Air pollution essay for students

Air pollution essay for students

There are a lot of writing topics you could receive from your professor. What do you write about when you are given an air pollution essay? As a college student, you expect writing assignments in most of your classes.

You are, however, not always prepared for what you are asked. An air pollution essay can be written based on many different focus points. If you want to get an idea of how to go about writing an essay on air pollution, this article is for you.

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Air pollution essay for students
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Essays are one of the most effective ways to educate students. As you research, you learn things in a way that your brain has a better chance of retention. An air pollution essay will educate you on the importance and urgency of nature. You will learn about human activities that have become a hazard towards our existence and ways to rectify this.

It is important to teach this to future generations if there’s any hope of undoing decades of neglect and ignorance. Air pollution essays help students realize the grave scenario and enable them to take action. Small factors that are often ignored or have been normalized are the biggest contributors to air pollution.

Important points to note for air pollution essays

As you write your essay about air pollution, it is important to consider the following factors;

  • Avoid using technical terms unless the topic is technical
  • Always begin with an introduction paragraph about the topic, give detail about its origin
  • Always have a closing paragraph for the conclusion of your essay
  • Use facts and valid data as evidence such as important dates, places, or names to support your points
  • Use bulletins to present your points whenever possible
  • Break up your work into understandable paragraphs, do not just write monotonous blocks of texts

These steps can be used to simplify the writing of any general essay.

What is pollution

Pollution is defined as the addition of substances, or energy forms to the environment faster than they can be utilized. These substances are usually solids, liquids, and gases while energy forms are heat, sound, and radioactivity. These additions are supposed to be dispersed, diluted, decomposed, recycled, or stored in a harmless form. Pollution in all its forms has negative effects on the environment, wildlife, and human health.

Types of pollution

Pollution is normally divided into three parts. These are;

Air pollution definition

This is described as the presence and release of harmful and poisonous substances into the atmosphere. These substances bring negative effects to human health and other living creatures. They also cause damage to the climate which causes long-term problems.

Water pollution definition

This is the contamination of water bodies such as rivers, groundwater, lakes, and oceans, as a result of human activities. This leads to degradation of the aquatic life which causes a public health issue and water-borne diseases. People living near water bodies are put at risk by consuming contaminated water. They may use the water for irrigation, drinking, or cleaning.

Land pollution definition

Land pollution is the deterioration of the world’s land surfaces and the below-ground level. This is caused by the accumulation of solid and liquid waste materials. The waste is known as municipal solid waste and contains both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Land pollution affects agriculture and housing. The food that is harvested from polluted soil is also polluted.

Common Types of pollutants

Noise pollution

This is the unwanted and excessive sound that can cause serious complications to human health, wildlife, and environmental quality. Noise pollution is mostly generated in industrial areas and workplaces. Other places that cause noise pollution are the highway, railway airplane traffic, and construction sites.

Light pollution

Light pollution is the presence of manmade and artificial light in the environment. The term is mostly used in relation to the night and outdoor environment. This is a major side effect of urbanization. The night skylight has been altered by the artificial lights of the city. This destroys environmental aesthetics and disrupts the ecosystem. Light pollution also interferes with astronomical observations.

Plastic pollution

This is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the earth’s environment. It adversely affects humans, wildlife, and wildlife habitats. Plastic materials are durable and inexpensive which makes them adaptable for different uses. The chemical structure of plastic does not allow them to undergo many natural processes. This means that plastic takes much longer to decompose. The rampant use of plastic and its slow decomposition accelerates accumulation in the ecosystem.

What causes pollution

Environmental pollution can be caused by both natural events and anthropogenic sources or human activities. Some natural causes of pollution include forest fires and active volcanoes. Pollution has accompanied humans since people began living in groups and staying in one place for long.

At that time, there were fewer people so pollution was not a serious issue. With time, people began to establish permanent settlements. In our modern world, the issue of overpopulation also increases the rate of pollution. This is why today, pollution is one of the biggest global issues.

The general structure of essay writing

All essays are divided into three parts. These are;

  • Introductory paragraphs
  • Main body
  • Conclusion paragraphs

If you are writing a short essay, there is usually no need to have subtopics for distinction. Each part should play its part and be logically presented. These three parts are all important and play a different role in the essay.


Your introduction should contain the key information based on the topic you are covering. This states the purpose of writing the essay and gives the reader an idea of what to expect. The introduction is one or two paragraphs depending on the overall length of the essay.

Main body

The text in the main body should correspond to the title you have chosen.  This part comprises multiple paragraphs with original ideas. This means that each paragraph should bring up a new idea. Discuss different aspects of the issue and logically connect it to the next paragraph and the thesis statement.

