20 Human trafficking research paper topics

20 Human trafficking research paper topics

Grabbing a readers’ attention is critical when discussing a serious topic? Are you struggling to select human trafficking research paper topic’s. It can be challenging for most students to write a research paper on human trafficking. Essays on human trafficking address a serious global problem that needs practical solutions.

Students should choose interesting research paper topics that encourage audiences to read such subjects from start to finish. The following guide shows how to select interesting and unique top 20 human trafficking research paper topics.

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20 Human trafficking research paper topics
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How to Start a Human trafficking research paper

When students are not motivated, they struggle to choose a good research topic. Human trafficking is discussed in fields like sociology, criminology, English, and history.

You may come across a human trafficking essay if you are studying such subjects. The first step is to select a suitable topic. Here is what you need to consider.

1.     Perform a preliminary research

Human trafficking is a common subject for many research papers. Students need to find a unique and interesting topic. Perform in-depth research and look for information in different study areas. Here are some places to research

News reports

Follow what the media covers about human trafficking. Pay attention to the latest information and emerging trends in your subject.

Write down ideas and how human trafficking has evolved. What is different about it today? Information from such sources can help find a topic and craft a research paper in a unique way.

Check previous research

Search the internet using keywords. Look at various human trafficking research topics ideas in different databases. Read human trafficking scholarly articles and find recommendations for further studies in specific areas. Areas suggested for further research have not received a lot of attention.

Read journals of human trafficking, articles, and publications on such areas. Check various library books and watch short videos. In-depth research helps you understand a particular topic. Make sure sources of information are credible.

Reach out to an instructor

Instructors look at different research papers regularly. Academicians like professors are knowledgeable about many research topics on human trafficking.

Ask for advice when you feel stuck. An instructor can tell you what to avoid and areas you can consider. Follow what they tell you and request information about credible sources.

2.     Select a unique topic

After thorough research, create a list of human trafficking topic ideas. Brainstorm each topic and select one that is interesting and unique.

Avoid selecting a topic that other students are likely to pick. When you write a human trafficking essay about a popular topic, it is hard for your paper to stand out.

It is easier to produce a unique and memorable paper if a writer’s subject is not popular. When researching an interesting and different topic, students can discover some little-known facts or key points.

Include such facts and points in your essay and adds value to readers. Capture your instructor’s attention and increase the chances of obtaining a higher grade.

3.     Narrow down your topic

Human trafficking research paper topics are broad. Choose a topic and narrow it down. Focusing on a particular area helps in researching and writing a solid paper. It also helps to write an academic essay of a required word length.

Broad topics cannot fit in a college research paper. It is important to focus on a smaller area. A focused topic creates a strong thesis statement. The arguments presented should be strong and clear. When a paper is focused and clear, readers can follow your train of thought without getting confused.

Here is a list of topic ideas that focuses on specific aspects of human trafficking. Students can research, learn and write about the following interesting topic ideas.

  1. How can victims of human trafficking recover and move forward with their lives?
  2. Discuss human trafficking and how it is connected to drug trafficking.
  3. How has human trafficking affected culture?
  4. Discuss human trafficking and child prostitution.
  5. Discuss the role of international bodies in the fight against human trafficking.
  6. Explain the laws that deal with human trafficking.
  7. What is the cost of taking care of victims of human trafficking?
  8. What are the dangers of human trafficking?
  9. Discuss ways to create awareness of human trafficking.
  10. Describe the background of victims of human trafficking.
  11. Discuss the effects of human trafficking on the economy.
  12. What are the psychological effects of human trafficking on victims?
  13. What causes the demand for human trafficking?
  14. Discuss the background of people who commit human trafficking crimes.
  15. Explain the history of human trafficking and give examples.
  16. Explain the effects of human trafficking globally.
  17. Discuss how human trafficking violates human rights.
  18. Explain child trafficking and what happens to boys and girls when it occurs.
  19. Discuss the role of governments in preventing slave trade.
  20. Discuss countries that experience a high rate of human trafficking.

How to select human trafficking research paper topics

Choose a topic that interests you. It is easier to research and write about a particular subject if it interests you. When researching an interesting topic, it is possible to learn something new. Make sure you understand a topic and writes about it well, and readers will enjoy reading your work. Here are is how to select a topic for a human trafficking research paper.

1.     Identify your interest

Human trafficking is a wide subject. Look at various aspects of this subject and choose what captures your attention. A student can prefer to look at multiple causes of human trafficking. For example, unemployment, conflicts in different parts of the world, political issues, or social discrimination.

Regions that lead to human trafficking are another aspect of human trafficking that students can look at. For example, a writer can identify countries with a high prevalence of human trafficking. Look at various continents and discuss what makes this vice high in such areas.

Sexual exploitation is another area in the human trafficking field that a writer can focus on. It is a popular topic, but you can find a new angle to discuss it.

