and enjoyable to read will enable you to achieve your writing goals.

22.Be precise

Make use of elements of persuasive writing that help you give specific information. Do not be vague in your writing.

Give specific measurements, time frames, and quantities. Your writing should be clear and precise.

23.Write consistently

When you have taken a position, make sure you are consistent in defending it. Consistency will develop trust, and your audience can believe your viewpoint. Back up your points with credible evidence and examples.

24.Identify a problem and solve it

Identify your audience’s pain points and solve them. Empathizing with your readers and solving their problems makes you relevant to them.

25.Include Humor

Making people laugh helps to make them at ease and more receptive to your message. It builds an association and helps make your writing effective.

26.Show passion

Choose a persuasive essay topic that you are passionate about. Show your passion for your research and writing.

Watch videos, documentaries and read interesting articles about your subject to increase your passion. This will make readers enjoy reading your persuasive essay.

27.Make your writing relatable

Convince your audience easily using analogies, metaphors, and similes. This helps to make your essay relatable and easy to read.

28.Anticipate objections and address them

Understand your subject well and anticipate any objections that readers might think about when they read your essay. Write down the opposing views and address them effectively.

29.Present your thesis statement

A strong thesis statement is the foundation of any solid persuasive essay. Your thesis is what gives your writing direction and makes it effective.

Create a clear and concise thesis statement that states your position. Make sure your thesis will help you create your desired impact.

30.Give incentives

There are specific phrases that will encourage readers to want to read your essay more. For example, you can use words like “Not only is it.”, “This is the best part…” Such phrases entice the readers to read further and find out more information.

31.Elements of persuasive writing repetition

When you want readers to remember something specific in your writing, you can use repetition. This is an excellent way to push your view and reinforce it in the minds of readers.

32.Structure your sentences in different ways

Vary your sentences in length and in structure. You should start your sentences in different ways to make them more interesting and less boring to your readers.

33.Use short sentences

Avoid long and complicated sentences. Short sentences are easy to read and understand. Long sentences can be confusing and difficult to understand.

34.Persuasive writing structure

Structure your work in a logical way. An outline enables you to organize your thoughts so that your audience can follow your line of reasoning.

It makes your work have a good flow from the start of your essay to the end. When you use an outline, it helps you to remember and include all your significant points and communicate effectively.

When writing your research  paper, you can check how to present your work using a persuasive essay pdf. Your content should have the following order


The first sentence of your introduction should capture your readers’ attention. The following two or three sentences should provide background information and put your topic in context. The final part of your introduction is a brief and clear thesis statement

Body paragraph

Your body paragraph is where you present your main arguments. Most persuasive essays have up to three body paragraphs.

The paragraphs begin with a topic sentence followed by evidence and examples. A concluding sentence ends the discussion point and smoothly transitions the reader to the next point. Each sub-point is discussed in its own paragraph.


This is the final paragraph of your persuasive essay. Make it impactful. Include a call to action, restate your thesis statement and highlight your main points.

35.Incorporate transitions

Transitions give your writing a smooth flow and make it easy for readers to move from one point to the next. You can research and look at various persuasive writing samples to understand how to use transitions effectively.

36.Include personal language

When writing your persuasive essay, use language that is personal and engaging. For example, use words like “we,” “us,”” you,” and” our.” Such terms make your essay more conversational.

37.Format your work using bullet and subheadings points

Bullet points help to make your work easy to read. Readers can quickly skim through your work and find the information they are looking for.

Subheadings also act like signposts to direct readers where specific information can be found. Correctly formatting your work encourages readers to read it.

38.Include influential words

Words that can influence readers help to produce desired results. For example, words like free products or services, instant or exclusive.

39.Write your unique points

Inform your readers about your unique selling points. When writing a persuasive paper, give your audience reasons why they should choose your product or service instead of your competitor.

Give reasons from fair prices to guarantees that you offer. Such offers will help readers make a quick decision.

40.Predict scenarios

Predict what might happen in the future. Paint a clear image of a scenario in the minds of your audience.

Let them know what would happen if things continue as they are. This is a great technique to make your audience change their minds about an issue.

41.Call to action

When concluding a persuasive paper, make sure you include a call to action. This is one of the essential elements of persuasive writing.

After presenting your arguments and convincing your audience about your subject, tell them what they should do next. Make sure you are clear and brief in your call to action. Tell your audience why your call to action is beneficial to them.

42.Persuasive essay writing that shows success in your subject

Success stories are a powerful way to motivate your audience to accept your viewpoint. When they hear people who have successfully done what you are talking about, they get inspired to try it.

43.Polite language

You may take a strong position on a particular subject, but you should not use rude or harsh language. People are likely to respond to polite and empathetic tones, so make sure your language is polite.


Scarcity makes people want to take quick action to get a product or service. Words like limited supply or limited offer can make an audience swing into action and purchase a product or service

45.Provide easy-to-read content

Provide content that readers can read quickly and understand. Avoid complex words or jargon.

Write paragraphs with two to three short sentences. When your persuasive essay is readable, then it is enjoyable to your audience.

5 persuasive essay writing techniques to remember

Persuasive writing should be crafted in a unique way so that it can be effective in archiving your goals. The following is a persuasive element list you should not forget

46.Know your audience

It is important to know to who you are writing your persuasive essay. Think about your audience and find out their desires, passions, professions, likes, and dislikes.

Gather as much information as possible about your readers. This information will enable you to tailor your content to suit your audience. Your writing will be relevant and engaging, and your audience will be willing to hear from you.

47.Include Ethos

Ethos means you need to establish your credibility as a writer. People will be willing to read your writing if they know you are credible.

Mention your achievement or education background that makes you suitable to write about a particular subject. When you are an authority in your field, people are sure to get valuable and high-quality content.

48.  Pathos

This is when you appeal to the emotions of your readers. Emotional feelings can create a sense of connectedness that motivates readers to take a specific action.


Appeal to your audience’s logic. These are logically organized arguments. They are factual information that is backed up by credible evidence and examples.

50.Provide reasons

Readers should understand why you want them to think in a particular way or purchase a specific item. Understanding why someone has to do something makes it easier for people to take action.

Key takeaway

Practicing how to craft content that can influence your audience will help you achieve your goal. Understanding the elements of persuasive writing enables you to create convincing and engaging content.

This will help you to produce high-quality work that will improve your grades. Make sure your work is properly structured and flows logically from one point to the next.

Select the elements that are suitable for your paper depending on your topic and audience. This is how to produce a compelling paper and achieve your goal. To learn more about the elements of persuasive essay writing, contact us.






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