Each paragraph needs to have a topic sentence at the beginning. The other sentences should provide evidence, statics, and data to support your claims. Organize your paragraphs in order of their importance.


A conclusion is defined as a summary of your whole paper. In your conclusion, reiterate your key ideas, results, and findings. You should also restate your thesis statement and the main point of your essay. Do not write the same way it appears in your document, paraphrase. The conclusion is usually one paragraph.

How to write a topic-specific essay; air pollution

Among the thousands of topics, you may find online is air pollution. This topic has been used many times, yet it is still relevant because of the weight of the issue it addresses. Given this essay, your professor will expect you to present original results on your essay. Below are some guiding points to make your paper original;

  • Conduct thorough research and collect appropriate material
  • Give your personal interpretation of the topic according to the information you collect
  • Discuss the causes and reasons for global warming as an effect
  • Discuss conventional and alternative ways of solving air pollution issues
  • Discuss any preventive measures that can be implemented concerning air pollution
  • Analyze any personal solutions you can come up with
  • State the long term and short term negative effects the issue may have on humankind
  • Your air pollution essay conclusion should summarize all key points of your paper

Air pollution essay topics

Air is one of the most necessary factors for survival. Without it, life as we know would not exist. Unfortunately, the air is being polluted.

How is air polluted? As we burn things like firewood and fossil fuels, they release oxides of carbon into the atmosphere. The large forest cover that is used to absorb carbon dioxide from the air has been cut down to create land. This is known as deforestation. This land has been used for settlement and other human activities. This has largely reduced the filtering capacity of trees.

As trees continue to reduce, the number of vessels polluting the air has increased. For instance, the number of vehicles has rapidly increased over the years. This means that more fossil fuel is burnt, hence the number of pollutants in the air increase. This is why air pollution is still a relevant topic of discussion today. Given an essay on air pollution, there are different ways you can choose to approach it. What are the different types of air pollution essays?

Essay about Air pollution cause and effect

In this essay, you will be expected to research the causes of air pollution and the effects. Begin your essay by defining air pollution and all other key terms you will be using. Give a piece of brief background information based on your topic. To have a complete introduction, come up with a thesis statement that ties all your points to your topic.

In the body of the essay, discuss what causes air pollution, one in each paragraph. Causes of air pollution can be grouped into primary pollutants and secondary pollutants. Primary pollutants are a byproduct of factories and industries that release toxic waste like Sulphur and carbon dioxide. Secondary pollutants consist of byproducts of primary pollutants such as smog.

They are also classified into particulate and gaseous. Particulate pollutants are in solid and liquid forms. The gaseous pollutants include substances that are in the gaseous state at normal temperatures and pressure. The major polluting factors of air include;

  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Sulphur oxides
  • Particulate matter
  • Radioactive pollutants
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Ammonia

These causes of air pollution are;

The combustion of coal, natural gas, wood, and petroleum. This is done by industries, automobiles, aircraft, railways, thermal plants, and kitchens. These fuel sources are used to run machines and operate engines. They produce toxic substances such as soot, nitrogen oxides, Sulphur oxides, and carbon monoxide.

Chemical industries create substances that pollute the air when used. Products such as insecticides, weedicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides are toxic. Most of these chemicals are used by ordinary men on their farms and houses.

Processing industries like cotton textile, wheat flour mills, and asbestos release microorganisms of their products into the air. For instance, asbestos is known to harm man, yet some industries release it into the air.

Welding, stone crushing, and gem grinding release dust and other harmful particles into the air. Such particles are especially harmful to people with preexisting conditions like asthma. Even though the end products are useful, living close to such areas may create long-term respiratory complications.

Natural air pollutants include;

  • Pollen and spores
  • Methane gas
  • Volcanic gases

Note that the main air pollution causes in urban centers are automobiles. The second one is the concentration of industries in one location. Air pollution has many negative effects, especially on people’s health. Since air is the primary element of man’s survival, pollution brings disastrous impacts. It causes respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis and causes many skin and heart diseases as well.

A belt of natural gases surrounds the earth. It is known as the ozone layer and protects man from the sun’s strong UV rays. UV rays are harmful radiations from the sun. Air pollution is damaging the ozone layer, in the past decades, holes have appeared on the layer. This means that the sun’s rays can directly penetrate the earth. This is where skin diseases and eye damage come from in relation to air pollution.

Acid rain is also an effect of air pollution. When clouds begin to form, the air is already intoxicated. The rain blends with pollutants like Sulphur and ammonia in the air to create acid rain. This kind of rain is harmful and causes damage to plants, animals, and soil. Aquatic life and other wildlife are also affected.