2.     Write a research question

A research paper strives to answer a particular question. Such questions can help you identify a research topic.

3.     Study available material

Look at various materials that handle issues dealing with human trafficking. Write down topic ideas that come up. Create a list of topics that you can brainstorm and pick one topic.

4.     Write a thesis statement

Summarize what a research paper will cover in one or two sentences. A thesis statement gives readers an idea of what your paper will be all about.

Key points for writing a human trafficking research paper

Human trafficking is a challenging topic for most students and a serious subject worldwide. Students strive to pass a clear and strong message about this vice in their essays. Such papers require a strong thesis statement. Arguments that support a thesis should be strong.

Discussions should focus on existing problems in human trafficking and how they have evolved. Students can consider looking at ways to solve this global problem. Look for unique topics or a new angle to discuss a particular subject. A discussion should educate readers about something new and add to a reader’s knowledge.

It should also contribute to a specific field of study. Thorough research work and dedication are required when writing this type of paper. The following are key points that will enable students to produce an outstanding human trafficking essay

1.     Research

After identifying a specific topic, look for information about it. Research papers on human trafficking in the United States. Search various online databases and library books. Look for relevant information that is connected to your topic.

Read various human trafficking articles from credible sources and note down important points. Gather as much information as possible from different sources. Write down sources of information. Credible information sources should appear on a reference page in your essay.

A topic on human trafficking is serious, but it should attract an audience’s attention. Design an engaging and informative research paper title. Research and find ways to write an attention-grabbing title. Such titles lure readers into reading your entire essay. For example, “Humans on sale” is a good, attention-grabbing title.

2.     Organize your wok

Create an outline that will help readers to easily understand what is being discussed. Ideas should be logically arranged from start to finish. Develop a structure that includes an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a final concluding paragraph.

Human trafficking research paper thesis

A thesis statement is the main idea of any academic essay. Students should write their thesis before writing a human trafficking essay. An essay’s thesis statement will guide a writer when presenting points. A thesis provides a theme for your essay. Write a brief and concise statement.


An introduction paragraph begins with a hook then introduces a topic to a reader. It briefly presents background information and concludes with a clear and concise thesis statement. A research paper’s first paragraph plays a critical role in any essay. Your first paragraph determines whether readers will continue reading your work or if they will stop at the introduction section.

Students need to capture readers’ attention with the first sentence in an introduction paragraph. For example, use hooks like an interesting fact about human trafficking, a relevant and catchy quote, or shocking statistics. Such statements will intrigue readers.

Body paragraphs

After introducing a topic and thesis statement, the following three or four paragraphs should present arguments. Each point is discussed in a separate paragraph. Thoroughly discuss your points in a paper’s body section. Provide credible evidence and relevant examples to back up a claim.

Statistics and evidence show a reader the seriousness of a problem. Include vital and relevant statistics from sources like government websites. Include charts and quotes where applicable.

Paraphrase ideas

Quotes can help put a point across in a powerful way. Incorporate relevant quotes in your human trafficking essay using the correct format. Common formatting styles in colleges and universities are APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA.

Check assignment instructions and use the correct formatting style. Another way to avoid plagiarism issues is to paraphrase quotes. Read, understand phrases and quotes, and paraphrase.

Discuss the law and human trafficking

A human trafficking essay does not only discuss a vice in society, but it should identify solutions. Find out and discuss what the law says about human trafficking. How do such laws differ in different countries? What is the punishment for human trafficking offenders?

Can victims find justice? Discover and discuss helpful information. Important and relevant discussions produce a high-quality research paper. Think of other questions that a reader may want to ask and discuss answers to. Include causes and repercussions of human trafficking.

Address ethical issues about human trafficking research paper topics

Discuss the impact of human trafficking in society. How does it affect families and individuals? Connect such ethical issues to a topic you selected. Make sure your discussion is relevant and answers a research question.

Conclusion paragraph

Summarize discussions in your final paragraph. Highlight main points and paraphrase your thesis statement. Make recommendations from insights discussed in earlier paragraphs. Do not include new information in the conclusion paragraph. End your essay with a call to action and impacts reader’s minds

Revise your work

Read and make corrections to your essay. Counter-check evidence, statistics, quotes, and examples. Evidence and examples should be relevant and placed correctly in your essay. A bibliography page should have accurate sources and be well-formatted.

Key takeaway

Select unique and interesting human trafficking research paper topics. Consider various aspects of human trafficking and discuss problems and solutions. Conduct in-depth research and provide value to your readers and field of study. A well-researched and written paper will enable you to produce a high-quality essay.

Students should use an outline and present strong arguments to support a thesis statement. Look at credible sources and quote relevant statistics to back up your claim. To learn more about human trafficking research topics, contact us.







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