How to write communication research topics

How to write communication research topics

Communication research topics are fascinating but difficult to find. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways you can develop a topic for your paper. We will also look at how to choose a topic that is interesting and relevant. You will discover what it takes to make a great topic even better by conducting cutting-edge research using neuroscience tools.

Communication Research Definition

Communication research involves identifying, discovering, and measuring the aspects which surround communication regarding any topic. The field focuses on assembling empirical data and creates theories that help comprehend the complexity of communication.

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How to write communication research topics
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The following list includes some common areas of study within the field of communication:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Mass Media Research
  • Organizational Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Political Speech

Communication research enables you to review theories in all aspects in the field of communication. It is perceived to be an international forum that aims at professional or academic individuals who have interest in current research in the related fields.

Communication Studies Approaches

Before proceeding to communication topics and the writing process, consider the distinct approaches used to study communication. They include interpretive approach, social science, critical and postmodern approaches.

Interpretive approach

The approach treats human behaviors as creative and unpredictable. It uses qualitative methods that originate from anthropology and linguistic. The interpretive approach aims at understanding and explaining behaviors rather than predicting them.

You can therefore study culture from member’s perspectives and not through frameworks levied by researchers. It is also referred to as the humanist approach.

Social science approach

It suggests that you can predict human behaviors. As a functionalist approach, it purposes to describe and predict behavior in human beings. The approach relies on quantitative research methods combined with observations.

It stems from sociological and psychological researches. In addition, it sees culture as a measurable variable that influences dialogue, the same way as personality.

Postmodern approach

With the postmodern approach, you understand the current human condition over subjective perceptions of other people. Postmodern approach looks at reality as a collection of various truths. It challenges the social construction of ethnicity, race, and gender.

Critical Approach 

According to the critical approach, reality is perceived as subjective, and dialogue depends on the settings in which it occurs. It, therefore, study culture as a result of power struggle.

More to analyzing human behavior among different cultures, this approach intends to effect change in society. It seeks to liberate individuals with no power in society.

Identifying researchable topics in communication 

Coming up with research topics in communication can be a daunting task of your research process. You are required to read, understand and brainstorm the ideas.

To get a researchable topic, you will need to identify the most exciting aspects of human communication. If you have a communication phenomenon you have questions about will be a good starting point. Identify research focus and examine relevant theories before developing and narrowing down your research topic.

Background research is essential to help you understand the relevance and feasibility of carrying on with your topic. Ensure that you get a preview of the topic as you narrow down your research topic. Collect in-depth data to help you pinpoint unexplored areas or gaps in the communication research field.

As you perform your literature review, be sure to note down key terms and relevant concepts. Be ready to modify your topic if you do not obtain enough resources or have been researched widely. Information overload will mean that you get specific topics for your study.

General guidelines on communication research paper topics

In communication research, your instructor can give you the freedom to select a topic. Once you have decided on your subject, it is better to discuss it with your tutor. It will ensure that you comply with the assignment requirements.

Well-selected communication research topics for college students are the cornerstone of a high-quality research paper. Ensure that you give your selection process more time to enable you to choose an appropriate topic. Here are some guidelines;

  • Peruse through topics of your interest. It is helpful to have more information beyond your communication course. You will spend less time and effort looking for materials on your theme
  • Other than finding a topic you like, ensure that it has sufficient information that you will use for your research. Some topics can be exciting but have limited credible sources. Countercheck with your assignment requirements to see how many sources you need.
  • Ensure that you choose a topic that has enough to write about yet adequate blank areas to offer you a chance to research them.
  • Research papers are about digging deep, not exhaustive. Make sure you select a narrow communication research topic. Narrow topics in communication make it easy to research and analyze them exhaustively.
  • It is wise to consult your instructor. If they suggest that you alter your subject, it is in your best interest. Your instructor has the experience and can advise you on a good topic that will be manageable.
  • It would help to consider the required length of the paper before selecting your communication research topic. Some topics cannot be fully covered in short research, while others have limited material for long papers.

Interpersonal communication research topics

Interpersonal communication is the act of communicating with others, usually in person or through a medium such as text message or email. The goal may be to convey information, feelings, and thoughts about oneself.

Most interpersonal communication research topics focus on relationships that have high interdependence. The research expands on these close relationships that support, nurture and socialize persons to the social norms.

Mass communications research topics

Mass media research examines how individuals have been influenced by their exposure to mass media messages such as movies or television shows over time. This study area looks at what impacts people’s perception of themselves or others based on the media content they’ve consumed over time.

So having an awareness of mass media may help understand what influences one person from another through the messages they see every day. When choosing mass communication research topics, narrow it down to a specific area of study.

Choosing interesting communication topics

The key to finding an interesting topic for your communication research paper is to realize that themes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more focused, while others have a broad scope. You may want to think about the best fit for your interests before committing to one idea or another.

One of the most well-known types of papers includes experimental designs. These can vary from studying how certain variables change people’s responses to surveys. It can be through manipulating their sense of power.