How to prevent air pollution essay

Environmental pollution is something that can be prevented. As human beings, and among the affected, we can make adjustments to prevent air pollution. If we change certain aspects of our daily routines and decisions, we can prevent air pollution. Some of the points to include in your how to avoid air pollution essay are;

Encourage carpooling and the use of public transport. This reduces the carbon emissions from automobiles. When each person uses a personal vehicle they all contribute to pollution. By carpooling and using public transport, several people can arrive at their destination using one vehicle. This will cut the pollution by a huge amount.

Encourage and use organic farming. This will produce food that is good for consumption and free of chemicals. It will also do away with chemical levels in the atmosphere. You can eat healthy food and live in an environment that has fewer toxins in the air.

Find alternative sources of energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels. For instance, industries can begin using machines that are run by water, wind, and solar energy. There are many other sources of energy that will significantly reduce the number of fossil fuels being used. The creation of electric cars is one of the inventions that that should be embraced.

The use of modern technology especially in industries can also help to minimize the toxic gases released into the atmosphere. Industries are one of the largest contributors to air pollution. Using modern technology to reduce toxic gases will have an immense impact on saving the earth.

Create awareness and securitize the issue of pollution. Raising the support of civil society is important. Pollution was not a one-man job. We cannot prevent it just by the effort of one person. If the society is invested, they can hold each other accountable and achieve more. Society can also push the government towards making the necessary changes towards their environment.

It is important to also use available platforms to bring awareness. In today’s world, the presence of platforms like social media makes it easy to reach millions of people. The more people you inspire through your action, the more awareness you create. Man is a visual creature, we may doubt the doability of things until we see others succeed. Continue doing your part and inspire others to follow suit.

Prevention will help the situation we are in. If we prevent air pollution, it means that we are stopping the situation from getting worse than it is. This is why it is important to implement preventive measures. The more people dedicate themselves to living cleaner and sustainable lives, the more we can prevent environmental pollution.

How to reduce air pollution essay

In this essay, you will be expected to discuss ways in which air pollution can be controlled. Even though pollution has reached a critical point, there are ways to reduce the number of pollutants from the air. Here are some of the points you can use in your ‘how to control air pollution essay.’

First, we need to plant more trees and practice reforestation. The quality of air will improve because trees use up the carbon dioxide released into the air for photosynthesis. The air will be cleaned and filtered naturally. You can grow trees and other plants in your compound to clear your environment.

We should also grow plants that are capable of metabolizing nitrogen oxides and nitrous content in the air. Some plants use up other gaseous pollutants like Sulphur dioxide. Such plants will also purify the air by getting rid of the acidic and toxic components. Acid rains and their effects on man, wildlife, and vegetation will be reduced.

Another strategy would be to create strict policies for industries. Most industries get away with building low-standard structures which end up contributing to air and water pollution. Creating strict policies enforced by the government will force industries to oblige. This way, their conduct and harsh treatment of the environment can be curbed.

Industrial areas should be established in isolated areas that are far from people’s settlement areas and workplaces. This keeps people away from the toxins released into the air as by-products. People working in these industries should be provided protective gear and clothes. Industries should observe the maintenance of their workers’ health and protect them. Industry workers are prone to eye complications, respiratory issues, and skin diseases. This is because they are in direct contact with the toxins. This is also why it is important to provide protective clothing.

Industries should use tall chimneys to reduce pollution in the surrounding areas. There should be a compulsory installation of filters and electrostatic precipitators in the chimneys. They should be fitted with appropriate equipment for the removal and recycling of waste. The goal is to make our environment as clean and safe as possible. If industries reduce their waste into water bodies and air, the earth will be a better place.

You are how to reduce air pollution essay should be filled with solutions to this global issue. Focus on the changes that can be made and how people can reduce their carbon footprints. Finding resolutions to a preexisting issue will create a more sustainable earth for generations to come. You can address both the short-term and long-term solutions to the problem.

Conclusion on writing an air pollution essay

Life will be unbearable if air pollution was to defeat our planet. This is why it is important to have a collective obligation towards saving the planet. No other species has destroyed the planet like humans, and no other species can save it. Topics such as pollution will continue to be relevant in an attempt to create awareness and educate students.

Your air pollution essay may convince you and other people to change your lifestyle. There is a lot of content on this topic online that you can draw inspiration from. But remember your paper needs to be original and unique. As you read through samples, draw ideas for your work, do not copy-paste. In case you still have questions about your air pollution essay, you can contact us for assistance.

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