Case Study Format | A Complete Guide with Examples

Case Study Format | A Complete Guide with Examples

Have you come across a case study report and could not tell where each line is leading you? Maybe every sentence did not connect to the other or there was no flow of content. What about when a paper has different fonts and is full of errors? There is no end to mentioning all the annoying experiences of a wrong case study format.

Read on to learn how to format your case study paper.

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Case Study Format | A Complete Guide with Examples
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What is a case study?

It’s a type of essay writing that requires you to study a particular phenomenon.  The purpose of a case study is to give an in-depth explanation of a situation. It’s primarily done in medical, law, and economics disciplines.

The results you get from a case study cannot analyze another project, no matter how similar they may seem. Each case is different from the others. For instance, a study on a certain wine and spirit producer cannot analyze another company with the same product.

Importance of a case study outline

Creating a case study paper format is as important as writing the paper.  Many students believe that it’s enough to write relevant content and hit the word count. Here are some shocking reasons why you should create an impressive case analysis format outline.

It affects your grade

The purpose of writing eye-catching content is to pass your exams. It’s surprising how you have been working against your progress by submitting non-formatted case studies. Reconsider your decision for better performance.

You can earn as high as five points for an excellent MLA or APA case study format. The marking rubric used by your lecturer contains marks awarded for each activity, and one of them is formatting. Other points are awarded based on word count, following instructions, and grammar.

It’s easier for your reader to follow through    

Writing a case study paper requires an excellent flow of ideas.  Your reader wants to see how each section is connected to the other. You cannot achieve this when you have a disorganized paper.   

Headings and subheadings help your audience to have an easy time reading your paper.  They know the main section and their subsections. The common mistake is for students to assume that their audience should know these things. They, therefore, write a lengthy case study without breaking it into subsections.

A case study outline makes your wok neat

Having a well-organized case study format for students is beneficial.  It creates the first impression to your reader that you value your work and you are an expert. They even get excited to read your dissertation writing because you have already hooked their minds.

Here is a guideline for a good case study format.                  

Decide which case study format to use

The first step before writing a case study paper is to decide which reference method to use. It determines where and how to format. For instance, the APA case study format is different from MLA.  We will use the APA format for demonstration.  

Format the title page of your case study

It’s the first page of your coursework writing that contains your personal information. It also contains your course, lecturer, and the title of your case study. Formatting the title page allows your reader to know who and what they are dealing with when reading your essay.

Ensure you have included all the information needed for a title page. It is the first thing your lecturer will see in this section. You don’t want to give them the impression that your paper has not followed the given instructions.  It will make them have a negative attitude towards the whole paper.

Use the right fonts and other measures as early as on the title page.  A case study paper in APA style should be in Times New Romans and 12 font size.  It should also be double spaced and a margin of one point five all around the paper.

Other details depend on the APA version recommended by your lecturer. For instance, a running head is not a requirement in APA seven edition but a requirement in the previous versions. The way you write an assignment is different from when you write a research paper for publishing.

Create an impressive case study introduction

The next step after formatting your first page is to hook your reader to a conclusion. The only way to achieve this is by writing a throat-cutting introduction.  Whatever you write in this section determines whether your reader will continue reading your paper.

Give background information about your case study paper in the introduction. It’s an excellent culture to always introduce your audience to your subject of study. You can tell your reader why you have chosen the topic and why it is important to them.

Use statistics in your introduction. The best way to convince your audience why the study is important is through figures.  They appeal to their emotions and make them read on to learn their relationship with your essay.

Include a thesis statement in your introduction. It’s the last sentence of your introduction that gives a summary of your essay in one line. Your audience should know everything about your paper by just reading your thesis statement.  Thesis writing service websites can help you write your thesis statement.

Write your introduction last. Many people, including experts, have admitted about their struggle to write an introduction because it controls your content. It’s a challenge to change your thoughts in the middle of your case study due to your introduction.  You can formulate your thoughts in any way when you don’t have any restrictions.

You have a better view of your introduction after you have written your paper. At this time, you know what you wrote, and you understand some aspects of your essay, such as the literature review writing section and research methods.

Create an informative body section

Your body section should expound on your introduction and the thesis statement.  Pour out everything you wanted to tell your audience in this section. Let’s look at how to format your body section.