The experimental design also observes individuals with specific instruments such as eye-tracking devices and facial coding technology. Other areas include person perception, interpersonal relationships, and self-presentation strategies. Media influence on society and culture include social networking/internet.

How to write an overview on topics in communication

There are many different ways to write communication research topics. Some of the critical elements that you should include in your paper include:

  • A statement about the problem, hypothesis, or theory proposed by researchers
  • The methods used for data collection and analysis (these can be qualitative or quantitative)
  • Any limitations found during data collection and analysis
  • Findings from the data collected as well as conclusions are drawn from those findings.

It is an overview of  essay writing communication research topics with more information on choosing a topic below. These are some of the topics you can choose from:

  • How people use social media
  • The impact of the internet on communication skills and relationships
  • Uses for texting in dating contexts, family relations, and friendships

How to find researchable topics in communication

Choosing communication research topics will depend on the specific area of study. Here are a few guidelines to follow to avoid choosing an uninteresting topic or have already been studied extensively.

Step One: Determine the Topic’s Purpose 

To make sure that your research is in line with the original purpose of a topic, you should review the literature on it. You can do this by searching for articles about a specific study and reading them carefully. It will help you see any limitations or biases within each article before proceeding forward with your work.

Step Two: Define Your Audience, and Target a Specific Niche 

A research paper should always have a clear audience. Some communication topics will appeal to more general audiences. While others will be targeted specifically towards a niche group or segment of society.

If you are looking for an education-based topic, go through your course syllabus and find ways to teach this particular subject matter in college classrooms. It can give you ideas about how to narrow down the scope of your work so that it appeals to your reader.

If you are researching communication, it is essential to understand your audience. Knowing this will help guide what type of methods and techniques you use to collect data and analyze the information you collect.

Step Three: Consider Current Trends in Communication Research 

Communication research topics are constantly changing and evolving with the world. New findings in neuroscience, biology, psychology often spark new communication-related research.

These findings can be used to explore different aspects of human behavior or social interaction.

It is therefore essential for researchers to stay up-to-date on current developments. Ensure that you read academic journals and books about these emerging fields.

It also means picking a topic based on what you find most interesting — your interests! For example, if you have an idea about how gaming could change the way people interact socially online, this might make for a great project area.

Keep in mind that there should be some connection between your proposed work and one or more disciplines, such as media studies. Explore topics that will give you more information to research and analyze.

How to research communication topics with neuroscientific tools

Neuroscience is a vast field that has been used to research topics related to communication. Neuroscience has given us new tools to research the process of communication, which means we can learn more about how people communicate than ever before! Studies have shown that people process information in different ways.

It is therefore essential to create messages with a meaning for as many types of audiences as possible. Marketers can use these types of studies by using neuromarketing tactics when crafting messages for different audiences.

It might include cutting out jargon or speaking more simply, tailoring the length of your sentences, and skipping any complicated proofreading language. It also might mean anticipating what media people are most likely consuming on a given day and adjusting accordingly.

The most common tools used in communication research are EEG, fMRI, and eye-tracking. These tools are used to track what parts of the brain are activated when exposed to certain stimuli or thoughts. To research your communication topics using neuroscientific tools;

  • Utilize a variety of methods to research communication topics. For example, some popular techniques include qualitative (human) and quantitative (numbers-based).
  • Figure out the type of information you want from your consumers: are they going to answer questions about fonts or how often they read? What kind of data do you need for your content strategy to succeed?
  • Determine what is most accessible at this moment – try asking simple questions first before complex ones. Consider using an app that offers quick surveys with results available almost immediately
  • Consider utilizing neuroscience tools that match your communication research topic to get more specific data.

Tips for writing a communication research paper

  • Ensure that you use precise scientific language. At no given time should you include slang, jargon, or colloquia expressions in your research paper.
  • Be open-minded towards potential and existing opposition. A communication research paper aims to prove your opinion in honest comparison with other hypotheses and theories. You should be prepared for opposition so that your argument does not be crushed by peer review.
  • Use short sentences, though not necessarily a uniform length. On average, your sentences should be 20-25 words long. But remember to intersperse your paper with long and short sentences to break the monotony.
  • Always introduce one idea per paragraph. It can be challenging to express two or more ideas in one paragraph fully.
  • Avoid diversifying your speech with synonyms, especially when using scientific terms.
  • Do not use passive language unless it is necessary. Although it seems like passive language will make your work more elevated and severe, it can add boredom. Long sentences in passive voice can be hard to understand compared to those in active voice.
  • Conduct extensive research as you review several sources on your topic. When you rely on one source, you can end up with plagiarism accusations.
  • Always have a catchy introduction and a clear thesis statement. Your body paragraphs should have topic sentences with evidence to support your opinion. The conclusion should summarize your content and present your ideas.

 Wrapping up

Communication research topics can be interests but will require you to spend a significant amount of time on research and writing. Ensure that you choose an exciting communication topic that you will be passionate about and get enough material for your research. With neuroscientific tools, you can broaden your research area to capture current trends.




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