How to write a cause and effect thesis statement

How to write a cause and effect thesis statement

Have you been given a cause and effect essay but you don’t know how to write a cause and effect thesis? The thesis is one of the most important parts of an essay. If you want to learn how to write a good cause and effect essay thesis statement, this article is what you need.

What is a cause-effect essay?

A cause and effect essay is a write-up that is concerned with why things happen; cause, and what are the results; effect. You should choose a subject which you feel has an interesting cause and effect connection. Such essays serve two purposes, they answer the question of why and what next.

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How to write a cause and effect thesis statement
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Such essays highlight the outcome of actions and reactions in form of consequence or reward. You should use the phrases of causation to show the connection between two or more events or occurrences. This will help you organize your essay and give the reader a bearing of which point you are making.

Some phrases of causation include;

  • Since
  • Thus
  • Because
  • Due to
  • Therefore
  • As a result
  • Hence
  • Consequently

What is a thesis statement?

You need to understand what a thesis statement is before you learn how to write a cause and effect thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence or two used to state the main idea of an essay. It helps to keep the paper focused on one specific topic. A thesis statement reflects the writer’s opinion based on personal experience, a reading, and current affairs.

Styles of writing a thesis statement

There are two styles of writing a thesis statement. They are;

Listing two or more points

This style is best used in brief essays that contain a maximum of three body paragraphs. In your thesis statement, you can list all the three ideas you will use in your essay. Such essays are common in middle school and high school. Since the essay is short, your thesis statement can point out all the points of support.

Listing one overarching point

When you get to college, there are fewer five-paragraph long essays. The essays are now measured according to the number of pages, for instance, six-page essays. For such essays, you need a more versatile thesis statement.

Instead of two or three points, you need to come up with one general point to which your other ideas will be tied. You need to find a broad scope to write your thesis on so that your other points are interrelated. The number of paragraphs is too many to list each point in the thesis statement.

Types of thesis statements

There are different types of thesis statements that you can use as a cause and effect thesis. They vary depending on the type of essay you are writing. Some of the types of thesis statements include;

Informative thesis statement

This is best used in informative essays whose aim is to educate the readers on specific issues, concerns, and topics.  Use your informative thesis statement to guide your reader and declare your intentions and conclusion about the essay. The thesis statement should show the readers what the topic is and how the essay will progress to defend the premise made.  Looking online can instruct you on how to write a cause and effect thesis as an informative thesis statement.

Persuasive thesis statement

Most types of essays such as argumentative, narrative, and compare or contrast essays take argumentative thesis statements.

A persuasive thesis contains an arguable opinion and the reason you believe that opinion is true. You can research how to make an argumentative thesis into a cause and effect thesis. You are expected to choose a stance and support it in a way that your audience will be convinced.

This type of thesis can be used in any type of essay that contains the opinion of the writer.  A persuasive thesis statement is more convincing and intriguing in essays.  Look at a cause and effect thesis example to know which type of thesis statement works best in such essays

Tips on how to write a cause and effect paragraph

Know the difference between cause and effect to avoid confusing yourself and the readers. To find the causes ask “why does this happen?” To find the effects and results ask “what happened because of this?”  In some cases, multiple causes have one effect and multiple effects stem from one cause.

Develop a thesis statement for cause and effect essay that states whether you are discussing causes or effects. Use terms like cause and effect to let your reader know what you are targeting. Your thesis statement should only contain either a cause or effect, it should not contain both. If you have one cause bringing many effects, you can use that cause as your thesis statement.

You need to research thoroughly and find the best and most relevant supporting points for your thesis statement. Organize the supporting points either chronologically, categorically, or in order of importance to maintain a good flow of ideas. All the supporting information you include should be linked to the thesis statement.

If you are discussing both causes and effects simultaneously, use transitional words to show which one you are discussing in each paragraph. Use words like due to, because, and since to show cause and thus, therefore, and consequently to show effects.

If you are discussing the causes and effects separately, it is advisable to start with the causes then talk about effects. You can also start with the effects then the causes. This gives your essay a good layout and makes it easy for your readers to understand.

How to write a good cause and effect thesis statement

Writing a thesis statement is not hard, you can look at cause and effect thesis statement examples for insight. The characteristics used to identify a strong thesis statement include;


Your thesis statement should be a simple statement capturing the essence of your topic. It should not be a fact that is obvious and inarguable. A good cause and effect thesis requires making a debatable claim. This makes your essay interesting and captivating for your audience.

Directs the paper

A good thesis statement sets the pace of your paper and sets a limit to the causes and effects you can write about. It gives you context around which you will build your argument and convince your readers. A thesis statement narrows down your ideas and keeps you within the confines of your topic.

Your thesis statement also tells your reader what the main subject of your essay will be and the issue you will address. Your audience should be able to tell what your essay is about from the first few paragraphs. Your thesis statement is their roadmap to where your essay will take them.

To the point

A good cause and effect thesis does not include too much information that might be irrelevant or confuse the reader. It is short, precise, and to the point highlighting the main theme of your essay. State your point clearly in one or two sentences.

If you have chosen to include a cause or an effect in your thesis statement, stick to it and build your essay around it. Make it exciting so that your readers are glued to your paper.

Requires proof

Your thesis statement should not just be a factual statement that has already been determined and proven. It should stir different output from people so that you provide proof, evidence, and supporting statements. This is used to show why you support or reject the notion. Use information from credible sources to ensure that your points are valid and academically acceptable.


As you provide proof for your claims, you should ensure that your points all tie to the thesis statement and the topic. Your arguments should all add up to a coherent whole and express one main idea. In the same way, everything mentioned in your thesis statement should be analyzed, explained, and supported in the body of the essay.

Mentions your supporting points

Stating some of the most important ideas in your thesis statement lets your reader familiarize themselves with your  essay writing. It also gives your reader a chance to use your theme to relate your work with other written documents. In the body of the essay, remember to discuss these points and expound on them.

Tips on writing a cause and effect thesis

These tips will teach you how to come up with a thesis for cause and effect papers;

  • Know your topic to avoid coming up with an irrelevant thesis statement that will affect the relevance of your whole essay
  • Create reasonable limits for your essay because a wide thesis statement will require a longer paper while a shallow one will give insufficient information
  • Brainstorm to come up with the best and most effective thesis statement that represents your topic in the most relevant way
  • Create a working thesis to give you a bearing for your essay before settling on the final thesis statement
  • Formulate a question that represents what you would like to find out about the topic
  • After some research, answer your question to guide further research and the initial stages of writing
  • Develop your answer to create an extensive thesis statement
  • Make sure your thesis statement asserts your conclusion about the subject
  • To have a definitive essay, you need to take a stand on the topic to avoid confusing your audience
  • Use specific language to explain what your thesis statement means for better understanding and clarity
  • Remember that the claim you make in your thesis statement should have clear support from the points you discuss in the essay
  • Position your thesis statement at the end of your introduction to usher your audience into the body of the essay
  • Do not make your thesis statement too long or too short

Final statement

The thesis statement is the backbone of every essay. The way you frame your thesis statement determines how your essay will be in terms of content. You need a good thesis statement to have an interesting essay. This article has shown you how to write a good cause and effect thesis statement. If you need more help, you can always feel free to reach us

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