Your paragraphs should be moderate. The biggest mistake made by students is to create long paragraphs. You end up boring your audience as early as in the first section.  Instead, create short sections that your reader can enjoy reading.

Your paragraph should contain five sentences. It’s enough to introduce your idea and support it to satisfactory.  The first sentence is called a topic sentence. It summarizes what you will talk about in that section and is supported by three sentences.  Use the last line to conclude your paragraph.

Conclude your case study

It’s the last section of your essay which summarizes your case study. The conclusion is written by taking the main points in each paragraph and discussing them.  The purpose of this section is to give your audience a takeaway from the whole discussion. Ensure you pick the best from the main body and include it here.

Case study formatting among students is a disaster, especially in writing a conclusion. Avoid including citations in your conclusion. Students make a mistake by mentioning some authors in their conclusion.  Your reader has already picked any material from the main body which they may want to read further.  Treat this section solely for a summary.  

Your conclusion should be thoughtful.  Students think it does not matter how their conclusion looks like as long as they have completed their essay.  The next part that your lecturer goes to after the introduction is this section.  They do not have time to read the whole essay because they have like forty of them.

Lecturers read your conclusion before the body section to form an idea of what to expect. They want to know whether your conclusion coincides with your previous sections.

It will be sad for you to get a low score because of being lenient with your conclusion.  Imagine if your lecturer grades your case study paper based on your conclusion. Shockingly, that is what they do. They believe your essay is as good as your conclusion, which is not always the case.

Cite your case study paper

Your lecturer gauge whether you know how to write a case study paper through citations. It is ethical to acknowledge other scholars’ contributions in your writing. It shows your commitment to academic writing protocols.

Each paragraph should have two to three citations naturally placed in the section.  Being extreme on each end will make your paper lose purpose.  For instance, an essay without a citation is deemed low quality, while many are fluffy.

Your citation should be less than five years old.  Citing books and articles written centuries ago deny your audience up-to-date information about your subject of study.  Besides, we have new scholars every day that have what you need to write your essay.

Your case study format should include a reference list

It’s time to let your audience know where they can get the full information about the authors you have cited.  A reference list gives further details that you did not mention in your essay. If you were using APA style, you only mentioned your author’s surname and publication date.

The reference list adds more details about an author. For instance, how many books have their published? Were there other contributors? What is the book’s serial number? All this is important to scholars. They can easily trace the article journal.

Your reference list should be written on a new page.  Even if your essay is extended to a new page by one word, you can’t use that page to write your reference list. You must open a new page to start your list.

One area that students ask for case study help is when writing a reference list.  This section is stringent, and any deviation from it may lead to poor grades.  Lecturers are keen on details when it comes to your reference list. They want you to adhere to every minute detail given there, including commas and periods.

Follow some basics of writing a reference list. Though each referencing style is different, they all have some common ground. For instance, your references should in alphabetic order. Each paragraph should be hanging.

Include a table of content in your case study format process

There is power in a table of content. It helps your audience to navigate through your paper. Your reader can easily access any section in your essay. A good example of a case study format is the one that has a table of content. It makes your paper looks professional and accessible.

Use an automatic table of content. It’s easier for your reader to go directly to their section of interest. It’s a challenge to use the manual one because you have to look for the page number and scroll down. It’s not easy to access your document, especially when it’s long and you have several sections you want to read. 

It’s okay to use a colored table of content. There is nothing wrong with using fancy styles in your table of content because they make your paper impressive. The only problem is concentrating on creating a table of content and fails to deliver a quality case study.

Include page numbers in your case study paper

Many students ignore the effect of these simple requirements. It’s in obeying the instructions to the minute detail that makes your lecturer read your paper.  A page number gives your paper a direction. That is why each referencing style has explicit instructions on where to place your page number.

Include an abstract in your case study

A case study format should have an executive summary of your essay.  An abstract is written immediately after the table of content.  It should explain the major sections of your essay and what each part will discuss. Your reader should have an idea about your paper after reading this section.  

You are now good to go

case study format

The article has discussed what it takes to have an impressive case study format. The major takeaway is to create the first impression to your reader and keep them hooked to the end by clear transitions on each section. Don’t risk your grade because of poor formatting. Place your order now for your case study format help

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